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Love Island Season 9 Episode 7 Release Date & Spoilers: Two New Bombshells Enters

Aaron and Jessie
Aaron and Jessie

Two new Bombshells will be entering the villa in Love Island Season 9 Episode 7. And of course last night there was a lot of drama that ensued near the end of the episode. And as I expected it fizzled out very quickly. Haris decided to be the bigger person which is not what I expected and talked to Shaq about the situation.

And I’m understanding Shaq’s irritation was more so the fact that like he’s been going through this thing with Tanya and it’s like people aren’t checking in to make sure he’s okay. Because he’s just been mugged up in front of everybody a few times. So he was kind of in his feelings that people would rather stir up drama than ask if he’s generally okay. Because he actually has feelings for the girl, I feel him in that aspect.

He does call out Harris for his immature behavior and I’ve been seeing it here and there he definitely makes comments to raw somebody up and he’s been called out for being immature by Olivia.

Love Island Season 9 Privious Episode Recap

Before diving into Love Island Season 9 Episode 7, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous Episode. You guys underestimate how much of a game player Tanya is. She’s not an idiot, she knows what she is doing. So I’m just here like, Shaq you’re getting played. I think there’s an element of game player happening, I think there are feelings there.

Tanya talking to David

Tanya talking to David (CC: ITV)

But Tanya might not want to get got, so she’s like “well let me put myself in a position where I won’t get got”. And this according to me is playing a game. That’s just the reality, regardless of if feelings are present or not, that’s just gameplay. And unfortunately for Shaq, I think he generally wants a relationship with the girl. And I wasn’t believing how thick he was laying it on at the beginning of the season but I think he really sees it for the two of them.

David obviously had to excuse himself from the conversation because he was at the end of the conversation and Tanya ended up joining him and she claims that she’s still open to pursuing things with him.

And did this woman say “are you ready for me”? You cannot convince me she is not playing a game and I only bring it up because I’m not even mad at it, I just wish he would claim it. You obviously can’t play the game the same with the other people on Love Island play the game because we get villainized for less. But I love this girl villain theme we got going on. I’m not mad at it, exhaust your options, and do all you want to do.

Now my frustration is if she doesn’t have an attraction to Shaq, I understand her wanting to pursue David. But if you do like Shaq and you do like David, I feel like the person to pursue is Shaq. Not only do you guys have banter, but she also says they’re basically the same.

And he’s more serious, he seems like somebody who actually can see um longevity with you, whereas with David I think he’s here for a good time and not a long time. It’s clear that Tanya has her foot on these guys’ necks because as she’s talking to Shaq, it takes her not too long to get back in his good books.

Zara And Olivia

Ron is definitely lying about when he decided to back away from Zara, absolutely lying. It was well before she even clocked it, but I’m glad that she did clock it, brought it to his attention, he gave an honest answer so they could just dust it off and move on.

Zara and Olivia

Zara and Olivia (CC: ITV)

Zara then decides to bury the hatchet with Olivia and lets her know that “listen this whole thing was not personal” It is unfortunate that Olivia was humiliated. We can all agree being embarrassed especially publicly is not a nice feeling, especially if you like to take on that feeling very strongly and I want to break the situation down.

Olivia had no problem stealing somebody else’s person in the beginning when she had options and then one of the guys that she tied, Haris, she wanted she wound up going back to him to pursue something over. And then as she’s talking to Tanyel she’s basically rooting for her to go and infiltrate another situation with Ron.

She’s okay with stealing somebody’s man or having her Girl steal somebody’s man until her man is stolen from her. And that’s why I’m just like see this is the duplicitous thing that we’re talking about, this is the Two-Face that we’re talking about. I know Zara didn’t mean it to be personal, but I think it’s a little bit personal. If I’m to pick who’s Two-Face of the cast, this is not to say that this person is two-faced but the closest person with those characteristics, would be Olivia.

Ron And Tanyel

The day prior Ron is here stumbling his way through talking to Lana about the other connections that he potentially wants to pursue, but today, oh he is Mr direct. And you think there’s something between Ron and Tanyel? No, no they’re both playing a game.

Tanyel and Ron

Tanyel and Ron (CC: ITV)

Tanyel likes to be chased and felt like Ron was going to do the chase. This he probably would have until he realized “wait I actually got to do the chasing and I don’t want to chase let me go where I’m appreciated. Let me go over there where I’m already situated. I don’t have to put in any work. I know this girl likes me, I like her, and let’s keep that going”.

And then and just because I say that that does not nullify a potential attraction that they had for each other they’re both good-looking people. I do think that there was a draw to each other. But in terms of like actually pursuing then no. She wanted to get a reaction out of Kai. And he just wanted to feel like a macho man or something but it definitely wasn’t going to go far.

The Recoupling

David is also feeling the pressure and he’s telling this woman, “I wouldn’t have played such a risk picking you, of course, I’m into”, but it’s just foolishness. Tanya was the the root of least resistance. Let us be honest, he’s talking about “oh well I could have easily gone from girl to girl and doing things”. You could have done that, but “easily”, I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. All I know is that Tanya was the easy option. Not to say she’s “easy”, but she was the “easier” option.

At the recoupling, Anna chooses Kai, Zara chooses Thomas, Olivia chooses Haris, Tanya chooses Shaq, Tanyel chooses Ron, meaning Lana had to choose Will and by default dump David. Not a shock that David was dumped, but I am shocked that Tanyel chose to really throw Petrol in the fire. I gotta give her a prop, she said she was gonna do it and she did it. So I want to see how that falls out in the next episode. Now we will discuss when will Episode 7 of Love Island Season 9 will release.

The Recoupling

The Recoupling (CC: ITV)

Love Island Season 9 Episode 7 Release Date & Preview

Love Island Season 9 Episode 7 will release on 22 January 2023 on ITV2. At the time of writing, 33 episodes are scheduled for this season. This means there will be only 26 episodes after this episode.

We have two Bombshells coming in Episode 7, Aaron and Jesse from Love Island Australia. Aaron does look good though, I feel like he had a little bit of a glow-up. But yeah if he’s on with this whole blonde thing again, I’m just going to strangle myself.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 7 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 7 of Love Island Season 9 will air at 9 pm GMT in the UK. The episode release timings for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 4:00 pm Eastern Time (New York, USA) on Sunday, 22nd January 2023
  • 9:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (London) on Sunday, 22nd January 2023
  • 2:30 am Indian Standard Time (India) on Monday, 23rd January 2023
  • 6:00 am Japan Standard Time (Japan) on Monday, 23rd January 2023
  • 6:00 am Korean Standard Time (Korea) on Monday, 23rd January 2023
  • 8:00 am Australian Standard Time (Sydney, Australia) on Monday, 23rd January 2023

If you have ITV2 on your TV, you could just tune in at the time mentioned above. But, if you missed the episode while it was airing live or prefer Streaming Love Island, then several Streaming options are available. You can stream the show on ITVX or on the ITV website in the UK and US peeps can head over to Hulu.

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