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Is Arden Cho Dating Someone? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Arden Cho
Is Arden Cho Dating?

The multi-gifted actress, model, and singer, Arden Cho is all around recognized for her performance as Kira Yukimura in the heavenly teen-drama series ‘Teen Wolf.’ Apart from this, she additionally has a few TV shows like ‘Chicago Med,’ ‘Tween Fest,’ ‘Miss 2059,’ and ‘Freakish’. The victor of the 2004 Miss Korea Chicago challenge, Arden has modeled for a few significant brands like Reebok, Nike, Apple, and Clinique. She proceeded to act as the maker and star of the 2017 musical film ‘Stuck.’ Being a singer, she has a YouTube channel, ardenBcho, where she posts video blogs, singles, and music covers.

From debuting in the film ‘The Break-Up with an uncredited role, Arden has arrived at new levels in her career by packing the lead role in ‘Partner Track.’ It follows the experiences of Ingrid Yun, an optimistic NYC legal counselor who is battling between maintaining the ethical key position as opposed to following her interests while chasing after to ascend the profession stepping stool as a partner in her firm. With Arden’s fan base currently expanding as the series put her face among a lot bigger audience, fans should be curious to find out about her life behind the screen.

Family and Background of Arden Cho

She is born in Amarillo, Texas, Arden Cho hails from a close-knit Korean-American family. Her parents are Young Nim Kang and Sang Ho Cho. The actress also has a sibling Jason Cho with whom she’s very close. Arden’s dad is a great expert in Judo; she grew up preparing with him and earned a black belt herself. She portrays herself as a “daddy’s girl” and frequently shares youth pictures via virtual entertainment, thinking back on her experience with her loved ones. Arden and her sibling experienced childhood in San Antonio and Plano, Texas.

Arden Cho

Is Arden Cho Dating?

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Arden Cho’s Ex-Boyfriend

Arden Cho was in a relationship with Youtuber and internet personality Ryan Higa for a couple of years, which they formally reported in February 2019. The two met while dealing with the 2010 short film Agents of Secret Stuff,’ which was co-introduced by Ryan himself. Arden further showed up in various more productions which were delivered on Ryan’s YouTube channel, even before she chipped away at the well-known TV and film projects. Having known one another for so long, they, in the end, started to develop a bond but had not made it clear to their fans.

Unfortunately, the pair separated in 2020, about a year after declaring their relationship. Although the explanations behind the split of the beloved pair are unknown, it was repeated that the breakup was mutual and genial. In March 2020, Ryan made the declaration in a video named ‘My Midlife Crisis,’ wherein he affirmed, “I’m done dating anybody. I’m not dating Arden any longer.” He further proceeded to explain that it was a non-messy, commonly concurred choice, which was later, in any case, disabled by certain bits of gossip about disloyalty.

Arden Cho Dating

Arden Cho with her Ex- Boyfriend

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Is Arden Cho Dating Anyone?

No, Arden Cho doesn’t appear to be dating anybody. Post her breakup with Ryan Higa, which had become a seriously open public relationship, the ‘Teen Wolf’ actress has liked to keep her dating life a hidden matter. From its vibes, she is presently single and simply focused around achieving further levels in her profession, and the show ‘Partner Track’ should be a critical stage toward that objective. However, In February 2019, she turned into the Chief Executive Officer of a NY-based watch organization called Leonard and Church. In August 2022, Arden added one more quill to her cap when she got given a role as June, the Shirshu-riding bounty hunter, in the surprisingly realistic ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender series.’ Thus, we just hope everything works out for her future projects and endeavors.

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