Esaret Episode 117: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

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Esaret Episode 117 Release Date
Esaret Episode still. (Credits: Kanal)

Esaret is a Turkish drama that has been airing for a while and has seen a considerable increase in popularity because of the unique storyline twists in some of its most recent episodes. This series combines genres like romance, angst, heartbreak, retribution, etc. to depict a wide range of emotions. This combination is handled so flawlessly that the program has been able to build a large network of devoted followers and multiply its fan base.

Esaret made its premiere on November 21st, 2022, and has gained recognition for its story. It is also known by the alternative titles such as “Redemption” and “Captivity.” The script was written by Basak Yazi Odasi, and it was helmed by Serkan Mut and Ayhan Zen.

Cenk Torun plays Orhun Demirhanli, and Mahassine Merabet plays Hira in the star-studded ensemble. In this story of love between Orhun and Hira, Orhun is a haughty heir who is raging with rage at the unjustifiable murder of his beloved sister.

He discovers Hira, who is shown to be a slave girl held captive by vicious gangs while looking into the unusual circumstances behind his sister’s death in Africa. Hira is unquestionably connected to his sister’s case. Their relationship begins when he rescues her from Africa and transports her to a new hell.

Esaret Episode 117 preview
Esaret Episode still. (Credits: Kanal)

Esaret is said to be a weekday drama that airs on Kanal 7 from Monday through Friday. All of the information about the upcoming episode, a.k.a Esaret episode 117, is provided in one post.

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Esaret: A Summary of the Story

We get to learn about the rich and conceited Orhun’s two sisters in Esaret: Nurşah, who is shown to be his younger sister, and Nihan, who is shown to be his twin sister. When he learns how Nihan, a doctor who traveled to Africa to provide medical care, ended up going missing and then turning up dead, he goes insane with rage and a drive for revenge.

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In order to track down those responsible for torturing his twin sister, who is shown to be the noble and well-educated Demirhanli family’s heir, he travels to Africa, where he meets Hira, a stunning slave girl who somehow figures into the plot surrounding Orhun’s sister’s murder while also being a victim.

The poor child was discovered by human traffickers and spent the majority of her life as a slave. To the dismay of his mother, Afife, a pompous, self-centered woman who arrogantly puts on air but is filthy and has a heart like a serpent, Orhun flees with Hira and carries her to his home.

Hira may have been freed from one jail by Orhun; however, he only managed to lock her in a second cage made of gold. Hira, a sinless person, takes everything fate throws at her with meekness and does her best to survive.

Despite the dangerous surroundings, Orhun and Hira begin to develop feelings for one another as a result of their frequent interactions. Orhun is pleasantly surprised by Hira’s constant honesty and kindness and finds himself drawn to her mysterious beauty.

When his biological mother reveals a long-kept secret concerning the cause of the passing of his father, Orhun’s emotional state, which is already going through a difficult phase with the sorrow of his sister’s premature departure still being new, is sent further tumbling downward.

Esaret Episode 116 recap
Esaret Episode still. (Credits: Kanal)

Unable to accept his mother’s deceit, Orhun marries Hira in an act of vengeance. Esaret demonstrates the development of Hira and Orhun’s relationship as well as the impact of the characters who surround them.

Esaret Episode 117 Release Date

Esaret comes out with a new episode every day from Monday to Friday on Kanal 7. The latest episode will be episode 117, which is going to air on May 23, 2023, Thursday, at 7:00 p.m. Turkish time. Other nations can watch the show at:

  • For viewers from the US: 12:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, May 23, 2023,
  • For viewers from Thailand: 11:00 p.m. NT on Thursday, May 23, 2023,
  • For viewers from Australia: 2:00 a.m. AEST on Friday, May 23, 2023,
  • For viewers from the Philippines: 12:00 a.m. PHT on Friday, May 22, 2023,
  • For viewers from Canada: 12:00 p.m. NT on Thursday, May 23, 2023,
  • For viewers from India: 9:00 p.m. IST on Thursday, May 23, 2023,
  • For viewers from Japan: 1:00 am JST on Friday, May 22, 2023,
  • For viewers from South Korea: 1:00 am KST on Friday, May 22, 2023,
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How to watch Esaret Episode 117?

Esaret’s official broadcaster, Kanal 7, airs episodes of the show in Turkey for the country’s residents. The new episode is made accessible to viewers throughout the world on Esaret’s YouTube channel after the day it airs on the channel.

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