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True Lies Episode 3: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide


True Lies Episode 3 release date is what fans are trying to know more of after the series just gave us an epic cliffhanger with True Lies Episode 2 on the 8th of March 2023. The series throws light on action and drama as its main genre. The inspiration behind the plot of the same has come from the film of the same name, which was made by James Cameron.

It has only recently started airing on the channel, and in the lead, we witness a suburban home with a housewife. They are having issues with their entire marriage, and it isn’t going so well. But soon, she finds out that her husband, who has been under the pretense of computer consultant, is actually a spy for the country and has his work internationally as well. Soon enough, they both get involved in the same business and go on to save the world.

Back in the most recent episode 2 of the series titled Public Secrets, we saw that Helen has now been introduced to the Omega. As she started training, the results which were seen were not as great as they should have been. She was great in yoga, but to be in a life-and-death situation, Helen surely needed more than just that.

True Lies Episode 3 Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

A still from True Lies Episode 2 – Public Secrets

True Lies Episode 2 Recap – Public Secrets

Later, we saw a brand new case come through Omega. It meant that the couple had to go to Madrid and be undercover. Well, it was pretty awkward because the duo thus had to interact with their exes. Well, it again did not go as planned because there were feeling involved between both parties, and it was weird for them. Helen was still learning at this point and taking part in the hand-to-hand combats.

The main feature of the show is comedy and action. The comedy bits come from Helen being an amateur. As for the action, it comes when Harry is in the lead and has to take charge of any undercover operation. And the story moves forward within this iconic dynamic of the couple. But at some point, it kind of feels a bit unprepared. Like a cake that has not been baked fully yet.

We would love to see Helen getting big through Omega and moving forward within the institution after training. It is entirely stupid to think that a major organization like this one would put an inexperienced person at risk. Back in the film, we see that Helen was just a clueless wife to Harry and the job that he does until much later. But now, only their kids are the clueless ones as they have no idea what their parents are going or doing.

Also, there was definitely some drama stirring up when he saw his wife with her ex. It made him realize that both of them had insane chemistry together are almost identical. They still have some of their inside jokes and seem to be absolutely perfect. It also seemed a bit immature that his ex-girlfriend pointed out to Helen that she would always picture him next with a suburban mom who goes to yoga and raises kids. It was almost offensive on her behalf.

True Lies Episode 3 Release Date

True Lies Episode 3 release date is on the 15th of March 2023. The episode is titled Separate Pairs. It will drop out on CBS at 10 PM Eastern Time. New episodes of this crime comedy-drama series are released every week on Wednesdays.

How to Watch True Lies Episode 3

True Lies Episode 3 will air on CBS live. This is the best time to catch the episodes. Also, they will be available to stream online through the official website of the channel. International fans would have to note the release dates as there will be changes due to the time zones.

  • India – 8.30 AM Indian Standard Time (16 March)
  • Europe – 3 AM Greenwich Mean Time (16 March)
  • Australia – 1 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (16 March)
  • USA – 10 PM Eastern Time (15 March)
  • Canada – 10 PM Eastern Time (15 March)

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