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Battlefield 6: Everything You Need To Know

After 3 years since Battlefield V, another game to the battlefield franchise is about to join soon. EA Dice has been working on a new Battlefield game and it will be arriving this year itself, more on that later. post-release, the game will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X, and also on the PC.  Today we will be looking at everything we know about Battlefield 6 in this article.

While the details regarding the upcoming Battlefield game are still unknown, there is some official confirmation from EA that, this new installment will be a true next-gen upgrade for the entire franchise. along with that we will be also looking at all of the rumors and leaks regarding this upcoming game.

The Battlefield Franchise

The Battlefield franchise was launched in 2002 with the launch of Battlefield 1942. All of the games in the Battlefield franchise are a series of first-person shooter video games. This series of games are developed by the Swedish company EA DICE. And these games are published by the American company Electronic Arts.

In this game series, there is a key theme, where the gameplay happens on large maps. The game has elements of teamwork and vehicle warfare. For those who don’t know the games which are released on the PC mainly focus on the online multiplayer factor. As of 2012, the battlefield franchise has nearly 50 million active players spread across 11 games and 12 expansion packs since 2002. The first Battlefield game was released only for Microsoft Windows and macOS, but it reached consoles with the next game in the franchise.

Everything we know about Battlefield 6

If you are looking for the official trailer of Battlefield 6, we still need to wait for that as EA Dice, hasn’t released any Battlefield 6 trailers, although it may release in the upcoming days. But the next Battlefield game was featured in the tech trailer during EA Play 2020. In this “work in progress” footage, we could see some facial animations and a large number of soldiers, who are running into the battle.

From that footage, we can be sure that the facial animations will be much better than their predecessor. This time the facial expressions will be much close to reality.  While showcasing this video, EA studios chief officer Laura Miele said that this new battlefield game will create epic battles at a scale and fidelity, which we haven’t experienced till now.

Laura’s words can be a hint that EA will try to optimize their new game better for the consoles so that they could use the full potential of the consoles. Recently we all saw how good console gaming has become. So it’s no wonder that Dice having plans to fully utilize the power of these new consoles to the fullest.

If leaks are considered, it is said that this game could be a cross-gen one. It could also feature a huge 128-player map, which is set in the modern era.  Another interesting leak suggests that this game will be a soft reboot to the Battlefield 3, but set in a modern era. It will be interesting to see what EA will do in this soft reboot. There may be also some questions asking, why choose Battlefield 3?

As said before, the chances of EA Dice going with a huge 128 player map is pretty much sure. As both the consoles and PCs are stronger than ever. But don’t worry the Ballefields 32 v 32 mode won’t be going anywhere for now. According to the leaks, the new Battlefield game will continue to feature the standard 32 v 32 game mode along with the map with 128 players overall.

But the last-gen consoles may not be able to run this new Battlefield game’s 128 player map, as this game is quite demanding. Along with that, those who use the PS4 and Xbox One will see a huge visual downgrade and limited destruction, when compared to the present gen PS5 and Xbox Series X. But this all worries may be for nothing as there is a separate team from the Dice studio who are working on optimizing the game for last-gen consoles.

Not only that, but leaks also suggest that the studio EA Dice have plans to introduce a Battle Royale game based on the Battlefield franchise. Not with the Battlefield game, but it is expected to launch eventually. This is because of the success of Activision’s Call of Duty battle royal. And EA also wants to get a piece in the Battle Royal game market with the Battlefield Battle Royal.

As mentioned before, Battlefield 6 is taking a lot in terms of the storyline from Battlefield 3. Even though we may not see the exact storyline as in Battlefield 3, there could be similar events in Battlefield 6 and there will be differences in the timeline at which both of the stories take place. While the story of Battlefield 3 will take place at the time of 2014, Battlefield 6 will happen in modern times.

Another interesting thing happened recently. In November, during the earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that they will reveal more information regarding Battlefield 6, by the time of Spring. This means that we will be able to know more about Battlefield 6 in the upcoming month, before May 2021. This is not the release date, only a period where the studio will give us more details regarding their upcoming game.

Battlefield 6 Release Date

Andrew Wilson also confirmed that Battlefield 6 will feature an unprecedented scale in terms of maps, giving us all the hint that Battlefield 6 will indeed come with a 128 players’ huge map. Along with that, you could see new weapons and vehicles inside the game. He also stated that this game will mark a return to military warfare theme. This is a hint that there will be bigger battles with more vehicles and mayhem more than what we have experienced before.

While we are hearing the news regarding, EA releasing the Battle Royal game based on Battlefield 6, we are still not sure if it will be free to play or not. Usually, Battle Royal games are free to play while the players are only needed to spend real money buy in-game coins or diamonds. It would be great if EA will release the Battle Royal mode of Battlefield 6 which will help them to get the market share also.

One of the biggest issues that Battlefield 5 had was that it was lacking cross-platform playing. We are hoping that Battlefield 6 EA will change this. Along with that, we are expecting many modes to be added to the game also, as these modes could improve the overall experience of the game. Even though playing online is great, as we could meet many new players around the world, we would still love to see a local co-op feature, where we could play with our friends also, rather than going online.

When can we expect the release?

As of now, there isn’t any official confirmation regarding the Battlefield 6 release date. What we know so far is that Battlefield 6 is expected to release around Holiday 2021. This was confirmed by EA games CEO Andrew Wilson at the earnings call that took place in November last year.

Battlefield 6

In the earnings call, Andrew said that the next installment from the Battlefield franchise is set to launch in holiday 2021. In that, he said they will reveal more about the game by the time of spring.  We have already mentioned above that we will get to know some more official details regarding the game by the end of May 2021.

Even though the world is still recovering from the current pandemic situation, which has affected the entire world around us, Wilson still reaffirmed that there will be more details regarding Battlefield 6, which will be revealed by the end of May 2021, the spring. And the game will be available by Holiday 2021. Since the exact date is still not confirmed, there is no need to be surprised, if the release date changes.

As of now the new Battlefield game, Battlefield 6 will be released by Holiday 2021. And it will be released for PCs and for the latest console as PS5 and Xbox Series X. The last-gen consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One will also get to play this game.

What do you think about the upcoming Battlefield 6? Are you excited about it? We are really looking forward to how well the Battlefield Battle Royal will be able to compete against its rivals. We are pretty sure that if the game is only free, then only it could attract players.

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