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31 Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time: Ranked

Upcoming Anime Movies of 2021
Upcoming Anime Movies of 2021

Hello everyone, Today we will rank 31 saddest anime movies and anime of all time that will surely make you shed some tears from your eyes. If we compare anime with live-action movies, even if they don’t have any live characters, they just go deep down in our hearts, and when that character dies, It feels like something gets removed from our hearts. There are several movies available to watch. If you are more into the emotional type genre, these movies are a must-watch. After reading this single article, you will get to know every emotional movie that you should definitely watch, and we will try our best not to forget anything, but in case your favorite movie didn’t make it in the list, or you think the ranking is a little incorrect. Please forgive us as we are ranking on the basis of fans’ reviews and data available on the Internet.

Gone are the days when people want to watch only shonen genre movies with the concept of never give up. Now those days are gone, and anime movies are becoming as popular as live-action movies. Even some anime movies break the record of some Hollywood movies like Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. So without wasting any time, let’s jump straight to our main topic and see the sad movies rank-wise.

31. How Do You Live? (Kimitachi Wa Do Ikiru Ka)

The studio Ghibli is famous for its mind-blowing movies, and now they make a comeback with an emotional genre movie. The movie is directed by Hayao Miyazaki, who also wrote the script based on the Japanese Novel by Genzaburo Yoshino. The movie is based on the psychological growth of a young boy. Later, he learns core values and skills and be the perfect human being.

How Do You Live?

30. HAL (Haru)

Hal is an extremely emotional movie released back in 2019. The story is revolved around a girl who is in great love with her boyfriend, but one day her boyfriend gets killed in a plane crash. Later her grandfather appoints a robot to support her. The movie is a must-watch to all anime fans, even if you don’t like the emotional genre. The story will surprise you in every aspect.


29. Millennium Actress (Sennen Joyu)

Millennium Actress is one of the most colorful and joyful movies in the Japanese movies segment. This is a less movie and more documentary-type film, and the emotional aspects of this movie will make anybody shed some tears. This is a story of a girl who is finding his love, and she is even ready to leave the planet for him. Sounds interesting, right! The movie ends in a future with a dilemma which you can only understand after watching this film. This is one of the saddest anime of all time.

Millenium Actress

28. The Wind Rises (Kaze Tachinu)

Hayao Miyazaki’s oscar-nominated film is enough to make you shed the water from your two precious eyes. This masterpiece again comes from Studio Ghibli and a world-famous writer who holds the story in a beautiful sense. The love of our hero toward aviation is must watch, and the ending will make you cry definitely. So this movie is a must-watch for all anime fans.

The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises

27. Cat Soup (NekoJiru-So)

This 34 minutes masterpiece will surely make you sad, frustrated, angry, and emotional. This movie will play with your emotions too well. The story starts with a cat drowning in a bathtub to allow his soul to enter the spirit world. There, his sister’s soul is about to leave and trying to save her, her soul torn into prices, and that goosebumps moment will blow your mind.

Cat Soup


26. Paprika

This psychological anime movie is clearly awesome. This movie comes with a combo of pretty visuals and an interesting story. The protagonist of the movie, Atsuko Chiba and Kosaku Tokita, the two scientists develops a machine which can enter in human’s dreams. They name the movie DC mini by which they remove depression from people’s life. This movie is a must-watch as it is a beautiful piece of art.


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25. The Garden of Words (Koto No Ha No Niwa)

The Garden of Words is one of the best romance movies that exist on the Internet. This movie is enough to wet your eyes for sure. This movie is based on a love that can never be expressed. This story revolves around a boy who is aiming to be a shoe designer, and one day he meets an old lady, and the story continues from here. This is one of the saddest anime of all time.

The Garden of Words, Anime To Watch On Valentine's Day

The Garden of Words

24. To The Forest Of Fireflies’ Light

This movie is a charming and short movie about Hotaru who gets lost in the forest. There he met a spirit with whom he started shared a bond, and then one day, he told her that she would disappear if some human touched him. This beautiful piece of art will make you shed more than enough tears.

To the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

23. Anohana

Anohana is one of the most successful emotional movies of all time. It also has a series that is the same tear-jerking as the movie. This is a story of four friends, but one day, one of their friends, Menma, dies in an accident. Due to pain, friends get separated and go their own way. But one day, the Menma ghost appears to Jensen, one of a friend, and leads her to a path. The rest is hidden for spoiler purposes.



22. I Want TO Eat Your Pancreas

I want to eat your pancreas is one of the saddest anime movies ever written. This movie revolves around a boy who falls in love with a girl who is slowly dying from pancreatic cancer. The story follows as he helps her to live the fullest before she dies. This movie teaches us the importance of life and death, and the melodies and stunning visuals hit our hearts directly. The death in this movie is one of the saddest deaths in anime, so you should prepare before watching this film. So finally, this movie is a must-watch, and you won’t regret it.

I want to eat your pancreas

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas.

21. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

This movie is not that emotional, but we put it above all because of the combo that this movie comes with. From sad parts to crazy happenings, this movie is something that will entertain you throughout the screen time. Growing up is the sad reality in our lives, and this movie just shows us the exact same thing. Great melodies and stunning visuals put extra beauty to the film. This is one of the saddest anime of all time.

anime like Shiguang Dailiren

The Girl who Leapt Through Time.

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20. Wolf Children

Wolf Children is a bitter-sweet movie that you should definitely watch. The amazing animations just put the cherry on top. This movie is a special one because it does not have any unnecessary drama and forced suspense, it is a natural piece of art. This movie will be relatable to those who have children, but if you do not have any children, you will enjoy the exact same fun.

anime to watch on christmas

Wolf Children

19. When Marnie Was There

This emotional piece of anime is something that will bind you to your screens. This oscar-nominated anime movie is based on Anna, who is a socially awkward girl who just found a ghost friend. This movie is something you should not miss if you are a true anime fan.

When Marnie was there

18. Your Name: Kimi No Nawa

The most popular anime movie is also famous to make cry the audience. The Story is based on time travel and body switching between two characters. At the end of the movie, everything we experience in a movie feels like a dream, and a story got reverse in the end. You will find yourself on a rollercoaster of emotions, feelings, and comedy. This movie is an all-rounder masterpiece and definitely time-worthy.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

Your Name

17. A Silent Voice

A silent voice is a movie that revolves around a school bully Shoya and his victim Shoko. When Shoya transferred into a new school, she was terribly bullied by Shoya and his friends, but after few years, things went upside down. With rich narration, cool visuals, and the ultimate storyline, this movie is a must-watch that definitely makes you shed more than enough tears.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

A Silent Voice

16. 5 Centimeter Per Second

The movie from the same author of Your Name, this movie bangs the cinemas as soon as it is released. Although it was not able to break the record of Your Name, it still earned enough fame to sustain in people’s hearts. This movie will shake even the cold hearts. This movie is surely the best emotional movie ever created, and you should definitely give it a try. This is one of the saddest anime of all time.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

5 Centimeters Per Second

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15. Barefoot Gen

This old-school anime film is known to make people cry since 1983. This movie is based on survival in the World War 2 era. This is an underrated movie, but we think you should definitely give it a try as the mysterious things are always better.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

A Barefoot Gen

14. Grave of The Fireflies

The anti-war concept of this movie is enough to break the heart of viewers. This movie script was written by Akiyuki Nosaka and is currently the best emotional movie. The story revolves around a young sister and brother who got separated by the American Bombing during World War ll. The movie also teaches us how war can bring cruelty, fear, and tragedy to the world. This movie is worth watching if you are looking for something that will make you cry.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

Grave of the Fireflies

13. Made in The Abyss

This is an anime show, not a movie. The story revolves around Rico living in town Orth. Her mother travels a lot of places and finds interesting beings in her journey. This anime is definitely worth your time if you are looking for something different to watch.

Preview And Release Date: Made In Abyss Season 2

A Glimpse from The Made In Abyss Season 1

12. Death Parade

Dealing with Death is something that scares us, but this anime is all about dealing with death but in a unique way. This anime will make you emotional and many points of time as you watch the show. In anime, when we die, we go to a bar where the gatekeepers test us, and the results decide whether we reincarnate or go into the deep underworld.

anime like violet evergarden

Death Parade

11. Fate/Zero

This sad anime definitely deserves to be here in the ranking. This anime is one of the most darkest things on our entire list. The world is in great despair by three holy grail wars, and just everyone thinks peace is returning, fourth war breaks out. This anime teaches us how to cope up with self-doubt, hatred, and anxiety.


A still from Fate/Zero

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10. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Amid a deadly earthquake, two little siblings were trying to find their home from a robot exhibition. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a sad anime about love, despair, and depression. To know whether the two siblings reach home safely or not, you have to watch the anime. This anime will make your heart warm for sure. This is one of the saddest anime of all time.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

9. EF: A Tale Of Melodies

EF: A Tale of Melodies is a tragic anime with surprised and heartbreaking moments. This 12 episodes masterpiece is enough to make you cry. These 12 episodes will satisfy your emotional movie-seeking urge. The character development is amazing, and the problems they face match with real-life problems very well. This is a must-watch anime for sure.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

E.F. A Tale of Melodies

8. Nana

This is the most encouraging and eye-opening show for teens. This anime teaches us how to cope with inner stress and value our struggles. This anime is all about sacrifices you made to achieve what you want. This anime is a perfect must-watch type show.


7. Bokurano

If you are looking for a sad science fiction genre film, this is for you. 8 boys and 7 girls go near the sea bed and find that computers are relentlessly working there. After getting close to them, they found that they are working to save the earth from alien attacks. Then students sign up for the contract where they enter in a game and controls a robot.


6. Orange

This is one of the most devastating love story anime. This anime is solely based on sad parts and regret and a second chance to make things better. This anime is must watch if you are into the love and emotions type genre. This is one of the saddest anime of all time.

orange anime


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5. Mawaru- Penguindrum

Penguindrum is pacing off very emotionally. It depicts that life is often cruel and remains very little reason for high destiny and hopes. The Takakura siblings two brothers are their little sister Himari very close to each other. They lost their parents, and Himari is severely ill. One day, Himari is temporarily released from Hospital, and then they go on a journey where their life changes.

Mawaru Penguindrum

4. Finding Full Moon

This anime starts with a very sad start that will break our hearts. Our characters who are living together are separated due to certain things. Some move to America and some to other places. As they got separated, their journey went different, and what happened afterward is only be known if you watch this anime.

Finding Full Moon

3. A Lull in The Sea

Life of earth is different for different beings. This sad anime will meet you in the other world and opens your eyes for sure. This anime is worth watching if you are an isekai fan. This is one of the saddest anime of all time.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

A Lull in the Sea


2. Now and Then, Here and There

Brave protagonist living a happy life with his family and he is aspiring to become a kendo champion so he needs to win the upcoming tournament. The emotional-filled fights and scenes will make your heart warm.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

Now and Then, Here and There

1. Golden Time

If you are looking for a sad anime with a Happy ending, this is for you. The animations, the story will make you love this anime and the protagonist is well written with cool motives. This anime tops our list and is a definite must-watch type thing. This is one of the saddest anime of all time.

Saddest Anime Movies And Anime of All Time

Banri and Kouke from Golden Time

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