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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Filming Locations: All To Know

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape filming locations are many, and thus, we have decided to lay that information off for you guys. The film was released in 1993. Lasse Hallstrom has directed the project. It stars actors Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role along with others. We see the titular character named Gilbert, who is 25 years of age. He is a clerk at a grocery store and is trying to provide his obese mother some care and assurance. He has a younger brother who is mentally disabled.

The family lives in a slow town located in Iowa. The plot is inspired by a novel of the same name which was written by Peter Hedges. The film did not perform too well at the box office. It was made on a budget of 11 million dollars but earned only 10 million. Nevertheless, the plot was what mattered the most. Fans were so excited to actually be a part of something so beautiful and tender. If you are someone who has already seen the film, you would understand what I am talking about.

The story begins in a small town called Endora in Iowa. Gilbert Grape is a young lad trying to take care of his mother and brother by working at a grocery store. As for his father, he killed himself almost seventeen years ago, and this is what has led Bonnie, their mother, depressed and heartbroken to watch television on the couch and do nothing. We see that Gilbert works at a small grocery store. Although, his job is threatened because a new Foodland supermarket has opened in their vicinity that provides better aid to all the locals for their shopping. On the other hand, we see that Gilbert is having an affair with a married woman named Betty Carver.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape Filming Location

The Grocery Store at which Gilbert worked

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Filming Locations

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was majorly filmed in Austin, Texas. The house that we see the Grape family living in, is located at 600 S Railroad Avenue in Pflugerville in Austin. Other locations at which the camera rolled were the suburbs in Austin. Various scenes such as that of the grocery store were filmed in Georgetown. Filming took place all over Austin in order to depict the fictional town of Endora. It was reported that the crew was filming scenes at other locations such as Lockhart as well as Pflugerville.

Becky is a young woman who is stuck in their town along with her grandmother as they were trying to head over to the International Harvester Travelall. Gilbert and Becky start their romance as Betty moves away to another city. Although, one day a tragedy happens as Gilbert leaves his brother Arnie in the bath in order to spend a sunset together with Becky. His little brother thus develops aquaphobia as a result and is shivering from cold as Gilbert takes him out the other day. After this incident, Becky starts becoming close to Arnie and Gilbert both.


One day, when Gilbert is distracted talking to Becky, Arnie slips away and tries to climb the water tower and gets arrested as a result. This results in their mother becoming a laughing stock of the town as she tries to go to the police station begging for Arnie’s release. The film tries to showcase how Gilbert does a lot for his family throughout the movie while also trying to find his true self.

With the help of Becky, he finally gets some idea of his own personality. He comes back to his home to his younger brother and mother and apologizes to them for running out. They accept him back as the family tries to throw Arnie an 18th birthday party. That night, Bonnie, their mother dies in her bedroom in her sleep. In order to know what happens to the family, you shall watch the film available on Hulu right now.

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