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Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 preview
Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3: Release Date,

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3’s releas date is sooner than you know. The said post contains everything you need to learn before the third episode of your favorite Turkish show drops. We will unveil Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3’s releas date, spoilers, and streaming guide.

First lets recap the episode 2 of this new Turkish series. Masal is a girl who is around nine years old and brilliant like a gem but had hardships early in life. His greatest wish is that one day he and his tolerant mom, Irin, will be able to reconcile and reunite. But Fuat, Masal’s cunning stepfather, thwarts all of the preparations.

Masal remains unfazed even though everyone seems to be against him, except the new teacher named Evgeni. He keeps fighting for his mom. Eventually, Irin is released, and Fuat comes back to get revenge. Masal attempts to withstand the pain and daggers of her ruthless aunt Zehra & her evil relative Hilal as she begins to live alongside her uncle Ahin.

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 preview


It won’t be simple, though, because Masal is convinced that a monster lives in her uncle’s family. On the other side, Evgin and Yamur discover a chance for a surprise reconciliation. Ishtar ruthlessly coerces Neşe to control Yamna. And that in the end, a surprise appearance of the monster concealed in Ahin’s home will occur.

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What to expect from Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3?

When Masal, played by Elif Kurtaran, who grew up hearing stories about her idyllic mother, Irin, portrayed by Feride Etin, is hospitalized for heart failure and transforms into a cruel, ferocious child who can do anything, she is locked in a harsh and realistic world.

While Masal’s teacher Evgin played by Ismail Hacolu, will initially offer encouragement, things will eventually go out of hand for everyone. The closest companion to Masal on this voyage will be his doggo, Meatball, who has never left his side. Our hero will finish the unfinished narratives of the various protagonists of the tale, one by one while seeking his fairy tale.

Who will feature in Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3?

Tolga Tekin

In early March of 1973, Tolga Tekin was born in beautiful Ankara. After completing his education at Private Ar University in 1992, he joined the state academy at Hacettepe University and earned a degree in theatrical studies there in 1996.

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 preview


He subsequently aced the entrance test for the Turkish State Theater and began working there. He rejoined the Ankara State Theatre in 2005 after serving at the Adana State Theater from 1996 to 2004.

Muhammad Hacioglu

The Son of former Fenerbahçe royalty named Mehmet Hacolu is Ismail Hacolu. His father’s side emigrated from Bulgaria, and he is of Turkish descent. At the Müjdat Gezen Art Institute, he learned theater. He has participated in the plays there for two seasons.

He first performed at the Istanbul Young Theater before moving on to the private theaters of Aydoan Tamer and Erdal Duman. He began dubbing advertisements as a student at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center.

Sümeyye Aydogan

Sümeyye Aydogan attended schools in Istanbul for her formal education. She enrolled at Bilgi University for her undergraduate years and is now pursuing her acting training in a workshop known as Talento Administration under the guidance of Tuncay Altun  Proffered. Her debut piece of art appeared in the Turkish film Sumi Aidan.

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 preview


Kirantepe Mustafa

After attending Konak Narl Industry Technical High School, Mustafa Krantepe received his diploma. In 2002, he received his degree in theatre from Eskişehir Anadolu College State Conservatory, and the following year, he moved to Istanbul.

Between 2004 to 2007, he participated as a performer at the Istanbul State Theater. He regularly conducted voice-overs from 2003 to 2010.

When is the Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 Release date?

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 release date is January 24 at 8 pm. Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 will air on Fox TV in turkey. At the same time, the fans can find the international streaming details below.

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3: Where to watch

Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 will be broadcast on Fox tv for Turkish  fans and watchers. At the same time, fasn form other parts of the world will have to wait for any streaming service to be right and stream Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 internationally along with English subtitles for non-Turkish fans.

When writing this piece, there is no option to stream Tacsiz Prenses Episode 3 internationally and legally. You can keep a tab on this site to learn about the show’s international streaming and when it is available.

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