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2PM is Officially Making Their Comeback in June

2PM returning in June
Jun. K (fka Junsu), Chansung, Nichkhun, Junho, Taecyeon, and Wooyoung (Credit: JYP Entertainment)

The year 2021 is overflowing with the comeback of many popular idol groups. Well, one more exciting news is for there for the fans. Yes, idol group 2PM is officially returning to the limelight in June after five years. Their return is one of the most awaited for the fans. Now, there is huge curiosity and intense attention on their return after the group went on a break in 2017. Furthermore, it will be the group’s first return as a whole in the five years. No doubt, we were already watching the group focusing on a solo career during all this time. However, their return as an idol group was also awaited by the fans.

Recently, Junho, one of the group’s members, got cast in The Red Sleeve Cuff just after discharging his military enlistment in March. We already know about the recent performance of Taecyeon in the hit series, Vincenzo. He will be in the idol group as a singer, although he went to sign with 51k actor agency after the termination of his contract with JYP Entertainment. Nikchun is a Thai American member of the group that starred in many television and web series. He also has a cameo role in Vincenzo. Hwang Chan-sung, So I Married the Anti-Fan is already going on. The other two members focused on their music careers and variety shows. Jaebeom was a former member of the group.

2PM finally confirmed for June Comeback

Well, 2PM idol group is finally having their official comeback as a whole group in June, almost after five years. It is one of the most long-awaited comebacks of the boy band. The official declaration of the news took place in a statement on May 18, 2021, to a news outlet, Star News Korea. The entertainment agency of the boyband, JYP Entertainment, confirmed the information to the news outlet. They shared that 2PM will make its comeback in June. The group is still in the preparation stage for their comeback.

2PM comeback in June

Six idol members of 2PM

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However, the revelation of the exact day of the comeback, the album’s title, and the schedule will take place later on. There is no confirmation for the official comeback date as the group is in the preparation stage. Furthermore, the agency has already announced last month that the group is working on the comeback album and recording for the same. Moreover, it was only recently that the whole members of the group got together as a whole. In the meanwhile, the group was already exploring and working on various other projects.

Furthermore, the comeback news of the idol group was already making rounds from the beginning of the year. The agency also hinted at that time about the returning of the group. But, when the question got asked Taecyeon about their return, he said about nothing being sure at that time, and their reunions plan remain uncertain. However, now it seems that the group is soon returning among the audience and fans.

2PM is making a Whole Group Comeback

2PM is returning with the whole group, Jun. K (fka Junsu), Chansung, Nichkhun, Junho, Taecyeon, and Wooyoung. Gentlemen’s Game was the last album of the whole idol group. The album got released in September 2016 and was their sixth album. The idol group went on a break after 2017 as many of the members went for serving in the military. Many members, after completing their mandatory military service went to pursue and focus on solo careers. However, Nichkhun, the group’s Thai member, was not in the military service. The latest final and last member, Junho, got discharged in March 2021. Now, the group as a whole is officially returning in June of this year. On the other hand, TWICE, labelmates of the 2PM will also make their return in the next month. It seems both the groups are planning for a June comeback. 

The boys’ idol group saw its debut in 2008. Their debut album was the Hottest Time of the Day album. The group came forward as the official charismatic and beastly idols, with six tracks in their official debut album. Later on, they gained national and international popularity with their acrobatic stunts, tough and manly looks. The release of the Heartbeat in 2009 made the group rose to legendary fame with the same dominating in various South Korea’s music charts. Furthermore, the song remained on top charting for three weeks consecutively that earned them the award of Multiple Triple Crown song. 

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