29 Best Toradora! Facts You Might Not Know

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Toradora! (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Based on the popular light novel series by Yuyuko Takemiya and Yasu, Toradora! was a successful anime series that premiered in Japan from 2008 to 2009. It has 10 volumes and was released between 2006 and 2009.

The plot of the show centers on the relationship between Taiga Aisaka, a little but feisty girl with a poor reputation, and Ryuji Takasu, a high school student with a reputation for being a delinquent owing to his frightening looks.

Despite their initial hostility, Ryuji and Taiga end up becoming friends and resolve to support one another in pursuing their individual crushes. While Taiga has a crush on Ryuji’s buddy Yusaku Kitamura, Ryuji is in love with Taiga’s closest friend Minori Kushieda.

Ryuji and Taiga’s connection develops as they cooperate to win over their crushes, and they become aware of their affection for one another. They encounter a number of challenges, including misconceptions and interference from their friends, as they attempt to confess their love.

The characters in the series struggle with issues including love, friendship, family, and personal development. The series is renowned for its accurate depiction of high school life, compelling plot, and a strong cast of characters. The way in which humor, drama, and romance are balanced is highly complimented.

Toradora! Relationship Chart
Toradora! Relationship Chart (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Toradora! anime was produced by J.C. Staff and directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai. The program was warmly welcomed by both viewers and reviewers, and it has since become a romantic comedy fan favorite.

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Top Must-Know Facts Before You Watch

1. Toradora! Is A Combination Of Taiga Aisaka And Ryuji Takasu’s Names

The names of the two main characters, Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, are combined to form the title “Toradora!” In Japanese, the word “Dora” is short for “dragon,” which stands in for Ryuji, whereas the word “Tora” means tiger in Japanese, which stands in for Taiga.

Toradora! (Credits: J.C. Staff)

The title’s pairing of the two animals is supposed to symbolize the dynamic and complex relationship between Taiga and Ryuji.

2. “Pre-parade” Was Performed By The Voice Actress Of Minori Kushieda

Yui Horie, who also does the voice for Minori Kushieda in the anime, sang the song “Pre-Parade,” the show’s opening theme.

Toradora! Opening
Toradora! Opening (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Yui Horie is a well-known Japanese voice actress and singer who has also provided the voices for characters in other well-liked anime series, including Love Hina, Fruits Basket, and Bakemonogatari. Since then, “Pre-Parade” has gained popularity among fans and is strongly associated with the series.

3. The Anime’s Ending Theme Song, “Vanilla Salt,” Was Performed By The Voice Actresses

The actresses for the three main female characters in the series—Rie Kugimiya as Taiga Aisaka, Yui Horie as Minori Kushieda, and Eri Kitamura as Ami Kawashima—performed the anime’s closing theme song, “Vanilla Salt.” The music of the song is energetic and catchy, and it has grown to be a fan favorite.

Toradora! Closing
Toradora! Closing (Credits: J.C. Staff)

The three actresses have since worked together on other songs, such as those for the anime series “Golden Time.”

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4. The Show’s Director, Is Known For His Work On Popular Anime Series

The Anthem of the Heart and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day are two additional well-known anime series that was created by Toradora! Director, Tatsuyuki Nagai.

Toradora! Characters
Toradora! Characters (Credits: J.C. Staff)

He is renowned for being capable of creating emotional, heartwarming stories, which can be seen in all of his works. In fact, his work on Toradora! Played a significant role in establishing his standing as a skilled director in the anime industry.

5. The Show Has Won Several Awards

Since its debut, Toradora! has received several awards, including the Best TV Animation Award at the 2009 Animation Kobe Awards and the Best Romantic Comedy Award at the 2009 Tokyo International Anime Fair.

The series also received the Grand Prize in the Light Novel category at the 2007 Dengeki Novel Prize and was rated the third-best anime of 2009 by the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun.

Toradora! Cast
Toradora! Cast (Credits: J.C. Staff)

The popularity and commercial success of Toradora! Contributed to establishing its reputation as an adored and influential romantic comedy anime.

6. The Anime Has Spawned Merchandise, Including Figurines, Posters, And Soundtracks

Due to Toradora’s success, a variety of merchandising items, including figurines, posters, and soundtracks, have been produced. Collectibles featuring the show’s characters are available for fans to buy, including Nendoroid figurines of Taiga and Ryuji.

A video game for the PlayStation Portable called Toradora Portable! was also made available in 2009. Players may interact with series characters in the game, which also has branching stories that depend on the decisions they make.

Angry Taiga
Angry Taiga (Credits: J.C. Staff)

In general, the success of the series has prompted the production of a broad variety of merchandise, enabling fans to interact with the series in ways other than just viewing the anime.

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7. Masayoshi Tanaka Created The Character Designs For The Anime, Known For His Work On Other Popular Anime Series

The character designs for Toradora! were designed by Masayoshi Tanaka, a renowned character designer, and animator in the anime industry. He has contributed to a number of well-known anime series in addition to Toradora!, including Your Name, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, and Highschool of the Dead.

Toradora! Anime
Toradora! Anime (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Clean lines and vibrant colors make up Tanaka’s distinctive visual style, which has made him a fan favorite among anime enthusiasts. His work on Toradora! Contributed to the series’ overall success and helped establish its distinctive visual identity.

8. Taiga Aisaka Is Portrayed As Half-Japanese And Half-American In The Light Novel

Taiga Aisaka is portrayed in the light novel series as being half Japanese and half American, having an American father and a Japanese mother. Yet, Taiga is portrayed as being entirely Japanese in the Toradora! Anime adaption.

It’s normal practice for the light novel or manga adaptations to edit the original, and in this instance, the choice was probably taken for a number of reasons, including to make the character more relatable to a Japanese audience or to simplify the plot.

Taiga Aisaka Blushing
Taiga Aisaka Blushing (Credits: J.C. Staff)

However, throughout the anime and the light novel, Taiga’s distinct personality and character traits are unchanged.

9. Mari Okada Wrote The Anime’s Script, Known For Her Work On Other Popular Anime Series

The Toradora! anime adaptation’s script was written by renowned anime scriptwriter Mari Okada. She has contributed to a number of other well-known anime series in addition to Toradora!, such as Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

Taiga and Ryugi
Taiga and Ryugi (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Because of Okada’s skill in developing emotionally resonant and character-driven storylines, Toradora!’s characters and plot were brought to life on screen.

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10. Rie Kugimiya Is Known For Her Tsundere Voice In Anime

The voice actress for Taiga Aisaka, Rie Kugimiya, has earned the title “Queen of Tsundere” in the anime industry for her many portrayals of Tsundere characters. One of her most known characters is Taiga Aisaka, and she excelled in the fiery and sometimes violent role, solidifying her reputation as a talented voice actress.

Tsundere Taiga
Tsundere Taiga (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Louise in The Familiar of Zero, Nagi in Hayate the Combat Butler, and Aria in Aria the Scarlet Ammo are a few of her other prominent tsundere roles. Although being stereotypically cast in these kinds of roles, Kugimiya has demonstrated her versatility as a voice actor by contributing to a wide range of other anime series.

11. The Anime’s Soundtrack Was Composed By Yukari Hashimoto, Known For Her Work On Other Anime Series

The soundtrack for the Toradora! The anime was composed by Yukari Hashimoto. Penguindrum, March Comes in Like a Lion, and Sarazanmai is just a few of the anime series to which Hashimoto has contributed as a brilliant composer.

Ryugi and Taiga
Ryugi and Taiga (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Her work on Toradora! Contributed to the emotional moments of the series being brought to life via the utilization of a range of musical styles and themes. Fans of the series love the soundtrack for its capability to heighten the emotional effect of each scene. It consists of a combination of cheerful and sad songs.

12. Ryuji Takasu Is Voiced By Junji Majima, Known For His Work On Other Anime Series

The Toradora! anime adaptation included Ryuji Takasu as a character voiced by Junji Majima. He is a well-known voice actor who has performed in several other anime series, such as Blood Blockade Battlefront, Gatchaman Crowds, and Toriko.

Ryuji Takasu
Ryuji Takasu (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Ryuji Takasu’s complex personality was brought to life in Toradora! by Majima’s portrayal of the character, who demonstrated his capacity to shift from being kind and considerate to aggressive and self-assured. Both fans and critics praised his portrayal, which served to make Ryuji a well-liked figure in the anime industry.

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13. Ami Kawashima Is Voiced By Eri Kitamura, Known For Her Work On Other Anime Series

Eri Kitamura is a well-known voice actress in the anime industry who has portrayed a number of memorable characters in various anime series, including Karen Araragi in the Monogatari series, Sayaka Miki in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Ami Kawashima in Toradora!, and Saya Takagi in Highschool of the Dead.

Ami Kawashima
Ami Kawashima (Credits: J.C. Staff)

She has also recorded a number of singles and albums as a singer and has contributed to several anime soundtracks.

14. Minori Kushieda’s Catchphrase “Crazy!” Has Become A Popular Meme Among Fans

In Toradora, Minori Kushieda is a beloved character among the fans. She was recognized for her positive outlook and upbeat demeanor, as well as her catchphrase “kyaaa!” (‘crazy!’).

Minori Kushieda
Minori Kushieda (Credits: J.C. Staff)

She is one of the most adored characters in the series, thanks to her upbeat attitude and constant support for her pals. Fans have used her slogan as a meme to convey surprise or joy in various online communities.

15. The Anime Featured A Unique Ending Theme For Each Episode, Performed By The Voice Actresses

The original Japanese broadcast of the anime included a different closing song for each episode, which was sung by the voices of Taiga Aisaka, Minori Kushieda, and Ami Kawashima.

Ami, Taiga and Minori
Ami, Taiga and Minori (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Each closing theme was backed by a distinct animation sequence depicting the three girls in various scenarios, such as playing video games or having a pillow fight. The closing songs were later separated into two albums, “Toradora! Ending Themes” and “Toradora! Best Album – HAPPYEND.”

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16. Taiga Aisaka’s Pet Bird, Inko-chan, Is Voiced By Yui Horie, Who Also Voices Minori Kushieda

Yui Horie voiced both Minori Kushieda and Taiga Aisaka’s pet bird, Inko-chan. The show’s humorous sequences are made more enjoyable by Inko-chan’s high-pitched voice and funny remarks.

Inko-chan (Credits: J.C. Staff)

17. The Anime’s Production Was Delayed Due To Financial Concerns

The development of the anime was initially postponed owing to fears about the global financial crisis, which had a big influence on the anime industry at the time.

The producers were concerned that the series would not be profitable enough to cover its production expenses, so they put the project on hold until they were more sure of its potential success.

Minori covering her mouth
Minori covering her mouth (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Finally, the animation was a financial and critical triumph, receiving several awards and becoming a fan favorite in Japan and across the world.

18. The Anime Features Several References To The Japanese Holiday Of New Year’s

Ryuji and Taiga prepared soba noodles for their friends to eat on New Year’s Eve, which is a traditional manner in Japan to bring good luck and prosperity in the new year. Other New Year’s customs shown in the episode include sending New Year’s postcards and visiting a shrine to make wishes for the new year.

Toradora! Sexy Santa
Toradora! Sexy Santa (Credits: J.C. Staff)

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19. Taiga Aisaka’s Name Reflects Her Fierce And Unpredictable Nature

Taiga Aisaka’s first name is spelled as “大河” in kanji, which means “big river,” and also happens to be a homophone of the Japanese word for “tiger,” which is “虎” (Tora). Her demeanor, which is sometimes described as ferocious and aggressive despite her small size, reflects her correlation to tigers.

Fierce Taiga Aisaka
Fierce Taiga Aisaka (Credits: J.C. Staff)

20. The Anime’s Opening Theme Song Reflects The Characters’ Struggles To Express Their Feelings

Shintaro Tokita, the music producer, wrote the lyrics, which explore themes of unrequited love, reluctance, and the need to come out of one’s shell, such as Taiga’s fear of being alone and Ryuji’s desire to remove his reputation as a delinquent.

Ryuji and Taiga Kissing
Ryuji and Taiga Kissing (Credits: J.C. Staff)

The characters in the opening animation can also be seen hiding behind walls and masks, which represents their internal conflict and resistance to being open and honest with others and with themselves.

21. Taiga Aisaka Repeatedly Punches Ryuji Takasu For Annoying Behavior

Taiga’s tendency to use physical violence when she’s irritated or angry is well known, and her punching Ryuji in the face throughout the series becomes a running gag. Despite the violence, their relationship gradually grows into a strong friendship before developing into romance.

Taiga Punches Ryuji
Taiga Punches Ryuji (Credits: J.C. Staff)

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22. The Anime References Taiga Aisaka’s Nickname, “Palmtop Tiger.”

A fictional anime series called “Palmtop Tiger” is introduced in the Toradora! The universe has a tiger as its main character. Taiga Aisaka is regarded as the “Palmtop Tiger” because of her small stature and ferocious demeanor.

Palm-top Tiger
Palmtop Tiger (Credits: J.C. Staff)

The series is frequently brought up and discussed by the characters in Toradora!, and it serves as a way to further develop their relationships and personalities.

23. The Anime Features A Fictional Fighting Game Called “Blanc Et Noir,” Referencing The French Words For “White And Black.”

A fictional fighting game called Blanc et Noir makes multiple appearances in the anime and is frequently played by the characters in a local arcade.

Contrasting Nature of Ryuji and Taiga
Contrasting Nature of Ryuji and Taiga (Credits: J.C. Staff)

The game’s title alludes to the two main characters’ opposing colors, who are portrayed as competing warriors, which symbolize the contrasting nature of the two main characters, Ryuji and Taiga.

24. Ami Kawashima Was Originally Intended To Be A One-dimensional Antagonist But Developed Into A Complex Character

Ami Kawashima was first featured in “Toradora!” as a well-known model and actress who became engaged in the lives of the characters Ryuji and Taiga. She is first shown as a shallow, cunning figure who is just concerned with achieving her own objectives.

Ami Kawashima kissing Ryuji
Ami Kawashima kissing Ryuji (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Yet as the show goes on, Ami’s personality develops and becomes more complicated. Her interactions with Ryuji and Taiga show a more vulnerable aspect of her nature, and it is evident that she has a hard time figuring out who she is and where she fits in. She also demonstrates real concern and care for other people, which gives her character more depth.

25. Rie Kugimiya Won The 3rd Seiyu Awards For Her Performance As Taiga Aisaka

During the third Seiyu Awards in 2009, Rie Kugimiya, who gave the voice of Taiga Aisaka in Toradora!, received the Best Supporting Actress award.

Taiga Crying
Taiga Crying (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Kugimiya is well recognized for voicing tsundere characters in anime, and her performance as Taiga received great praise for its emotional range and depth. The Seiyu Awards, which are given yearly, recognize the best voice performers in Japan.

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26. Ryuji Takasu Performs A Scene From Romeo And Juliet For A School Play

William Shakespeare’s works are frequently referred to in “Toradora!”; this gives the storyline and the characters more depth.

Taiga Aisaka plays Juliet in one episode in which Ryuji Takasu’s character performs a Romeo and Juliet scene for a school play. The scene is meant to emphasize the romantic tension between Ryuji and Taiga and to draw connections between their relationship and the tragic Romeo and Juliet love story.

Taiga feeding Ryugi
Taiga feeding Ryugi (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Additional Shakespearean allusions include the conversation of several characters using quotes from Hamlet and Macbeth, as well as the title of one episode, “Silky Heart,” which alludes to a line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

27. Minori Kushieda’s Design Was Based On A Combination Of A Swallow And a Penguin

Minori Kushieda’s character in “Toradora!” was modeled from a penguin and a swallow, giving her a peculiar and unique appearance. The swallow element of Minori’s design is embodied in her slender frame, sharp features, and lively demeanor, which together conjure up images of a quick and nimble bird.

Minori pitching
Minori pitching (Credits: J.C. Staff)

At the same time, her black and white color design, as well as her round and fluffy hair, which gives her a fun and cute appearance, symbolizes the penguin aspect of her design.

28. Taiga Aisaka’s Pet Bird, Inko-chan, Is A Reference To The Japanese Word “Inko.”

In “Toradora!” Taiga Aisaka’s pet bird is given the name Inko-chan, which is a wordplay on the word “Inko” for parakeet in Japanese.

Toradora! Inko-chan
Toradora! Inko-chan (Credits: J.C. Staff)

Inko-chan, a yellow and green parakeet, is frequently spotted sitting on Taiga’s shoulder or fluttering around her room. Although Inko-chan is a minor character in the plot, she serves as a source of comic relief and adds to the series’ charm overall.

29. The Characters Dance To “Pre-parade” From The Anime

Toradora! Vacation
Toradora! Vacation (Credits: J.C. Staff)

The anime series’ cheerful and iconic opening theme song, “Pre-Parade,” is played while the characters dance in the last episode. It’s a great way to wrap up the series as this song, which has become a fan favorite in the Toradora! The Franchise is pleasant and memorable.

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