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Seversin Episode 17: Release Date, Recap and Trailer Summary

How will Tolga handle the situation
How will Tolga handle the situation

Seversin is one of the most popular Turkish TV shows. Its gripping plot can be held as one of the main reasons for this show’s success. Since its debut, this show has managed to grab the attention of viewers all over the globe. A total of 16 episodes have been released so far, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode to be released. In the last episode, we saw how the things between Tolga and Aysa were going bad, and this episode will reveal how Tolga will manage all these problems.

The production team has already released a trailer for the next episode, and it has already gotten everyone’s hopes up. In this article, we will learn more about the series and its next episode release date. We will also look into the trailer and what might happen in the coming episode.

What’s Seversin All About?

Seversin is a Turkish rom com television series produced by D Productions. Its debut episode, which was created by Serdar Gözelekli and featured Layda Alişan as well as Burak Yörük, was aired on June 1, 2022. The series’ main character, Tolga, is a rich-touch actress who meets Aysa, a humble, impoverished girl who works as a mall clerk. Through mischief, chance, and a forced acceptance of their fate as Prince & Pauper, they set off on a lifelong journey.

When will Seversin Episode 17 release?

Seversin episode 17th is expected to be released on September 19th, 2022. As of now, a trailer for episode 17 has been released on YouTube by the official channel of Seversin. You can find the link to the video below. In the last episode, Tolga is most happy when the magazine publishes the news of the contract while Asya is attempting to break the agreement secretly. It will be interesting to watch what will happen next between them and how will Tolga handle the situation. 

Seversin Episode 17 trailer Summary

As per the official synopsis, Tolga’s life is completely upended as a result of the revelation he makes. Asya has drawn all the attention by unravelling the years’ greatest mystery in a panic. Tolga dips further as he makes an effort to escape the void that this reality plunged him into. The confidence of Tolga has been damaged. He feels quite miserable because of his rage at Suzan, Kudret, and perhaps even Asya. Asya receives her fair part of this state’s destruction even though it affects everyone.

Still from Seversin Episode 17 official trailer

Still from Seversin Episode 17 official trailer

Tolga is rescued from the bottom by Hakan. Since he has been Tolga Tuna’s shoulder and is the only one who has been on the adventure with him from the beginning. Before setting off on his new voyage, Tolga wants to wipe everything clean and close the accounts. He will get vengeance on his dad Kudret while doing this in his own unique style. However, Tolga is forced to break up with Asya due to actions performed without considering the consequences and pleasant gestures made while taking advantage of her precarious position.

Seversin Episode 16 Summary

In the last episode, Tolga’s whole life was impacted by Asya’s signature. At the happiest moment for Tolga, the announcement of this contract appears in the magazine while Asya tries to cancel it secretly. The incident is significant enough to affect Tolga and Asya’s daily life. In order to protect Tolga, Asya hides the reasons for her contract, but she also wants to track out Kudret and make her responsible because she believes that she has been duped. As Suzan said, does Kudret truly want his kid to do evil? Asya heard various versions of the past events from Kudret and Suzan. 

For once, Sya intends to force Tolga to hear the history from Kudret that she has previously heard from her mother. He claims that there is a significant falsehood in the center. But despite the fact that he has not yet worked out how to unite Tolga and Kudret, Tolga encounters what may be the worst low point of his life as a result of the truth he learned. This action taken to make Tolga happy has unintentionally damaged the beehive, and it will eventually have a detrimental impact on Asya as well.

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