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How Much Is A UFC Belt Worth in 2022? The Expensive Championship Belts Made Of Solid Gold

UFC belt
UFC Belt

Do UFC belts have real gold? Do UFC champions keep their UFC belts? How much do these belts cost? These are some real gamut of questions that tend to keep some UFC fans awake after all this time. Therefore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to clear the dust over these issues for all of you. Replica UFC belts have also started doing rounds for collection purposes for the fans. Their worth goes up to $1000 or to a slightly lesser range than that. The belts are all made of leather, but the gold and silver plating on them is the real charm that makes them as pricey as they are.

Also, it is safe to say that they are made of real, genuine, authentic gold and not just any random metal with a faux gold plating on it. Here’s how much they are all worth. You can finally put your curiosity to rest.

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How Much is a UFC Belt Worth?

Clinching a UFC belt is a huge deal as we know it, but the belt is worth more than we can estimate. All these championship belts are gold-plated leather belts with over 2 pounds of gold decking the surface. Therefore, the precious and priceless belts for the UFC title swoopers are priced at over $300,000.

The belt weighs approximately 2.5 kg and covers a length of 50 inches with 16 brass straps. Provisions of a velvet case are also made for its protection against any kind of damage.

UFC belt

The “new era” of the UFC belts was introduced in 2019.

One of the older lightweight champions, Rashad Evans, who also won one of the championship belts back in the day, was caught in a conversation with the President of the UFC, Dana White. It was during this interaction that White revealed the worth of the old belts to Evans. They were priced at $300,000 a few years ago.

However, the criteria for the belt awarding ceremony were changed in 2019 with the coming of a new policy in its place.

New Editions of the UFC Belt

After 2019, the old ways of handing over the glorious UFC belt to the title victors were shaken up a bit. Instead of them getting a new belt each time around, they were given a new stone for their pre-existing belt, each stone representing a new title defense.

This new design’s price hasn’t been accounted for yet. Former championship belt holders often speak of having multiple belts in their possession, collecting dust in a room, but the new policy has overturned this image entirely with the advent of the stones criteria. The new belt is also commonly referred to as the UFC Legacy belt.

UFC belt

Also known as the ‘Mighty Mouse’, Demetrious Johnson has now left the UFC. However, he still holds the record of possessing 11 defense titles.

People have been spotted holding auctions for the belt, too, because of its sky-rocketing price range.

Are the Champions Allowed to Keep Their UFC Belt?

Yes, the UFC champions get to keep their well-earned belts. Demetrious Johnson is a prime record holder in the history of UFC for winning 11 consecutive title defenses. He conquered the flyweight title category during his marvelous run from 2012 to 2018.

Another question vexing interested parties may be regarding who it is that actually makes the UFC belts. The original idea of the singular belts was all Dave Millican Belts’ doing. The UFC Legacy belts, on the other hand, were designed by Brad Flaherty and the Jae El Manufacturing company undertook the manufacturing bit of the project.

The new design is also quite personalized as opposed to the older one, as every champion owns a unique-looking UFC belt reflecting their country and all the stones representing each of their defense titles.

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