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Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 7: Release Date, Recap & How To Watch

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 7
Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 7

Lovers of The Red Sky remains on top after the release of another episode. Within less time, it has gained a 10% mark in viewership ratings. The K-drama featuring Ahn Yeo Seop and Kim Yoo Jung is reaching new heights every day. With every episode and BTS video, fans have been falling in love with the drama more and more. The recent videos from the set showing the discussion for the scene where Ha Ram rescues Hong Chun Gi from danger. And then reenacting it is making fans awed at the screen. With a look of Gong Myung jokingly scolds the staff member on the ground.

Fans have also been calling the last episode emotional and heartfelt. The Maejukheon Painting Contest, which was organized by the royal house, to find the best painter in the district. The recent episode begins with the announcement of the results of the second round of the contest. The painting made by Hong Cheong Gi gets in a tie with another contestant. To choose the winner, grand prince Yangmyeong asks both contestants questions about their paintings.

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 7

Recap: Episode 6

On being asked why she didn’t take the traditional painting method and chose to paint the boulders black. She replies that she painted it through her memory of what she saw. The boulders that were wet in the rain appeared black in her mind when she couldn’t see. She also remembered the mystery friend she used to play with when she was young in her painting. Pleased by the answer of both contestants, round two ended with a tie. When all the finalists are eating with the higher-ups. Prince Yangmyeong asks Cheong-Hi about the butterflies that she draws in her paintings. Telling her to meet him after dinner, he tells her that he knows that she is imitating another artist. Telling her how important the painting contest is, she should stop imitating and find her originality. Or she will be putting her talent and the contest to waste.

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To add on to getting yelled at, Master Choi, who was an acquaintance to her father, tells her to leave the contest as she doesn’t know what’s good for her and what happened with her father. Buried with all the stress of the contest and her father’s health, she walks away from Master Choi to have some time to herself. Leaving Cheong Gi, Prince Yangmyeong leaves to have dinner with other ministers in the palace. Wrapping up from there, he goes on to drink with his elder brother, Prince Joohyang. Talking about their sick father, Prince Joohyang tells his brother his plan of taking up the throne. Threatening and asking him to stand by him. But staying firm on his beliefs, Prince Yangmyeong refuses to stand by his brother and decides to stay loyal to the royal family as a whole.

Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 7

Between Ha Ram and Cheong Hi

As Cheong Hi is taking time off to cool herself in the stable, Ha Ram finds his way to her unknowingly. Taking a walk with her, he helps her to take their mind off the discouragement by motivating her. As they sit together, something kicks in Cheong Hi, thinking this has happened before. She hears the same words, feels the same things as Ha Ram runs his hand over her face. As they share a kiss, she gets a feeling that he is the boy from his childhood she used to pick peaches with.

But Ha Ram denies that he is the same person and leaves soon after. As the final round comes, Cheong Hi decides to follow what Prince Yangmyeong told her. Instead of imitating the artist and going with the butterfly, she tries to experiment with her original style. The Prince, happy with her originality, ends up winning the contest and gets the highest bidding of 300 rice sacks.

The Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 7 Release Date & Where To Watch

Episode 7 of “The Lovers of The Red Sky” will premiere on September 20, 2021. As we thought that Cheong Gi winning the Maejukheon Painting Contest would bring some luck to her. We can’t really see that happening in the episode 7 preview. We saw Cheong Gi’s father meeting Prince Joohyang, and he wasn’t really happy knowing that Cheong Gi was his daughter. He seems ready to kill her but is stopped by Ha Ram as it remains a mystery what happened with her father in the palace, that the royal family doesn’t like her. Prince Yangmyong might finally tell her the truth. Talking about Cheong Gi, she knows that Ha Ram is the guy from her childhood, but she will respect his decision to stay unknown.

You can watch Lovers of The Red Sky Episode 7 on SBS & ViuTV online.

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