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What Happened To Brandon From Lucky Dog?

What happened to Brandon from the Lucky Dog
Brandon McMillan, Credits: Distractify

Lucky Dog is one of the best series CBS has, since the series focuses on some really good services to protect animals, the series has generated a good level of fan base and support from the audience. But everyone’s favorite daniel has been missing for several days from the series, and people have been wondering what exactly happened to him.

Therefore this article will give you detailed information regarding who Bradon is for those of you who did not know, and what exactly happened with him in terms of the show. Brandon McMillan is a television personality who is also a great animal trainer and animal rescuer. He is initially known in the Hollywood television business as the one who has insanely devoted his time to rescuing animals and training them.

Since he had a history of his family training animals in the entertainment business, as per sources, he was a child raised with animals and he initially then steadily learned and understood the meaning behind rescuing needy animals and training them so to make them trained animals.

He always had some support from his family and he initially started his career working in his Uncle’s animal training company which used to train animals and supply them for the entertainment business. And thus, he decided to dedicate his career to doing the same, which even had him heading the Lucky Dog television series on CBS, where he served as a host and gained a huge amount of fan following since the show gathered greater success.

What is Lucky Dog all about?

Lucky Dog is a television series on CBS that is completely focused on training, rescuing, and supervising animals so to make them skillful. The show initially started in 2013 and, so far, has completed 10 of its seasons, gaining a wider variety of views and critical acclaim from the fans.

The major plot of the show centers only and only around animals who are being rescued if they are found in a very miserable state, and the hosts train them since they are themselves proficient at this, they rescue, supervise and train a variety of animals from dogs to cats, etc.

In the show itself, the animals are rescued from dirty or unsheltered areas where they live, trained, fed, and even find appropriate shelters, Brandon has even won an Emmy Award for his contribution to animal welfare with the show Lucky Dog since Brandon has been the original owner of the Lucky Dog series he has been appreciated and awarded hugely in the entertainment industry for his great contribution.

What Happened To Brandon From Lucky Dog

Brandon McMillan, Credits: Distractify

Did Brandon Leave the Lucky Dog?

Well, currently, Brandon has left the Lucky Dog series, being the original owner and the host of the animal series, he left the series, as far as the reasons which Brandon has explained point to the fact that he was not liking with the way things were turning into a money game with the show.

He also shared his post on social media, where he briefly stated that he is not happy with the way money has now played a part in the series, and with the way things are turning with the show, however, he is happy that a new show host would be joining the series. He also conveyed his message to his fans to respect and appreciate the new host since he has been given the opportunity.

Since the show also debuted with a new host and without Brandon, fans were conveyed that he had left the show as a host after he went on Instagram and gave some hints regarding why he left.

Who is the new host of the Lucky Dog?

The series debuted without Brandon with the husband and wife team of Eric Wises and Rashi Khanna Wises, who are up for the challenge now for rescuing and sheltering plus training animals.  Being proficient and great professionals in the animal care industry, both the couple have a huge passion for rescuing, sheltering, and feeding plus training animals and thus base their careers on that.

But with the kind of joy, Brandon left with his great humor and excitement while doing his mandatory tasks. One thing is for sure these new couple hosts must have fulfilled and made things up to the mark and the level of highness that Brandon has set.

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