55 Best German Drama Movies To Watch in 2023

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Top German movies all time to watch
Top German movies all time to watch

German movies come with a taste of historical background. It is known that German movies with the best plot and screenwriting come with a hint of history where one can find themselves watching the Adolf Hitler era as a leader who is leading the world in his own way.

When it comes to movies with a German flavor, we have a long list of the best movies to watch on the weekends. Here is a list of the best movies, each with a brief summary and details about the film; for more information, one can watch it on popular platforms such as YouTube and Netflix.

Audiences and fans of German films have a taste for history; they want to learn more about historical moments and events that are not well documented in books, so they may find themselves watching them on a screen or from the perspective of television history.

We would like to recommend people watch these movies, go through the list for recommendations, and enjoy their weekends and free time watching them, so grab your popcorn bucket or snacks and jump to your favorite spot and watch a movie with your loved ones.

Toni Erdmann 

The storyline starts with an interesting scene where Winfried Conradi is an Aachen-based music instructor who is divorced and has a penchant for strange practical jokes involving multiple false identities. After his beloved dog passes away, he makes the decision to get back in touch with his daughter, Ines, who’s still pursuing a career in business consulting..

Toni Erdmann (2016)
Toni Erdmann 

Ines is engaged in an oil company outsourced project in Bucharest, Romania. She appears to have little attention for her family because she is so preoccupied with her profession. Winfried makes a last-minute trip to Bucharest and meets Ines in the lobby of an office complex. She finally shows up after a while, escorted by a number of the trustees of her client, on her way to a meeting.

The Story further moved along with Ines wanting to establish a consulting relationship with Henneberg, who is the CEO of a German oil company, so Winfried and Ines attended the gathering in the evening. Ines makes an effort to get Henneberg’s attention, but he appears more focused on Ines’ father.

Since Ines is constantly occupied, Winfried informs Henneberg that he has recruited a replacement daughter. Ines is shocked when Henneberg asks her, Winfried, and his group out for cocktails. Henneberg ignores Ines and makes a fool of Winfried at the pub once more.

Barbara (I) 

The movie was screened at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, where Petzold took home the Silver Bear for Best Director. The film was chosen to represent Germany in the Best Foreign Language category of the 85th Academy Awards, but it did not make the shortlist.

Barbara (I)
Barbara (I)

The storyline involves working at the preeminent Charité clinic in East Berlin, but only after submitting an official “Ausreiseantrag.” The storyline starts with Barbara, played by Nina Hoss, a doctor, arriving for her first day of work at a tiny rural hospital close to the Baltic Sea in 1980s East Germany.

Where  She had been working at the renowned Charité clinic in East Berlin, but after submitting an official “Ausreiseantrag,” Barbara was arrested and moved to the little town, where the Stasi continued to keep an eye on her. She is punished by the Stasi by having her home examined, having her strip-searched, and having her cavity searched.

The movie storyline continues with Barbara, who is employed in pediatric surgery, a division under the direction of chief medical officer André Reiser. After some time, Reiser tells her a tale whose authenticity she doubts—about how he, too, had lost his position at a more prominent hospital in Berlin because he was to blame for an incubator accident that left two preterm children blind.

He had promised to move to the regional hospital and work for the Stasi in exchange for them keeping it secret. Reiser is now reporting on suspects, notably Barbara.


The movie Jerichow was chosen to be the opening picture at the 65th Venice Film Festival and was also shortlisted for the 2009 German Film Award in the categories of Best Motion Picture and Best Director. The formal German premiere took place. German with English subtitles was used for the American screenings.

The movie is set in the German town of Jerichow, as suggested by the description. The film’s plot starts with a scene in which a Turin businessman named Ali crashes his car while driving drunk with a friend Thomas. Thomas.

The storyline of the engine starts with a scene of a Turkish businessman named Ali crashing his automobile while driving drunk. A man named Thomas steps in to assist. Thomas is hired by Ali, and soon after, Thomas and Laura, Ali’s wife, begin an affair. As the drama develops, there is violence.


Thomas, the main character in the Story, who is an Afghan veteran who was dishonorably discharged, goes back to his hometown of Jerichow. He is hired as a driver by Ali, a local businessman who is Turkish-German and owns a network of snack bars.


Thomas then meets Laura, the young and gorgeous wife of his Turkish supervisor. In the bleak northeast of Germany, where dense forests abruptly come to cliffs with views of the Baltic Sea, a classic love story is born. The heroes are stuck between freedom and guilt, desire and logic, and they are unable to achieve their goals.

Das Experiment

The storyline of the movie starts with the main lead character, a taxi driver named Tarek Fahd, coming across an offer to participate in a study while studying a television advertisement Where 4,000 German marks would be given to those who take part in a recreation of a jail situation.

In the Story, there is a main character named Professor Klaus Thon, and Dr. Jutta Grimm, one of his assistants, is in charge of the experiment. He chooses to participate.

Tarek meets Dora after a car accident just before the trial. Wearing a set of spectacles with a constructed mini-camera, Tarek participates as a journalist. Tarek encounters Dora after a car crash he had just before the trial, where he spent the night with her and, as seen in his memories, constantly thinks about her.

Scientists are observing the 20 volunteers who have been given the roles of guardians and inmates. According to records, the movie made a good amount of money, and the audience and fans praised the teamwork.

The Wave 

The Wave storyline starts with a scene where an anarchist and wishing to teach a lesson on anarchy. The main lead character, Rainer Wenger, who is a history teacher, is forced to teach a course on autocracy.

He begins an operation demonstrating how easily the masses may be controlled because his students, the third generation, live after the Second World War. He begins an operation to show how easily the masses may be controlled because students are the fourth generation to live after the Second World War.

He starts by insisting that everyone call him “Herr Wenger” rather than Rainer and pairs up students with failing grades with students with passing grades, ostensibly so they can benefit each other and improve collectively. They must stand up when talking and respond in a brief, direct manner.

The Wave (2008)
The Wave 

The Story continues with the scene where Wenger demonstrates to his students the power of marching in lockstep while inspiring them by implying that they are better than the anarchy class, which is above them. To eliminate class disparity and further bind the group, Wenger advises adopting a white shirt and jeans uniform.

Mona, a classmate, makes the argument that it will eliminate uniqueness, but she is ignored. Karo, a different student in the class, arrives for class without the required clothing. She is mocked. The students agree that they require a name and choose “Die Welle” amongst themselves.

The Captain 

The captain storyline starts with the main lead character named, Willi Herold, who is a young Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger and escapes the pursuit of a roving German military intelligence commando that intends to execute him for defection in the year 1945.

During the last stages of the war, Herold discovers the uniform of a distinguished Luftwaffe commander in a wrecked automobile after making his getaway.

Herold dons the uniform and assumes the role of a captain, taking charge of a few survivors as he makes his way across the German countryside while pretending to be on a trip sent by Hitler himself to gauge morale behind the scenes. Herold, who at first promised the locals a reduction in looting, develops a more authoritarian personality as more erratic soldiers join his leadership, Kampfgruppe Herold.

The Captain (2017)
The Captain

The following movie script takes the audience to a scene where the main lead role is played by Robert Schwentke, a famous director who directed and wrote The Captain, a historical epic film that was co-produced internationally in 2017.

It was shown at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival in the Special Projects category. The captain drove people insane in a good way, as it was clear that audiences wanted more of these types of movies in theatres because the Story made it more enjoyable to watch with loved ones.

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

as well as Sophie. The storyline of the Sophie Scholl movie centers on a young woman lead character named Sophie, who joins the White Rose student association in wartime Munich as they prepare photocopies of their sixth leaflet, along with Hans Scholl and Sophie’s brother. More mimeographs have been produced than they can mail out.

Despite Willi’s objections that the risks are intolerable, Hans suggests distributing the leftovers the following day at the university. Hans asserts that he will bear full responsibility, and Sophie also offers to help. The following day, when lectures were in progress at Munich University’s main house, Hans and Sophie started placing stacks of flyers outside the lecture hall doors.

90's movies
Sophie Scholl The Final Days 

The Story continues with more leads as Gestapo agent Robert Mohr questions Sophie as the sisters are escorted to the Munich Stadelheim Jail. She gives an alibi, first claiming to be nonpolitical and saying that she and her brother were not involved in the flyers.

She had an open bag because she was going to see her folks in Ulm and planned to bring back some clothing when she saw them in the hallway, and she shoved a stack off the railing as a practical joke. 

Shakespeare’s Suck Me 

The Story begins with a character named Zeki Müller, a criminal who has recently been released from prison. After being freed, he tries to get the cash he stole to pay back a loan, but his pal buries the cash at a construction site.

The building venture was finished while Zeki was incarcerated, and his funds are now hidden deep within the Goethe Gesamtschule, which is the new gymnasium in the Story. In order to obtain the funds, Zeki seeks out the vacant position of a dying janitor. Nevertheless, he receives a position as a teacher’s assistant as a result of a mistake.

Sophie Scholl The Final Days (2005)..
Sophie Scholl The Final Days 

Thendsry ends up abandoning the heist after three kids ask him whether he will be their homeroom instructor the following year. In order to keep him, the president even gives him a fake diploma from high school with a 2.6 GPA.

She tells Zeki that the group of 10B has made significant progress and that the school will surpass all others in the neighborhood if they keep working toward their high school certificates. In the Story of the high school performers in the movie, one can feel the emotions and experiences they are going through.

The audience can clearly sense the student’s life while watching the film. Suck Me Shakespeare has good reviews on the Netflix platform.

Goodbye, Lenin! 

In the Story, Alex lives with Alex Kerner and his mother, Christiane, as well as his sister Ariane. In the Story, Alex lives with Alex Kerner and his mother, Christiane, as well as his sister Ariane. Alex’s father allegedly abandoned the family in 1978 to pursue a lover in the West, where his mother joined the Socialist Unity Party and devoted her time to promoting citizens’ rights.

Christiane thinks communism can make Germany and the world a better place, but her kids are pragmatic. Alex takes part in an anti-government protest because he finds the 40th-anniversary commemoration of East Germany repugnant. He meets a girl nearby, but the Volkspolizei separates them before they can identify themselves.

Goodbye, Lenin! (2003)
Goodbye, Lenin! 

Alex’s first job is selling and installing television sets for a West German company. Wes, The Berlin Wall, gets down, the frontiers are opened, Egon Krenz becomes president, East Germany holds free elections, and capitalism is introduced to East Berlin. In turmoil, another character named Erich Honecker steps down. Alex’s first job is selling and installing television sets for a West German company. 

The Lives of Others 

Christa-Maria Sieland is the actress’s name in this case. Sieland, not Stasi Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler, also known by his code name HGW XX/1984, is given the mandate to spy on dramatist Georg Dreyman in the year 1984. Dreyman, an East German child, had previously escaped official scrutiny due to his Communist sympathies and widespread acclaim.

Wiesler has his crew bug Dreyman’s flat, install security cameras in the attic, and start documenting Dreyman’s actions. Wiesler discovers that Dreyman has been placed under observation at the request of Bruno Hempf, who is the minister of art and who has his eye on Dreyman’s girlfriend. Christa-Maria Sieland is the actress’s name in this case.

Dreyman begs Sieland to run into him once more after Wiesler’s involvement causes him to learn of Sieland’s romance. Taking refuge in a nearby tavern, Sieland is urged to stay true to herself by Wiesler, who is impersonating a fan.

The Lives of Others (2006).
The Lives of Others 

Where another main lead character named, Sebastian Koch, plays playwright Georg Dreyman, a well-known actress by the name of Christa-Maria Sieland. The lives of others have a unique plot in which there are many agents with unique codes portraying themselves in an investigation that keeps the audience glued to the plot.

Well, everyone wants to watch an interesting story, so we would recommend this movie to the suspense-loving type of audience.

The Seventh Continent 

Three segments make up the entire movie. The first two, from 1987 and 1988, each portray a day in the life of the family, detailing their routine activities. It illustrates how they feel about the monotonous rituals of contemporary life.

Each segment opens with the narration of the wife reading a letter written to the husband’s parents, letting them know of his professional accomplishments. There are several similarities between the two segments’ activities.

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The Seventh Continent (1989)
The Seventh Continent 

In the opening scene of the third part, in 1989, the family is seen leaving the grandparents’ house after a visit, where the husband then describes a message written the next day informing them that both he and his wife had chosen “to leave” their professions.

Over these clips, which show them resigning, shutting down their financial institution, telling the bank teller they are moving to Australia, leaving their car, and purchasing a wide range of sharp tools, the music plays.

Then, he claims that, although it was a very difficult choice, they chose to take their daughter Eva with them when she declared she was not afraid of dying.

The Story came to an interesting end when a suicide scene appeared, and the audience could clearly see the movie’s story turning upside down. It was also seen how harsh it was at that time to leave jobs and families for survival and to move to another place just to survive.


The Baloon movie story plot starts with a scene from the summer of 1979, which is the setting for the movie at Pößneck, a location near Thuringia. In the movie, the families of Strelzyk and Wetzel devise a risky plot to escape the GDR to West Germany on a home-built hot air balloon.

Where another chapter titled “The Strelzyk and Wetzel Families” devises a risky plot to escape the GDR to West Germany on a home-built hot air balloon. Another cat, Günter Wetzel, is about to attempt an escape in an ideal wind direction but decides it would be too dangerous.

His wife, Petra, is concerned for their two kids since he believes the balloons are too small to hold seven people. So they temporarily give up on trying to flee. Where the lead characters, Peter and Doris Strelzyk, now desire to risk making a solo getaway with their two sons. On the other hand, one son, Frank, writes Klara Baumann a goodbye note after falling in love with her.


friendship family, Story further goes with the plot where the balloon and other trappings are loaded into the Strelzyk family’s truck at night, and they then travel into the forest and launch the balloon. They learn about the falcon and conduct an extensive investigation.

Here is the complete Story of a boat on which many people gave their lives to save other passengers. Here is a full twist in the plot, where one can feel the emotions of friendship, love, family, and country.

How About Adolf? (2018)

In the Story, the main characters, Elisabeth, played by Caroline Peter, and Stephan, played by Christoph Maria Herbs, host a dinner in their Bonn home. Another character named René, portrayed by Justus von Dohnányi, a family friend, Thomas, portrayed by Florian David Fitz, and his expectant girlfriend Anna are invited; here, the role of girlfriend is portrayed by Janina Uhse.

how about adolf
How about Adolf?

However, the expectant parents of a boy make absolutely sure that the night, which was supposed to be a nice get-together, quickly spirals out of control by revealing that they intend to name their kid Adolf, which sparks a scandal.

How about the Adolf film, which has received a lot of praise from audiences for its sense of humor? It is a drama with a sense of humor. The film has a strong box office performance and a high internet rating.

The Ballad of Berlin 

The movie’s main Story, which is set in the year 1948, is introduced by a framing tale that takes place in 2048 and gives viewers the opportunity to look back at “The Ancients.”

The challenges faced by Otto Normalverbraucher, who was played by an actor named Fröbe and is a former German warrior coming to civilian society in Berlin after World War II, are depicted in the movie. He endures a number of hardships, attempting to find a job, food, and shelter before he finally finds love and marries his ideal bride.

The Ballad of Berlin (1948)..
The Ballad of Berlin 

Here is the main lead character, Otto, and his experiences with the challenges he faces. The movie’s scenes show the audience how difficult it is for a warrior to return to a normal living society where normal people live their normal daily lives after being in a war, and in that environment, it’s even more difficult.

A soldier who lives a disciplined life and follows strict rules but finds it difficult to adjust to normal society. We would recommend the film to people who are currently retired or have close relatives who have retired from the army, as it may give them a sense of nostalgia while also showing them how to live a life after army retirement.

Well, The Ballad of Berlin has a good history on television and has maintained a good review history and rating.

System Crasher 

The plot of the film begins with Bernadette, a nine-year-old girl known as “Benni,” who is regarded as violent and rebellious. as a result of childhood trauma. According to the psychotherapist, nappies are shoved into her face, and she lashes out if anybody other than her mother touches her face.

This causes other kids to tease her and cause her to erupt in wrath. In the Story, her special school has frequently banned her, and neither a foster family nor a resident community can put up with her for very long.

She is likely to be excluded from the German support network for young people and children because she is a “system crasher,” whereas, in the Story, Benni only wants to be back to living with her mother. Further, for Bianca’s mother, who is terrified of her own daughter, it is also too much.

The Ballad of Berlin (1948)..
The Ballad of Berlin 

Benni also shares a home with the violent Jens, whom she is powerless to leave, and two other small children as the story progress. In one scenario, Benni flees and hitchhikes home only to discover her younger siblings alone, unattended, and watching scary movies. She makes some lunch and, despite her brother’s requests, turns to a children’s station to demonstrate her compassion. 

Funny Games 

The plot begins with a scene in Austria, where Georg Schober, his wife Anna, and their son Georgie travel to their vacation home by a lake. They see Fred and Eva Berlinger, their upcoming neighbors, along with two unknown young Viennese men, while they are driving there.

The Scholars observe the Berlingers’ peculiar behavior as well as the disappearance of their daughter named Sissi. Fred stops by a short while later with one of the men, introducing him as Paul, the friend’s son. The second young, unidentified man visits Anna’s kitchen to collect eggs on Eva’s account shortly after the family calms down, but Georg has still been rigging the boat.

Funny Games (1997)..
Funny Games 

The Story concludes with a surprise. Shortly later, Paul shows up and chooses to use one of Georg’s golf courses, assuming Anna will give her consent. Georg hears Rolfi’s incessant barking abruptly come to a whimpering stop when Paul is outside with a club.

Further down the road, Anna orders the men to leave as it becomes apparent that they are intrusively encroaching on her space. When Georg shows up there, he also tries to evict them from the building. Georg then uses Peter’s golf club to break his leg.

After confessing to killing Rolfe, Paul plays a deadly game of hunting with Anna until she discovers the dog’s body. All the while, Paul turns around and glances at the camera. It quickly becomes clear that the two men have kidnapped the family.

In the Fade

The Story continues with Fadee, who has The plot of the film “Character Fade” began. Where the main lead character is named Nuri Ekerci, a Kurdish-German who served four years in prison for drug trafficking and has since completed a business management degree and gotten engaged. He now resides contentedly with his German wife named, Kaja, and their six-year-old son, Rocco.

The Story continues with a scene in which, one day, Katja leaves Rocco at Nuri’s workplace, a little travel agency in Hamburg, so she may go out with a friend for the day.

As she leaves, she cautions a young, blonde woman who has left her brand-new bicycle in front of the shop that if she doesn’t secure it, it will be stolen. That evening, when Katja comes home, she discovers the street closed off after Nuri and Rocco were killed by a nail bomb.

In the Fade
In the Fade

The plot continues with a character named Nuri, who is neither religious nor ideological. The police rule out a Jihadist motive and instead focus on drug smugglers seeking vengeance; however, they do produce a composite image of the blonde woman.

Well, after all this devastation, Katja turns to drugs and then makes a suicide plan by slitting her wrists. However, she reconsiders her decision after receiving a voicemail from her attorney, Danilo Fava. Well, there is a lot of family drama, which will entertain the audience to the end of the movie.


Head On is a Turkish-German hit drama starring Cahit Tomruk, a man in his late 40s. Cahit Tomruk, a man in his late 40s, plays the main lead role in Tomruk’s Head On, a Turkish-German hit drama. Tomruk’s wife passed away; he gave up on life and turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort.

He deliberately crashes his automobile into a wall one night, almost escaping with his life. The twist in the Story comes when a young woman named Sibel Güner visits him at the mental health facility where he is receiving treatment after spotting that he is Turkish-German.

Head-On (2004)

After a few years, when she begs Cahit to marry her, he politely rejects her. After making an attempt at suicide as well, Cahit later discovers she is in the hospital. He observes her engaging with her traditional family, who chastise and threaten her for her actions.

The Story continues: She is devastated when Cahit rejects her again. Despite the age difference and the fact that they don’t know much about him, Sibel’s family approves of the union. Though they lead different private lives, they do end up falling in love.

When a past lover of Sibel taunts her, Cahit accidentally murders the person, and Sibel’s adultery is made public, leading to Cahit’s imprisonment and her parents disowning Sibel. It is a toxic love story in which Cahit has moved on from his past, but another character named Sibel wants him to be her future husband, which is where the crime begins. Each other’s potential is poisonous.

The Edge of Heaven 

The Edge of Heaven starts with a storyline. In Bremen, a nearby German city, a retired widow named Ali Aksu, played by Turkish immigrant Tuncel Kurtiz, believes he has found a companion when he meets Yeter Ztürk, played by Nursel Köse.

In exchange for quitting her job as a prostitute and moving in with him, he gives her a monthly stipend. She accepts his invitation despite receiving threats from two Turkish Muslims because of the job she is doing. Further, Before Ali suffers a cardiac arrest, Nejat Aksu, portrayed by Baki Davrak, and Ali’s son, a lecturer of German literature, have no time to agree to the idea of residing with a woman of “soft virtue.”

The Edge of Heaven (2007) (20)...
The Edge of Heaven 

The Story continues with the main character, Ali, who suspects Yeter of having a relationship with his son after he returns from the hospital. She threatens to leave because of his intoxicated demands, but he strikes her instead, killing her with the impact.

Ali is imprisoned. The movie has collected criticism and positive reviews on behalf of their work. The storyline, as well as the acting abilities of all the actors, were well-received by the audience.

The White Ribbon 

An unnamed elderly tailor’s recollections of a long-ago year in which he served as a local teacher and met his future wife Eva, who is a nanny by profession, serve as the foundation of a parable. The puritanical pastor teaches confirmation classes and reinforces guilt in his adolescent flock over seemingly minor offenses.

As a symbol of the pure innocence they have abandoned, he makes them wear white laces. The preacher has his son’s wrists chained to his bed frame every night after the child admits to “impure” touching while being questioned.

The White Ribbon (2009).
The White Ribbon 

A widower, the doctor embarrasses his maid, with whom he is getting intimate, and sexually assaults his teen daughter. However, he is friendly to the village kids. The master of the estate, the baron, finances the harvest celebrations for the locals, many of whom are his farm employees.

After his child is brutally harmed by unidentified attackers, he quickly fires Eva for no apparent reason, but he defends the morality of a farmer whose son, in a token gesture, damaged the noble’s cauliflower field.

 Phoenix II  

The plot revolves around Nelly Lenz, a famous cabaret performer who underwent reconstructive surgery to repair damage from a gunshot wound. Nelly comes to Germany with her companion Lene after the conclusion of World War II as well as the release of the prison camps.

Lene brings Nelly to a restorative plastic surgeon in this instance. While Nelly expresses to the surgeon her desire to look exactly as she did, he is unable to entirely reproduce her previous face, so Nelly is dissatisfied with the outcome.

Phoenix II (2014)..,
Phoenix II 

Further in the Story, Nelly dismisses Lene’s suggestion that her husband, Johnny, might have been the one to turn her into the Nazis. In the evening, she goes outside to look for him. She discovers Johnny at work in the Phoenix club.

Although Johnny doesn’t identify her, he later remarks that Nelly, his late wife, looks eerily similar to her. He wants Nelly to pose as his wife in order to win his wife’s fortune. Phoenix Part 1 was also very popular among the fans, and Phoenix Part 2 has also maintained a good reputation among the audience.

Goodnight Mommy 

The plot of the Story starts with a mom being recorded while singing to her sons, who are identical twins. Afterward, the slightly older boys are being driven by a car to a contemporary lakeside home next to a forest while one of the boys is sketching a portrait of himself as Elias, his brother as Lukas, and their mother.

When they get home, their mother is not there, but she is there later. She recently had reconstructive surgery and has bandages covering her face. Only Elias receives the mother’s acknowledgment as she hands him a gift. They are expected to abide by the regulations she establishes.

Goodnight Mommy (2014)
Goodnight Mommy (2014)

The twins begin to suspect that their mother is not the same person hiding beneath her cloak. When they discover an old photograph in the photo gallery that depicts their mom with green eyes while the alleged impostor has blue eyes, their suspicions are confirmed.

The siblings try to catch some sleep and seek shelter from the severe storm in an abandoned building in a nearby town since they believe the woman who lives there is an imposter, but instead, they are discovered by the sheriff and a policeman.

The woman’s statement that she is their mom now that the wraps are off her face has pleased the sheriff as he takes them home. In short, the twins are on a quest to discover the truth about their fake mother and find their real mother.

Wings of Desire 

The storyline has two main leads, Damiel and Cassiel, two angels who live in Berlin, separated by the Berlin Wall, and keep watch over the city without being noticed or heard by its people.

A pregnant mother traveling to the hospital by ambulance, a teenage prostitute loitering near a busy street, and a weak man who felt deceived by his wife are among the Berliners they observe and listen to. They exist to “collect, testify, and maintain” reality, as Cassiel puts it.

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Wings of Desire (1987)
Wings of Desire 

Despite the fact that he and Cassiel are merely watchers, inaccessible to adults, and only apparent to children. Until she learns that her organization, the Circus Alekan, will be disbanding, she lives by herself in a caravan in West Berlin.

In short, this is the Story of a mother named Berlin who is trying to find ways to solve her life mysteries. We would recommend all mothers out there watch this movie. They may find it interesting to watch.

The Blue Angel 

Immanuel Rath, portrayed by Emil Jannings, is a teacher at the neighborhood gymnasium, which prepares students for further education.

The boys tease him and perform practical jokes on him. Rath rebuked a few of his pupils for sharing images of the stunning Lola Lola, portrayed by Marlene Dietrich, the star of the neighborhood cabaret “The Blue Angel.” Later in the evening, Rath visits the club in an effort to meet the guys there.

While pursuing the kids he finds there, he comes across Lola and witnesses her partially undressing. He wound up spending the night with her when he went back to the nightclub the next night to retrieve a pair of shorts that one of his students snuck inside his coat.

The Blue Angel (1930).
The Blue Angel 

In the Story, there is a game between a student and a teacher who wants to let their student learn in his own way but is unable to control them. Rath quits his job at the school to marry Lola, which adds another twist to the plot. Nevertheless, their joy is fleeting since Rath starts to depend shamefully on Lola.

Over many years, he descends further and further, initially making money by selling shady postcards, then turning and becoming a clown in Lola’s troupe. He gradually becomes consumed with desire and jealousy as a result of his developing worries over Lola’s status as a “shared lady.”

The audience and fans adored the pairing of teacher and student in the film, which made them realize that the bond between teacher and student is very real and that we cannot forget them throughout our lives.

Das Boot 

Lieutenant Werner, the main lead character in the Das Boot movies, is a war journalist aboard the German submarine U-96, where the captain and engineer of the ship drive him to a boisterous French bordello, where he meets several of the personnel.

The main lead character, Lieutenant Werner, is a war journalist aboard the German submarine U-96, and the captain and engineer of the ship drive him to a boisterous French bordello, where he meets several of the personnel. There is another captain, named Thomsen, who celebrates receiving the Ritterkreuz by making fun of Adolf Hitler in a vulgar drunken address.

Das Boot (1981)
Das Boot 

In the movie’s Story, Kine follows that speech by saying, “As time goes on, he notices ideological gaps between the fresh crew members and the war-hardened veterans, especially the captain, who is resentful and pessimistic about the war.”

The rest of the group, who have a close bond, make fun of the new men, especially Werner. It presents the men fighting aboard U-boats as regular people with a determination to do their best for their colleagues and their nation, and it captures both the adrenaline of combat and the boredom of the futile chase.

The Marriage of Maria Braun 

The plot of the film begins in 1943 in Germany. Where Maria, the main character, marries Hermann Braun during an Allied bombing raid. The next day, after spending “half an hour and a full night alone,” Hermann returns to the eastern front. Unfortunately, Maria discovers after a while that Hermann died after the war.

Maria begins her prostitution business in a bar that favors American servicemen. Maria, after many ups and downs, comes to know that she is stuck in a loop where there is no going back. Maria maintains her love for Hermann despite adjusting to the post-World War II reality of post-war Germany as the rich mistress of an entrepreneur.

The Marriage of Maria Braun (1979),.
The Marriage of Maria Braun 

Here is the Story of Maria, a lead role where one can see how she faces all the struggles during the world war. She lost her husband and lover, and she tries her best to live the best she can in a society where everyone wants to let her down. This is the Story of Maria, who showed the world how brave she is and what she can do for her passion.

Marriage in the Shadows 

Despite intense pressure from Nazi authorities, star Hans Wieland refused to divorce his Jewish actress wife, Elisabeth. Even worse, he brings her to the premiere of one of his movies, where she unknowingly meets a top Nazi Party official.

He demands her arrest after subsequently learning that the attractive woman at the presentation was, in fact, Jewish. Hans Wieland is given a deadline to save himself by separating from his wife by his erstwhile friend Herbert Blohm.

Further into the Story, a Nazi officer at the Reichskulturministerium, Hans Wieland, returns home, realizing that his wife will die in a prison camp, and they drink poison in coffee while performing the final scene of the terrible drama Kabale und Liebe.

Marriage in the Shadows (1947)
Marriage in the Shadows 

The most intriguing aspect of this film is that it is based on true events, giving the audience goosebumps on every level.

A tribute to the real-life performer Joachim Gottschalk, who, along with his Jewish wife named Meta Wolff and their nine-year-old son named Michael, committed suicide, is made at the close of the movie. The real-life experiences of a real actor are shown in the movie, and it is quite palpable how they show reality in the cinema hall.

Rosa Luxemburg 

Rosa Rosa of Poland, a communist, and Marxist, fantasized about rebellion during the period of German Wilhelminism. Luxemburg fights with partners and colleagues while continuously fighting for her ideals, continually being imprisoned in both Germany and Poland until Luxemburg is slain by the Freikorps. After the 1919 era for her involvement in the Spartacist insurrection after World War I.

Rosa Luxemburg (film)
Rosa Luxemburg 

The movie was all about a West German drama. Rosa Luxemburg was led by Margarethe von Trotta. The movie won the German Award for Best Motion Picture, and even Barbara Sukowa’s portrayal of Rosa Luxemburg earned her the Award for Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival.

The 3 Penny Opera 

In nineteenth-century London, in the movie, the main lead character is named Jenny, who is a prostitute in a location named “brothel” on Turnbridge Street and was formerly Macheath’s former girlfriend.

Macheath, also known as Mackie Messer, is a Soho criminal lord. In the film, the scene when he first meets Polly Peachum and convinces her to marry him is where a gang breaks into a dockside warehouse at night and takes the decorations needed for a mock marriage.

Jackie “Tiger” Brown, Mackie’s former army colleague from their time in India, who is now Police Commissioner and is about to command a parade through the town for the queen’s crowning, attends the party.

The 3 Penny Opera (1931)
The 3 Penny Opera 

The 3 penny Opera is a very old film that was released in 1931 and was well-shot at the time. The film received positive reviews from both the audience and critics.

Effi Briest 

The movie opens with a 17-year-old named Effi von Briest swinging in her parent’s backyard. Her mom describes her as having an “airy spirit” in reference to her wild personality. They speak of how Effi’s mom rejected Baron von Instetten, a soldier who courted her, in favor of Effi’s father, a councilman, and farmer.

Effi Briest (1974)..
Effi Briest 

In the eighteenth century, eighteen-year-old Effi Briest marries the senior Baron von Instetten and settles in a mansion in a remote Baltic town that she thinks is haunted. She soon gives birth to a daughter named Annie and employs the former Catholic Roswitha to care for her. It’s a horror story with a twist about a family dealing with a cursed house in which they all live happily ever after.

The Counterfeiters 

The plot of the film begins with a man arriving in a location such as Monte Carlo at the start of the film, which takes place shortly after World War II, where the scene shows that he enjoys the lavish lifestyle of Monte Carlo after paying in cash to settle into a pricey hotel, winning big at the casino, and then catching the eye of a stunning French woman.

He is identified as a victim of the Nazi concentration camps as a whole by the tattooed numbers that she later finds on his forearm.

The Counterfeiters (2007) (40).
The Counterfeiters 

The Counterfeiter is a film set during World War II, and the main character is living his best life when he realizes he has become a victim of Nazis. He tries to escape, but it costs him dearly. We would recommend this film to history buffs who want to learn more about the Nazis; it is a perfect fit for them.

The Baader Meinhof Complex 

The storyline starts with a scene where the Iranian Shah visits a palace in West Berlin and sees a concert at the location near the Deutsche Oper. Further in the movie, members of the West German student protest oppose his plans for the police to run Iran.

The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008)..
The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008).

Where Officer Karl-Heinz further fatally shoots an unarmed demonstrator named Benno Ohnesorg during an attack by the police and Shah’s security force on the demonstrators. Further in the storyline, West Germany, including a left-wing journalist named Ulrike Meinhof, argues in a televised discussion that the democratically elected one of the West German governments is a fascist police state.

They are outraged by Ohnesorg’s death. The Story concludes with a moment in which Meinhof deserts her spouse for a revolutionary journalist named Peter Homann.

Victoria (II) 

As the movie is titled Victoria and is a story about a girl named Victoria, who is a Spaniard who relocated to Berlin and has been a resident of the city for three months. She makes a pitiful living working in a cafe and is an outsider to the city.

She also doesn’t understand much German; the one and only tongue she has in common with those who surround her is English. After a night of drinking and partying, she encounters four young males as she exits a bar at around 4 a.m.

Victoria (II) (2015)
Victoria (II) 

In short, the plot revolves around the main character named, Victoria. A young Spanish woman who has recently moved to Berlin discovers that her flirtation with a local boy is turning potentially lethal as their night out with his buddies reveals a terrible secret.

Victoria, in the movie, can be shown by the director and production team as a girl who discovers some little-known information about the people she decided to hang out with and tries to discover what he can do next to protect her at any cost. The movie is all about her bravery.


The storyline of the movie starts with a romance between the main lead, Tamara, who is a Ukrainian prostitute who works at the brothel, and another main lead, Alex, who is an ex-convict. Alex lives in Vienna and works as a businessman for them. Alex intends to rob a bank in a tiny town, hide out with his local grandfather Hausner, and then leave with his mate named Tamara to begin a new life.

Revanche (2008),.,.

He allows a frightened and clingy Tamara to go along with the robbery. Where Outside the bank, they encounter Robert, a local police chief, and Tamara is unintentionally murdered. 

Alex manages to escape and, as planned, takes refuge at Hausner’s property. In a nutshell, it’s a story about a robbery, love, and a murder mystery. In the end, the police tried to solve the two cases. One is about a robbery, and the other is about murder, which made the film interesting to watch.

Soul Kitchen 

Soul Kitchen is a spunky, untidy restaurant serving working-class meals in the Hamburg region that is owned by Greek restaurateur Zinos. It is located in a former warehouse. Tax examiners approach Zinos for payments because the company is having financial difficulties.

The restaurant sometimes serves as a rehearsal place for a punk rock band, although they never pay any rent. Sokrates, an elderly sailor, spends all of his time at the yard working on his boat but is never capable of paying the rent.

Here, Fatih Akin, the director, and writer of the 2009 German comedy Soul Kitchen, produced and wrote the film. Well, it is clear that the Story is all about the illegal activity that is going on in the name of running a restaurant, and the police are finding their way to decode the matter.


The manager of pharmaceuticals’ wife named in the memoir is Irene. The storyline starts with a scene where he gets blackmailed by another character named Harpy when she decides to split up with her lover.

She makes every effort to hide the fact, unaware that her spouse already knows, and is sarcastically relishing the circumstance behind her back. Fear is a well-directed film directed by Roberto Rossellini in 1954 and classified as a German-Italian drama.

Fear (1954).,

The interesting thing about this film is that it is based on a novel of the same name by an author named Stefan Zweig. Fear has received well-deserved and laudatory reviews from its fan base since 1954, and we could say that it is still fresh in the minds of those who were born and lived through that year.

The Boat Is Full 

The film’s name is derived from the sentiments of the Swiss during World War II when numerous refugees sought admittance there despite the fact that the majority were turned away.

The Boat Is Full (1981)
The Boat Is Full 

They were routinely informed, “Our boat is full,” a reference to lifeboat occupants frequently declining to let any additional survivors board their craft once it had reached a point of occupancy thought to be approaching the limit of security after a ship had sunk. In that regard, the film has received many positive reviews from critics and audiences.

The Devil’s General 

The storyline is all about Nazi Germany, which is The protagonist of the Story is Luftwaffe General Harras, a renowned World War I soldier who despises the Third Reich as well as the invasion of Europe during the scenario of World War II.

He is initially sought after by SS leaders, but as he continues to mock the Nazi regime, friends become enemies, and both the SS and the Gestapo suspect him of treachery.

The Devil’s General (1955) (55)
The Devil’s General 

Again, we have another movie with the same story plot as above; the Story revolves around the past historical era when Nazis used to rule the world, the cruel era of Adolf Hitler. So, once again, we would recommend the film to people and audiences who want to learn more about the Nazis’ other history.

The Triumph of the Will 

The movie starts with a scene where, to capture the beauty and majesty of the setting, the movie begins with pictures of the clouds just above the city before cutting through them to float above the gathering crowds below.

The orchestral version of the Horst-Wessel-Lied is playing as Hitler’s plane flies over the marching people below, casting a cruciform shadow. Hitler, as well as other Nazi officials, arrived at the airport in Nuremberg to deafening cheers and a cheering throng. He is then taken through Nuremberg with a crowd of supporters before arriving at his hotel, where a gathering will later take place in the evening.

The Triumph of the Will (1935)
The Triumph of the Will 

According to historical records, when movies were released in theaters, it was a big deal for the general public to deal with. Although the movie is not restricted in modern-day Germany, courts frequently identify it as Nazi propaganda, necessitating an educational setting for public showings.

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To this day, the movie still has an impact on other movies, documentaries, and advertisements. So, while it may be possible to watch The Triumph of the Will anywhere right now, it wasn’t always possible to do so.

Das Lied der Matrosen 

The Story of the German era begins in the autumn of 1917 when the Russian Revolution finally succeeds. Here, stoker Jens Kasten and engineer Henne Lobke support the Russians as soldiers, eventually disabling their commanders to halt the destruction of a Russian cargo vessel.

The conflict rages on in Germany. In order to compel the end of the conflict and the resignation of the Kaiser and his officers, Kiel’s dockworkers and soldiers call for a general strike. The military command then chooses to start the “Nibelungen” operation.

Das Lied der Matrosen (1958),...
Das Lied der Matrosen 

In a suicide expedition designed to uphold German pride and put an end to internal dissent, the entire German fleet was dispatched to confront the English. Throughout the film, the conflict is eventually resolved.

Das Lied der Matrosen includes a plot about the German army and military, demonstrating how difficult it is for soldiers and commanders to carry out a specific operation. Well, we would recommend this movie to all army lovers who are willing to die for their country. The rating and reviews of the movie were average, even though it maintained a fine box office collection.

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant 

Here is the Story of a woman and her two husbands. The woman, a well-known fashion designer with a base in Bremen, is named Petra von Kant and is portrayed by Carstensen. The majority of the movie takes place in the furnished bedroom of her home, which features naked and just partially clad men and women.

Multiple life dummies are also present in the room for her use, although only her aide Marlene, as portrayed by Hermann, is depicted using them.

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972)
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

Both of Petra’s marriages have ended in divorce or death. Here Her second husband started out in the same manner as her first but finished in disgust. Further, Her first husband, Pierre, was a wonderful man who died in a car accident when Petra was pregnant. Petra’s connection with Marlene—another artist whom she exploits like a slave—shows her codependent and cruel tendencies.

This is the Story of a woman who told people what marriages needed and stated it right away. She believed at first that she could find love again after her failed marriage, but she eventually found a beast in her second one.

A beast who tortured her wanted her to be unhappy all the time. Petra did her best to survive this stage of her life, and she discovered that it is now critical for her to believe in herself and not give anyone a chance to ruin her life further.

The Nasty Girl 

The Story starts with a scene with the lead as Sonja, a German high school girl played by Lena Stolze, who wins a writing competition and travels to Paris as a result. At Sonja’s school, where Martin Wegmus starts teaching physics, one of Sonja’s friends starts dating him. Further, Mr. Wegmus and Sonja almost accidentally kissed.

She again entered the competition the following year. From the list of potential subjects, she selects “My Town During the Third Reich.” As a result of her study, she learns that her idyllic town had a close connection to the Third Reich and that practically every notable family in the community had long been a part of the Nazi party.

Here is the Story of Sonja, who eventually married her physics teacher and fell into a mission where she learned more about the Nazis’ connection to her town over time. In her research, she discovers that there is a link between her tonne and the so-called Third Reich, but it is not as simple as it appears.

Here in the storyline, Sonja silently continues her research on it and tries her best not to get involved in unnecessary issues rather than the topic she is interested in.

Kings of the Road 

The Story begins with the main lead character named Bruno Winter, played by Rüdiger Vogler, who is a projection equipment repair technician in the film and meets the sad Robert Lander, played by Hanns Zischler, who has recently ended his relationship with his wife after attempting suicide by driving his car into a creek and failing.

Afterward, While Robert waits for his clothes to dry, Bruno drives along the western side of the East German border in a repair truck, stopping at dilapidated movie theatres.

Kings of the Road (1976)
Kings of the Road 

The storyline and plot of the Story end with a scene where Bruno and Robert come across a number of people who are in varying levels of sorrow while traveling, along with a man whose wife killed herself by crashing her car into a tree. Robert also visits his old father to chastise him for treating Robert’s mother disrespectfully.

Bruno and Robert eventually get into a small fight after talking about Robert and his wife, but Bruno subsequently sees Robert on a train. Bruno keeps going to theatres, even one whose owner has decided to stop showing movies because he thinks that modern movies are harmful.

Veronika Voss 

The storyline starts with a scene in which the main lead character of the movie, Veronika Voss, is a psychotic, fading UFA cinema star in the year 1955. In the storyline, there is another one named Munich, who is rumored to have slept with another cast member named Joseph Goebbels but is now having trouble finding parts.

She meets Robert Krohn, a sports writer, on the U-Bahn and is surprised that he does not recognize her. After eating lunch together, two older women recognize Veronika and ask for her autograph while making a joke about the fact that Veronika’s husband died in World War II.

Veronika Voss (1982)..
Veronika Voss 

Well, it is clear that it is a story about an affair in the era of World War II, and it is quite clear how the marriage goes with ups and downs. Even though Robert currently lives with his girlfriend named Henriette, on the other hand, in the movie, Veronika and Robert soon start a relationship, or more precisely, an affair.

Henriette, however, quickly understands Veronika’s attractiveness. Henriette enables Robert to leave with Veronika when she asks to spend the night in her spacious house away from the city when Veronika first arrives at their home. Robert is startled when Veronika emerges during their meeting in a frantic and disoriented state.

Nosferatu, the Vampyre 

The storyline starts with German real estate broker Jonathan Harker who works in Wismar. His boss, Renfield, alerts him to Count Dracula’s desire to buy a house in Wismar and designates Harker to go meet the Count to seal the favorable contract.

Harker sets out on a four-day journey to Transylvania in search of Tally Dracula’s castle, leaving his young wife, Lucy behind in Wismar. He brings with him the papers and paperwork required to sell the home to the Count.

Nosferatu, the Vampyre (1979)
Nosferatu, the Vampyre 

Harker makes a pit stop at a nearby inn along the road, where the residents beg him to avoid the cursed castle and tell him more about Dracula’s vampirism. After a hugely successful theatrical release, the film has received many positive reviews and has a good box office collection.

The movie scene starts with a group of children singing a chant about a child killer playing a game in the yard of an apartment complex in Berlin. While a mother waits for her daughter to get back from school, a lady prepares the table for dinner.

As worried parents wait outside of a school, a wanted sign warns of a serial killer preying on youngsters. Further in the Story, a character named. Elsie Beckmann, a little child, walks home from school while tossing a ball. Hans Beckert, who is singing, approaches a missing kid.

M (1931)
M movie released in the 1931 era

It is the Story of a serial killer and a mother who wants to rescue her own daughter from the hands of that killer and wants him to be arrested by the police. It is a story of a murderer and a mother, who play their roles very well in the movie.

The Tin Drum 

The main character of the movie is Oskar Matzerath, a little child who was born and reared in the Free City of Danzig before and during World War II and who serves as an unreliable witness to the movie’s events, where Oskar is the child of Agnes Bronski, who is a half-Polish Kashubian lady who is in a secret affair with Jan.

Jan is a Polish Post Office employee, and meanwhile, her cousin is too. Agnes is half-Polish, and she is married to a German chef named Alfred Matzerat. Despite their close friendship, Alfred is blissfully ignorant of his wife’s affair. Even though Oskar thinks he is Jan’s son, his parents are unknown.

The Tin Drum (film).,.
The Tin Drum 

Here, the story plot revolves around a scenario of an affair between a married couple, where one is married but still in love with someone else. Well, this German drama was well received by the audience and the fans of the time.

Run, Lola, Run!

The storyline starts with the lead role as Manni, a flunky in charge of delivering 1 million Deutschmarks, who contact Lola in a panic. Manni claims that he fled the U-Bahn after spotting ticket inspectors before realizing he had left the bag of money unattended. In the movie, as the train departed, he observed a homeless man looking at it.
Run, Lola, Run!
Run, Lola, Run!
Manni is getting ready to rob a local Bolle-named supermarket in order to replace the cash because his boss Ronnie will murder him in 20 minutes if he doesn’t have it. Manni is urged to wait by Lola, who then decides to seek assistance from her father, a banker.
Here, Run Lola Run is a story of robbery and mystery, where one character robs the bank and another, due to the other’s carelessness, leaves a bag full of money behind, which makes the movie interesting to watch and basically creates a level of suspense among viewers.


The downfall is a fictionalized account of Adolf Hitler’s reign. A story about Hitler and an instance where the movie plotted very well into cinema scenes. Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, invited several young women to an examination for the position of his private assistant in a location referred to in the past as the “Wolf’s Lair” near East Prussia.


The Story goes on When Traudl Junge selects her, and she is ecstatic. After two and a half years, the Red Army had driven the German army back into encircled Berlin. The Red Army starts bombarding Berlin’s central business district on Hitler’s 56th birthday.

Himmler departed to have covert talks with the Allied Powers. The description of the cruelty of Hitler as a powerful leader at that time is well discussed here, and it is worth watching for lovers of history.


Olympia is the sequel to Leni Riefenstahl’s well-crafted 1938 German sports film titled Olympia, which chronicled the era of the 1936 Summer Olympics, which were held in Berlin’s Olympic Park during the Nazi era. The film was divided into two parts, the first titled Fest der Völker and the second Olympia, which would be followed by films extolling the Olympics, particularly the Summer Games.

In the Story, there is a character named Dr. Carl Diem, the general director of the organizing committee who created the baton for the 1936 Summer Olympics. Olympia earned a good review point in cinema history and a high rating on the top German film list.

Olympia 1938

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

The storyline of the movie is all about the months that pass after the Munich Massacre in West Germany before the movie takes place. Where another character named Emmi, who is a 60-year-old widow and window cleaner, walks into a pub because it is pouring outside, and she wants to hear the music playing there.

Emmi agrees when a woman in the pub taunts Ali. Ali is a Moroccan guest worker in his late 30s in this Story. In the Story, Ali asks her to dance with him on a date, and they begin a romantic relationship.

All Fear eats soul
Ali: fear eats the soul

Following their dance, they become friends, and Ali goes home with Emmi and spends the evening at her place. Following more contact, they begin to fall in love, and Ali keeps living with Emmi. In short, the movie is all about a love story between two different personalities who are from different backgrounds and hold different beliefs but who fall in love in the end.

Europa Europa

 It is based on an autobiography written by a German Jew named Solomon Perel. Here is the Story of the boy who joined the Hitler Youth and pretended to be a Nazi German in order to flee the Holocaust. In the film’s conclusion, Perel actually makes a brief cameo appearance.

The title of the movie alludes to the split of continental Europe during the Second World War, which led to a continuous shifting of front positions, personalities, and political allegiances.

Europa Europa..
Europa Europa

The German company CCC Film, along with businesses from France and Poland, worked together to produce the movie. As mentioned in the above details, this is another storyline with a history of Hitler. When Adolf Hitler wanted to run the world as he wanted, it was based on a biography, and all events and scenarios were true based on Solomon’s biography and the events he performed.

Jail Bait

Jail Bait was created in 1972, but it wasn’t released in the US until Fassbinder became more well-known five years later. The title in its exact translation from German is “Wild Game,” which is a far better representation of how 14-year-old Mattes feels about the situations she gets herself into.

 Jail Bait.
Jail Bait.

Further on in the film, she is picked up by the more senior Baer, who appears and dresses like a person who is five years her senior. He is imprisoned for his personal relationship with the girl, picks up after his release, and continues where he left off.

This time, Mattes shows up pregnant, placing her in a difficult situation that requires her to get Baer to kill her father. In short, it is the Story of an unfortunate event that occurs frequently and results in a victim being imprisoned.

As the story plot draws more attention from the fan base, Jailbreak has scored a high level of points in the box office collection as the best action and suspense movie to watch on your weekends.

North Face

The North Face film is based on the well-known 1936 attempt to ascend the Eiger north face and follows two German climbers as they compete to ascend the most treacherous rock face in the Alps. The plot of the film begins with the main lead character, Andi Hinterstoisser, played by Lukas and Louise Wokalek, who is Berchtesgaden’s college classmates. Bavaria, as is aspiring journalist Toni Kurz portrayed by Fürmann.

North Face.
North Face.

The two men are accomplished amateur climbers who joined the army. They choose to compete for the ascent after learning of an effort on the Eiger’s north face. In the meantime, the Austrian side is aiming for a Nazi-led annexation of Germany. In a nutshell, the Story is about two climbers who want to do their best to finish, and as climbers, they want to compete and win at any cost.


The movie storyline begins with a plot where, in most of West Germany in 1957, rebuilding is the guiding principle in the city of Coburg. Further, the theory moves with the understanding that everyone in Coburg’s elite benefits from it, including the mayor, the commissioner of police, the president of the financial institution, the newspaper columnist, and, most importantly, Schuckert, who is a real estate developer.

Where singer Lola, the main lead of the movie, is his favorite worker. The appointment of the high-minded and erudite East Prussian exile von Bohm as the new construction commissioner puts this cozy relationship in jeopardy.

Lola (1981 film)

After being divorced, he employs a woman with a little granddaughter to work as his housekeeper and puts all of his efforts into it. Lola is a real-life story of an employer-employee relationship and how they tried to manage it. The movie follows the life of the main lead character, Lola, who is a singer by profession and a talented one. Lola is well-appreciated by his employer in the movie.

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