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Best Movies and Show Upcoming on HBO Max [Schedule]

HBO Max, the streaming platform created by Warner Brothers, came into existence back in May of 2020. Despite the fact that it has not even passed one year mark, the show has created a variety of controversies regarding the content that it is going to have from 2021. Honestly, HBO Max really has a lot of content to watch if we talk about competition with other streaming giants. The platform has shows as well as films that are created originally by HBO. Then we have the blockbuster films by Warner Brothers that will directly release on the streaming service on the day they are getting released in the theatres. HBO Max has even included the classical work of Studio Ghibli as well as the canonical archives and lots and lots more.

The most controversy was created around HBO Max at the start of December 2020 when the company shook the world. Warner Brothers announced that they are going to release Wonder Woman 1984, a billion-dollar film, on the streaming network. Then later, they decided to release all of their 17 films bound to come out in 2021, on HBO Max. This created a lot of tension in the media and no one can stop talking about the cinematic loss which will be faced by the theatres in America as well as all over the world. But well, this fact is actually helping the curious audience out there who wanted to see these masterpieces.

I mean, surely films like Dune as well as Matrix 4 are something that would actually look super good if we watch them in dark theatres with comfortable seating. But at least we can watch it from home right now without fearing the Corona Virus or having to see these films after the situation settles two years after. Thus, here we have wrapped up some of the titles that are releasing on HBO Max in March 2021 and will serve as an entertaining factor in our lives.

The Many Saints of Newark

Release Date – 12th of March 2021

Well, for all the people who have seen Sopranos, they know how precious The Many Saints of Newark can be. Every fan has been waiting for quite some while for this movie to release because it will serve as a prequel and tell us all the details about how the characters in the original movie came into existence. David Chase has created the film. The plot will majorly throw a spotlight on Dickie Moltisant who is the father of Christopher (The character enacted by Michael Imperioli). No one can wait to see this tale especially after the fact that Sopranos has turned out to be a huge hit. Also, it might get a bit overwhelming when a certain creator returns to the set of a tale after so long but we surely can not limit our expectations for this film.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Release Date – 18th of March 2021

Do I even need to explain how important this film is to all the fans of DC Extended Universe? Ever since 2017, the fans have been going nuts on Twitter and asking Warner Brothers to release the Snyder Cut of the film. Bit of a backstory: Justice League was in the process of development but then, Zack Snyder had to leave the project because of personal reasons. Because of this factor, the end result which came out literally created a mess and no one was satisfied with it.

Later in 2020, to the surprise of all the fans, it was revealed that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is not just a dream but will surely appear on HBO Max. It has been decided that we will get four parts of the film, each is going to be 1 hour long. Each of them is going to relate to us how our characters, that is, Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash will link with each other. At last, we will also be able to witness the original vision that Zack Snyder had in plan for Justice League and the future of DC Extended Universe.

Mortal Kombat

Release Date – The 16th of April 2021

This film really needs no introduction. The story of it has been adapted from a video game that goes by the same name. No doubt, there had been feature films based on this before. Although, it has been quite some while that we have seen any new adaptation of the story and obviously, fans are getting restless to know more about the 18 realms. As for the story of this movie, the main plot revolves around the residents of these realms. They are forced to have a battle against each other in the tournaments organized for martial arts. The film is set to release on HBO Max on the 16th of April 2021.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Release Date – The 21st of May 2021

2021 is the year for the biggest movies that have ever released and surely, Godzilla vs. Kong is one of them. In this film, the fans will be able to witness the two biggest monsters on earth going against each other. All this while, because of this fight, humanity is put in jeopardy. As for the people who are looking forward to watching this tale, then you can expect a lot of deaths and screams and fight sequences.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Release Date- The 4th of June 2021

This horror movie, which has been terrifying all of us with its two movies in the franchise, is set to come back with a third installment. So the creators this time decided that they do not want to number the film rather than give it much of a subtitle vibe. Thus, now we have it, Conjuring: Devil Made Me Do It. Well, the title of this film could not get any more fun as it really creates the feeling of anticipation among us all. All this while, you guys should know that in this forthcoming film, James Wan is not going to handle the direct duties. The film has employed Vera Farminga as well as Patrick Wilson. These cast members are back in their roles of paranormal investigators, that is, Ed as well ad Lorraine Warren. The third part of this film is going to have the characters set on some more creepy journey to various locations to scare us all off.

In The Heights

Release Date – The 18th of June 2021

This movie is meant for all the people who love New York City. The entire tale is a musical that portrays dance sequences on the streets of the city. As for Lin Manuel Miranda, he was raised in the neighborhood of Manhattan and he has now made his impression before Hamilton by using this musical. As of right now, the movie is going to star Anthony Ramos, a rising actor in the role of the main protagonist, that is, Usnavi. It is the character of Miranda which was played on Broadway. Another exciting factor about this upcoming film is that it has been directed by Jon M. Chu. He was the one who has made the excellent Crazy Rich Asians.

The Suicide Squad

Release Date – The 6th of August 2021

If you are a DC fan and you think that you have already watched Suicide Squad then you are not wrong, because you already have. There surely was a movie from 2016 by the same name except for the ‘The’ in front of it. It employed actress Margot Robbie as well as Will Smith and Jared Leto in the role of Joker. As for the upcoming The Suicide Squad, you all should know that Margot Robbie is coming back in the character of Harley Quinn. The majority of the cast members except her are gone in this tale.

The biggest change that is followed in this tale is the change in directors. Previously in 2016, we had David Ayer write as well as direct the film. As of right now, he has been replaced with director James Gunn. Well, the only thing that fans are hoping for right now for this upcoming film is to be awesome. Because obviously, fans are tired of witnessing the soft reboots being created inside the universe again and again. Also, we have recently seen the character Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey.

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