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Travis Kelce Dating History

Travis Kelce Dating History
Travis Kelce Dating History

The National Football League of America is one of the famous football leagues which have been in existence for a very long time. It is the most notable football league present in the entire globe. American football is all about players tackling and dodging each other to get that winning touchdown.

The sport has attained a huge fanbase in and out of America. The NFL has a ton of football teams, and the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the most important ones available with a very powerful team roster. The team has housed a lot of prominent football players like Derrick Thomas, Len Dawson, Willie Lanier, Bobbie Well, Preist Holmes, and much more.

The modern list of players from the Kansas City Chiefs includes a highly-skilled tight-end player named Travis Kelce. The player is pretty well-known all around America for his performance as one of the most adept offensive players belonging to the Kansas City Chiefs. Travis Kelce is, in fact, considered one of the prominent tight-end of all time.

Apart from being a famous sports star, Travis Kelce also appeared as a TV Personality when he got introduced to the field of Television entertainment through a dating show called Catching Kelce through the E! Entertainment Television Channel based in America.

The star is also involved in multiple community support events and activities. Travis Kelce has also appeared as a host in the famous Saturday Night Live Television show recently, making him one of the trending personalities on the internet.

Not only Travis Kelce but even his brother named, Jason Kelce, is a very famous center player in the team of Philadelphia Eagles. Travis and Jason pursued their dreams of becoming famous football players together by joining the same team named Bearcats.

Travis has been playing for the Kansas City Chiefs since the year of 2013. This football star’s caliber was proven to everyone when he acted as a main factor in the team winning the Super Bowl LIV and LVII trophies. Let us look at his early life now.

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The Early Life Of Travis Kelce

Born in the year 1989 in the city of Westlake, belonging to the State of Ohio, Travis Kelce started to gain interest in the field of football from a very young age. He has been a very active athlete in his schooling years.

The player grew his love towards football along with his brother, Jason Kelce, because both of them joined the same school. The football star has shown his playing skills even in sports like baseball and basketball. Travis Kelce started to become more active in the school’s football team.

Apart from being a tight-end player most of the time in his football career, Travis has also been a quarterback in his early life. Travis soon rose to fame quite fastly when he played for his college football team.

He soon got recognized by multiple teams of the NFL and was finally drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce has earned a lot of awards and titles for his performance in NFL. The star player has a dating history which is pretty interesting. Read along and find out more about the love life of Travis Kelce.

Travis Kelce: Dating History

The dating show called Catching Kelce was the first factor to get the sports star’s love life running. Published by the E! Entertainment Television network, the show gave a series of women a chance to become the partner of Travis Kelce.

1) Maya Benburry

The show took off successfully, and Travis did choose a love interest from the show. Her name is Maya Benburry, and she is a dancer and a notable internet personality. But their relationship didn’t last long off-screen, and it was made public to the people that the couple broke off a few months after the show’s end.

Travis Kelce Dating History

Travis Kelce (L) and Kayla Nicole (R) Credits: StarCards (Youtube)

2) Kayla Nicole

Travis Kelce hit the headlines again when he announced that he was dating a TV Personality named Kayla Nicole, who is a sports journalist and a Fashion influencer. It is said that the couple met each other online through Instagram and started to pursue a relationship that lasted for a total of 5 years.

It was made public that the couple met their unfortunate end in the late months of 2022. Since then, there has been no talk about the football star, Travis, and his relationship status.

Travis Kelce Dating History

Travis Kelce (L) and Zuri Hall (R)

3) Zuri Hall

But there are a lot of speculations going on the internet that the star found a new love interest. This speculation is yet made to be true only after an announcement from Travis Kelce. A journalist named Zuri Hall is the possible love interest of Travis Kelce.

But it has not been confirmed yet, not from either side. Fans must wait till they get the official news from the star. Whatever it is, let us wish the football star all the best for his future!

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