Firefly Marriage Chapter 7: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

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Fire Fly Marriage
Fire Fly Marriage

A new chapter of the manga is just around the corner as we are already waiting for Firefly Marriage Chapter 7 release date. The manga is also known as Hotaru no Yomeiri by its native name. Usually, we get two chapters each week, so before we can go into details about the upcoming chapter, let’s look into the latest updates from the last chapter released. So later we will then look at detailed schedules even for the international fans 

Koutarou has caught a cold so he can not go near lady Satoko for some time. So this might have been caused by the rain that got him the other day. He thinks that he has been careless because he needs to be by Satoko all the time and now he seems to be worried that something might happen in his absence. He has also made her angry and she might hate it if he were to continue staying by her side in the worst possible case, he might even get dismissed.

He is also worried in case something like this happens because nobody will protect lady Satoko. He gets anxious just at the thought of her going to places where his eyes can’t reach her. Just when he was busy worrying about this, Satoko appeared and told him that she knows that he has caught a cold.

Firefly Marriage Chapter 6 Recap.

It has been a while since Koutarou and the others went to the town and this time they are taking along a load with them. So when it comes to the case of rain, Satoko’s umbrella might be too small so he has prepared a bigger umbrella. Even if her condition could suddenly worsens, he has prepared a drink so that she can become cold. And in cases where she sweats, she will need clothes to change into and would then need to rest.

Fire Fly Marriage
Fire Fly Marriage

It seems like Koutarou went all out when preparing for this trip and has also prepared a Futon in case where Satoko might need to rest for a long time. So these are all the measures that Koutaro has but Satoko wants him to leave some of the things behind as they will be too much to carry. She also makes a joke to Koutarou and tells him that he should tell her that if she doesn’t feel good, then he will carry her on his back to go home. 

But Koutarou did not seem to get this joke and wondered what she could mean by that. Even so, Satoko knows that he is the only one she can depend on. This happens as Koutarou remembers that he once failed to protect her and to this day, he still blames himself for it. The release date and time schedule for the next chapter are as follows. 

Firefly Marriage Chapter 7 Release Date & Time.

Firefly Marriage Chapter 7 will be released on 23 February 2023. The manga runs on a three days release schedule meaning that we will get a new chapter once every 3 days. So it won’t be long till the release of the next chapter. The international release date and time will be as follows for international fans.

  • Australia Time: 01:30 AM AEST on Thursday, 23 February 2023.
  • Central European Time (Germany) 5:00 PM CEST on Thursday, 23 February 2023.
  • For British Summer Time: 5:00 PM BST on Thursday, 23 February 2023.
  • For Central Daylight Time Zone (USA): 11:00 AM CDT on Thursday, 23 February 2023.
  • For Pacific Daylight Time Zone: 09:00 on Thursday, 23 February 2023.
  • In Eastern Daylight Time Zone (Canada): 12: 00 AM EDT on Thursday, 23 February 2023.
  • Indian Standard Time: 9:30 PM IST on Thursday, 23 February 2023.
  • Japanese Standard Time: 01:00 JST on Friday, 24 February 2023.
  • Korean Standard Time: 01:00 KST on Friday, 24 February 2023.
  • Philippines Standard Time: 12:00 AM PST on Friday, 24 February 2023.
  • Singapore Standard Time: 12:00 AM SGT on Friday, 24 February 2023.

Where To Read Firefly Marriage Chapter 7 Online?

You will be able to read Firefly Marriage Chapter 7 online on the MangaOne official website and all of its affiliated publications and magazine. The manga has recently made its debut and released several chapters at once. And as you can see from the release schedule above then you will get a new chapter around once every 3 days. 

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