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Jillian Barberie’s Net Worth: All About The Television Host’s Work and Earnings

Jillian Barberie’s Net Worth
Jillian Barberie

Want to know what is television host Jillian Barberie’s Net Worth? Jillian Barberie has been a prominent figure in the television industry as a successful television hostess, sportscaster, radio personality, and actress. For a long time goes 1995 to 2012, Jillian gained huge popularity as the co-host of the Los Angeles television morning news and entertainment program called Good Day L.A. For three long years that is from 2000 to 2005, the host appeared on Fox Sports as well as the weather host for For NFL Sunday.

The host also participated as a contestant on the Fox television series Skating With Celebrities as she was partnered with professional skater John Zimmerman. Jillian impressed everyone with her skills and came in second place. Believe it or not but she was an ice skater in her childhood! In a recent interview, the host looked back in time and recalled how she did her best to hold it together for her family. She went on to say how she had to put a happy face on for her kids but admitted that it was years of hell, as she had to live in her head because she couldn’t tell anybody. After all, they would think she was stupid or something. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts about Jillian Barberie’s Net Worth.

What is Jillian Barberie’s Net Worth?

Jillian Barberie’s Net Worth is estimated to be something around $8 million. Barberie has also been a spokesperson for NutriSystem and has earlier appeared in commercials alongside former NFL players Terry Bradshaw and Dan Marino. As a former host of American Idol Extras, Jillian interviewed the eliminated participant each week and other guests who appeared on the show. Jillian went on to co-host Midday Live with John Phillips on 790 KABC in Los Angeles. However, KABC moved Phillips back to middays in 2019 and, due for some reason, did not renew Barberie’s contract. Jillian has also hosted the entertainment program Hollywood Mix which went on to be a short-lived one. Barberie announced that she is bisexual back in 2003.

Jillian Barberie’s Net Worth

Jillian Barberie

The television host married former Marine Sniper turned actor Grant Reynolds in a private ceremony back on July 8, 2006. Although Jillian initially revealed that she was legally changing her name to Jillian Reynolds, but decided to keep Barberie as her professional surname.

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Jillian Barberie Opens Up About Her Breast Cancer Battle!

The popular television host was diagnosed with stage 2 and 3 breast cancer in 2018 when she did a routine mammogram. Sadly, cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes by the time it was detected, which prompted her to take rapid steps toward recovery. She admitted that she was quite radical and very aggressive upon learning she had stage II breast cancer that had already started to metastasize to her lymph nodes.

The host has put up a brave battle with cancer and advices women just how important it is to get screened for breast cancer, saying of her own mammogram and saved her life. She even opened up about how she and her friends did a fun session of mimosas, massages and mammograms!

Popular Television Host gets Candid About Sobriety!

Barberie has been candid about her journey towards sobriety and credited actress Heather Locklear, who herself has been sober since April 2019. The Melrose Place star and Barberie even celebrated their birthdays together as they are just one day apart! During her birthday the host admitted that her sobriety got put to the test as she had to adjust to the idea of celebrating without alcohol, however she was happy about being “present” more than having a few drinks!

Jillian Barberie’s Net Worth

Jillian Barberie

The host further revealed how she normally celebrates her birthday with a French 75 Champaign cocktail but this time chose to have a smoothie that Ruby made for her. The Skating with Celebrities alum revealed that she had no withdrawals after she stopped drinking and only lost some weight. However, it was not an easy journey as she once woke up panicking as she had a dream that she celebrated one month of sobriety with a glass of champagne!

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