Love Syndrome III Episode 9: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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Love Syndrome III: Day and Itt
A Still from Love Syndrome III Episode 8 (Credits: WeTV)

The release date of the Thai BL (Boy’s Love) series, Love Syndrome III Episode 9, has been scheduled. Currently, the series has been showing a lot of drama with good progress in the main couple’s relationship. Day has started regaining more significant memories about Itt. For those who missed all the drama and chaos of the previous episode, episode 8, here, you will be given a detailed recap of it, along with the launch date and streaming guide for the upcoming episode.

Love Syndrome III directed by Marut Sarowat, is based on Yeo Nim’s Thai web novel of the same name. Day (Lee Long Shi) and Itt (Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai) are two gruff, aggressive, and overly possessive guys whose relationship is the main plot of the series. Surprisingly, these two men fall passionately in love with each other. However, when a fatal accident causes Day to lose some of his memories, Itt works hard to assist Day in retrieving his memory, as Day becomes harsh after regaining consciousness.

Love Syndrome III has attracted quite a number of avid watchers of the series from all around the world since its debut on March 4, 2023. The viewers like the toxic yet passionate relationship between the main couple as well as the other couples as well. The sizzling chemistry between the actors as well as the slow-burning plot of the series, are also some of the reasons behind its popularity.

Love Syndrome III Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 opens with Itt reaching the place where Day and he have spent some memorable time together in the past. Itt calls Gear to know about Day’s condition, to which Gear narrates to him how angry Day was when he heard about Itt running away.

Love Syndrome III: Itt
A Still from Love Syndrome III Episode 8 (Credits: WeTV)

Gear further tells Itt not to think about Day, as Day should realize where to find him after he calms down. Hence, Day would start thinking harder about where to find Itt. Itt understands his words and turns off his phone so that Day can’t reach him, which would make him more eager to find him.

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Next, Itt sets up a tent for him to stay. There is another group of two women and a man who have also set up their tent to have a picnic. On seeing Itt, the women cannot take their eyes off him because of his looks. However, Itt ignores them and walks to a tree near a waterfall.

While standing under the tree, Itt gets reminded of the time when he and Day went there together on Itt’s birthday, and standing under the same tree; the two exchanged rings. The memory saddens Itt as he starts missing Day even more.

Love Syndrome III: Itt
A Still from Love Syndrome III Episode 8 (Credits: WeTV)

On the other side, at Day’s house, Day suddenly starts hitting Gear to scoop out information about Itt’s whereabouts. But Gear does not give in. Day keeps hitting and torturing him to the point that Gear almost loses his breath. At that moment, Night arrives to rescue Gear. Night begs Day to stop and tells him that Itt is at a place that is memorable for both Day and Itt. But he won’t give out the name of the place as Day has to remember it himself.

Next, Itt is seen to be swimming in a lake, where the two women, Kang and Tal, and a man, Han, arrive there and ask whether they can join him. He happily agrees. Later, while swimming, Itt runs into another man, Peace, who also comes with Kang, Tal, and Han. The women tease Peace for caring about Itt after he swims and crashes with Itt. Then, all of them start playing in the water.

Love Syndrome III: Peace and Itt
A Still from Love Syndrome III Episode 8 (Credits: WeTV)

Meanwhile, Day is seen to be searching Itt’s room when he gets the couple’s ring which they exchanged. On seeing the ring, Day gets a vision of the past when he exchanges the ring with Itt. On the other side, Itt is seen to be having a good time with the other four. Peace takes extra care of Itt, which clearly shows his interest in Itt. Seeing his way of caring reminds Itt of Day.

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At night, failing to recollect the place where Itt and Day had exchanged the rings, he calls up Nil for help. But he does not help either, as he also wants Day to remember. At that moment, Nick, who is with Nil, plays a song for Day to help him. On hearing the song, Day gets reminded of the place, Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall.

Love Syndrome III: Day
A Still from Love Syndrome III Episode 8 (Credits: WeTV)

Day rushes to Night and Gear’s room and asks Gear for his car as he plans to drive to the waterfall that night. But Night tells Day to wait till morning, but Day does not listen. Then, Gear and Night tell him that they will drive him to the Waterfall early in the morning, as the roads might not be safe. Day agrees.

On the other side, Itt and the group sit together where Kang is seen to be narrating a horror story, which frightens Itt. Peace notices it. Later, Peace comes to Itt’s tent and asks him whether he can sleep alone after hearing the story. He offers to sleep with Itt. Hesitating initially, but Itt allows him to accompany him to sleep.

Love Syndrome III: Day, Gear, Night
A Still from Love Syndrome III Episode 8 (Credits: WeTV)

The next morning, Day, Night, and Gear reach Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall. On asking Kang and Tal about Itt’s whereabouts, Day gets to know that Itt is taking a shower. He quickly runs to the washroom, where he sees Itt coming out of the shower. He pushes Itt into the shower room again and locks the door behind him.

Day pushes Itt into the wall and asks him why he ran away. When, Itt says that it is because of Day, who cannot be nice to him, Day kisses him and subsequently, they make out and make up their relationship. Meanwhile, Peace is seen standing outside when he realizes that Itt is with Day. He steps away.

Love Syndrome III: Day and Itt
A Still from Love Syndrome III Episode 8 (Credits: WeTV)

Next, as Day stuffs Itt’s belongings in his car, he asks Itt whether he is getting tired of taking care of someone who lost his memories. Itt assures him that that’s not the reason why he ran away, and he can never get tired of him. Then, the two have some conversations which make them reconcile.

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The episode ends with Day finding out that Itt has spent a night with Peace in the same tent. When Itt explains to him about the whole horror story situation and the fact that Peace is just a guy, so there is no harm in sharing the same tent, Day gets upset, saying that even though he is a guy and he is Itt’s boyfriend. Itt does not understand how to explain further. Meanwhile, Day walks away, being upset.

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Love Syndrome III Episode 9 Preview

The upcoming episode will show Day confronting Peace when Peace tries to come close to Itt. Day will also recollect more memories about his relationship with Itt. Day will be seen making a mysterious call to someone.

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Love Syndrome III Episode 9 Release Date

The 9th episode of Love Syndrome III will be released on April 29, 2023, at 10:30 PM, according to the time zone in Thailand. The episode is expected to be 45-50 minutes long. The time schedule for the viewers residing outside Thailand is as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time (India): 9:00 PM, Saturday, April 29, 2023.
  • British Standard Time (Britain): 4:30 PM, Saturday, April 29, 2023.
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 11:30 AM, Saturday, April 29, 2023.
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 3:30 PM, Saturday, April 29, 2023.
  • Korean Standard Time (Korea): 12:30 AM, Sunday, April 30, 2023.
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia): 2:30 AM, Sunday, April 30, 2023.

Love Syndrome III Episode 9 Streaming Guide

Love Syndrome III episode 9 will be available for streaming on WeTV. With a monthly subscription package of U.S. $5.99, you can access the episodes of the series on WeTV. Since the series is limited to only a few international countries, viewers who wish to watch the series can either wait for future release updates in their countries or use a legal VPN to watch the series.

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