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The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Ending Explained

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things- Ending And Discussion

Ahaa! The Valentine’s Day Special coming from Amazon Prime. Yes, The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things was indeed a love letter coming from the OTT Platform. Directed by Ian Samuels, the movie was the sci-fi romance drama spawned out of a short story of the same name. Releasing on the 12th of February 2021, the movie stars Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen in the lead. Two teens who are stuck in a time loop living together. The movie received quite a mixed response. Overall it was applauded for its light-hearted, fun nature. The heartfelt charm from the actors and storyline served as a good lazy watch for Valentine’s Day Week.

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things follows the story of Margaret and Mark. The latter one realizes that he is stuck in the same day, forever reliving it all over again. He keeps living and trying to figure out a way to break the loop until he meets Margaret. Much like him, she is also part of the same time loop. With such a romance filled fun storyline that tweaks with Sci-fi, there are things that are left out that need some answers. Some of them are still questioning the possibility of the phenomenon mentioned in the movie. So here we are breaking down what exactly happened in Amazon Original “The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things”.

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The Base For The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things- Ending And Discussion

Much like every other time-loop movie, The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things also follows the same aim with the main characters. That is getting out of the time-loop. Two main characters of completely different personas are introduced. First, Mark played by Kyle Allen, the total nerd. Then, Margaret, played by Kathryn Newton, a complete genius. Much like every other movie, yes Groundhog too, which is indeed mentioned in this movie when Mark discusses his situation with his best friend, this movie also involved both characters looking for a way to escape the constant loop until they found each other and realize the right key to breaking the loop.

Margaret Is The Reason Behind The Time-Loop

So as soon as Mark and Margaret find each other, there are a number of ways the couple tries to break the loop. They even try to go on an international date in Japan. Only with Margaret stepping down at the last moment from every time they attempt a new method. That’s when Mark realizes that there is a secret she has been keeping from him. Probably she doesn’t want this time-loop to break.

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things- Ending And Discussion

So, if you have watched the movie, Margaret did confess at the end how she might be the reason behind the time-loop. Margaret confessed that she wished to the universe that tomorrow may never come. Especially because of the fact that her mother is suffering from cancer, and she continues to live on for days. On the side of Mark, this hits hard from him. He soon realizes how his life has always been far perfect and how Margaret has been struggling to keep her loved one by her side.

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Mark Is The Key To Escape The Time Loop

Okay, the one problem is clear that Margaret was the one behind the time-loop. She wished to the universe for it, and that has pretty much been fulfilled. The question left unanswered is if it was all about her and her mother, then why Mark was pulled in? Mark, of course was overshadowed by the story of Margaret and how does he fit into the loop created for Margaret and her mother still bugged a lot of people.

Initially, Mark was introduced as being in the entre of his own universe until the time loop strike, and he is stuck in someone else’s. Why he was chosen is still a mystery? Was he a random pair or just because of an opposite persona of her? Was he a crush that Margaret adored? Probably they were meant to be, there are a number of possibilities that remained unanswered, but he definitely was the key to time-loop.

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things- Ending And Discussion

Margaret soon realizes Mark’s part of being in her loop the time she was playing a video game with Henry, a friend of Mark. That’s when she realizes that there are things she needs to let go of and she can’t spend time fixing. The universe gave enough time to Margaret to say goodbye to her loved-one and welcome someone new in her life. A person who could give all the happiness she indeed deserves.

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The End Of The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things- Ending And Discussion

Realizing the key to break the loop, Margaret decided to let go of things that need to stay broken. She visits the hospital to say a final goodbye to her mother. Finally making peace with her death. Then she leaves the hospital to find Mark sitting by the pool and kisses him. She confesses everything, and instead of fixing something, she created something new out of the moment.

Margaret’s acceptance and the plan works. The clock, which is supposed to reset with the rain at midnight, continues to go on. A new day starts breaking the loop. A cute and fitting end to the story of Mark and Margarett. Well, the question on why Mark was selected would still bug us. But probably he is the one for Margaret giving that the universe had selected for her. A sweet and cute end indeed.

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