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Pokemon Sinnoh Remake And Game Like Zelda CONFIRMED – Pokemon 25th Anniversary Event

Pokemon 25th Anniversary presents brought some massive and exciting news to the future of Pokemon. For those who missed the Pokemon presents that aired at 10 EST, then you can always go back and re-watch it to get the full experience. Anyways they first started off with sharing where Pokemon was when it first started and went through the years showing what Pokemon turned into.

Then the good stuff hit, but we will get into that here in a bit. Pokemon started off as one simple idea. An idea where you go around and collect different species of animals and bugs. The creator of Pokemon; Satoshi Tajiri, had no idea how large of a success his idea would be. He just enjoyed collecting bugs around Japan and thought he would share his love for catching bugs. So, he turned it into Pocket Monsters which later on was largely known as Pokemon.

Amount of People watching.

While waiting for the Pokemon to present the video to the premiere. There were just over 100,000 people waiting to see what the Pokemon company had come up with for the Pokemon 25th Anniversary. After the premiere had started there were around 500,000 people watching! That is how many people were wanting to catch the news first hand and see what they had in store for us.

With Pokemon being a huge success, it’s safe to say The Pokemon company will continue to try their best to satisfy millions of fans. The 500,000 watch is an insane amount of people. Despite their large fan base. There are several people who missed out on the news due to working or busy schedules. Who’s to say how many people would have been watching if everyone was able to?

Pokemon snap

We got a bit more information over the Pokemon snap game but not much. Pokemon snap is basically a remastered version of the old Pokemon snap game everyone used to play on the old Nintendo 64. This remastered version of Pokemon snap brings in some cool new features as well. Ranging from online features to new mechanics.

It’s safe to say this new Pokemon snap game will be a huge success.

The new mechanic for Pokemon snap is able to go underwater and take pictures of people from under the sea. This is a fun and interesting new mechanic being added to the series. It gives a whole new experience to the photography side of Pokemon. If you didn’t enjoy Pokemon snap as a kid, you might enjoy this game. This Pokemon snap is a lot more realistic.

New stuff in Pokémon snap

There is a new way you can save your progress to Pokémon snap. After heading to the professor and showing him your shots. You will be rewarded anywhere from a 1-4 star ranking on the photo. In order to complete your Pokedex in Pokémon snap, you must complete capturing every Pokémon from 1-4 stars. Your photo gallery will show you what you still need, thankfully.

As far as the online Pokémon snap goes. It sounds like you will be able to share your photos with the world. Allowing for trainers to rank your photos themselves. Possibly inspiring you to take more photos in Pokémon snap. Rather or not, these photos will be turned into Pokémon cards as some speculate, it’s not certain just yet.

Last but not least, for Pokémon snap, there is a new item that you can give the Pokémon you encounter that lets them glow. This new item is called the luminous orb. Not only does it allow for pokemon to glow, but it also changes the appearance of visible moves such as the flamethrower.

This New Pokémon Snap game will come out on April 30th of this year! It’s only two months away, and honestly, who can wait?

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Sinnoh Remakes Confirmed

The information everyone has been waiting for! The Pokémon Company had released official information regarding the Diamond and Pearl remakes! While there really isn’t any information to cover on the remakes other than they are being brought back to the main series games. There was more news given about another new game!

These new remakes, before we get into the new game, are going to be called brilliance Diamond and Shining Pearl. Both of these games will be released sometime later this year. Though a confirmed date has not so don’t go by any release dates for these games unless it comes from a source like The Pokémon Company.

Zelda Like Pokémon Games Are Now A Thing

This is the biggest news yet of all! Many people were giving The Pokémon Company and Game Freak a lot of hassle over the fact; the graphics aren’t that good. While many say Pokémon and Game Freak don’t have that kind of capability to create games in such high graphics. Those people were wrong.

A new Pokémon game will be coming out in early 2022. This game is not like others at all. If you were looking for a Pokémon game that was related to Zelda? That is what Game Freak has in store for us right now! More information about this game will be out later on. NOT from an official site.

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