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What Is Tortilla Challenge On Tiktok?

What Is Tortilla Challenge On Tiktok?

If you are a TikTok user, you might have come across videos where people slap each other. Well, right Tortilla challenge has taken over the internet, and there are thousands of videos uploading every day with the #tortilla challenge. As the challenge is getting viral, users are left wondering what is tortilla challenge on TikTok. If you are wondering the same, do not worry. Just get into the article to the very end and know everything about the tortilla challenge on TikTok.

The Tortilla Slap challenge is a hilarious game challenge that has recently taken over social media platforms. Although the challenge is getting popular these days, it’s not new for the TikTok users. The Home of the millions of Videos has taken another turn and garnered over 102.9 million views on this hilarious challenge.

What Is Tortilla Challenge on TikTok?

At first glance, it might seem very weird that a group of four or five people are sitting in a circle with Tortilla, and in no time, they start hitting each other. There are various versions of the challenge. However, a pretty popular one is the rock paper scissors. The users put some water in their mouths and then play with the rock paper to decide who will get the wild hit of Tortilla. You might have guessed till now. Well, yes, the one who loses the challenge will get a tight slap on their face, and if they laugh or the water spills from their mouth, they lose the challenge.

The challenge is not quite new. It first went viral in 2021 with the #Fact or Slap. Tortilla is an improvised version of the same with some twists. Although the trend seems to be quite childish, it’s all for virality. It’s a fun, stupid, and hilarious challenge with some good music in it. The challenge turns more hilarious when we people spill water on others’ faces. And for more updates on Tiktok trends, stay tuned to Otakukart.

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