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Top 9 Anime Characters With Brown Hair That Are Very Attractive

Top Anime Characters with Brown Hair
Top Anime Characters With Brown Hair

Top Anime characters with brown hair often appear in action, comedy, and romance anime. Most of these brown hair anime characters are the protagonist of different animes. There are lots of popular anime characters with brown hair that we will be looking at. Top anime characters with brown hair are often females in various anime, and it is rare to find males with brown hair. They are some of the strongest characters in anime, and most of them are partners of the main characters of the series. Various popular series have top anime characters with brown hair that become heroes or team up with the main character.

We will look at popular brown hair characters from different popular series such as My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Death Notre, and others. Most of these animes with popular top characters with brown hair are returning for another season, and some have ended while others are ongoing. The animes we have mentioned above are one of the best anime with strong top anime characters with brown hair, and the characters play an important role in the anime. Most of us forget about the hair color of top characters since we are focusing on the main action of the anime.

When watching anime, since they appear rarely, top anime characters with brown hair made different animes gain popularity online. These characters have developed so that fans have begun to like them. The list of top anime characters with brown hair will make you remember different anime you have forgotten and introduce you to new anime you have never watched. It isn’t easy to talk about different anime characters and not about their appearance, abilities, or hair, But we will discuss the brown hair characters that interest you.

Death Note: Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the main character with brown hair, and we are familiar with Yagami, who made this anime popular. Yagami is a teenage student that gained tremendous powers after finding a magical book called “Death Note.” This book helped Yagami to get rid of criminals. Yagami is a kind boy with pale skin and brown eyes. He has average height like other students from his school. Yagami loves to wear the school uniform, but he changes when he is not at school. Yagami is the top character of Death Note with brown hair. He can appear in the top ten in the list of ranked brown-haired characters.



Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager

Eren was a member of the Scout Regiment and the main dark brown-haired character of Attack on Titan. His parents are Grisha and Carla Yeager. This is one of the popular characters of Attack on Titan who possesses Founding Titan and the War Hammer Titan. Most anime fans will always remember Eren since he made this anime enjoyable to watch. Eren is a young man with short dark brown hair and green eyes. He loves to dress like townsfolk, and his facial appearance resembles that of an angry or sad man.



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Naruto: Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba is Shinobi or Ninja from Leaf Village who always carries his white dog. He is one of the top anime characters with brown hair. He has short brown spike hair, but he sometimes hides them using his dog, earing a hood or headband. Kiba has two marks on each cheek and shows vampire-like teeth when he smiles. Most Naruto fans are familiar with Kiba, who is still alive in the current series of Boruto. This is one of the best Ninjas of this series who fight with the help of his favorite dog.

Top Anime Characters with Brown Hair


The Seven Deadly Sins: Diane

We also have top female anime characters with brown hair like Diane. Diane is a giant lady with brown ponytail hair. She is part of the Seven Deadly Sins and has played an important role in various battles. She wields giant weapons during battles. Diane is one of the strongest ladies in Seven Deadly Sins. She has a cute face and big beautiful eyes that attracts King. Diane can sometimes shrink and become a little girl, and she has appeared in different arcs of this anime. She is the best anime character that can be ranked with other brown females haired in this list of top characters.

Top Anime Characters with Brown Hair


My Hero Academia: Ochaco

Ochaco is a teenage student who wants to become a pro-hero through training at the academy in My Hero Academia. She is a beautiful teenage girl with red marks on her cheeks and medium brown hair. Ochaco has big cute eyes and a cute face, and she likes Izuku. She is one of the strongest students who will become a hero and protect everyone from villains. She has also appeared in many scenes of this anime, playing an important role during battles with different villains. Beautiful girls like Ochaco, who became heroes, are rare to find in most animes. She is one of the cutest girls with brown hair.

Top Anime Characters with Brown Hair


Sailor Moon: Jupiter

Jupiter is a magical girl reborn in Sailor Moon. She is a strong woman with goals to achieve and is one of this anime’s main characters. Jupiter has long brown hair, and she loves tying her hair with a reborn. She is a tall, slender girl who is always excited. Jupiter loves to see her friends happy, and she works hard to achieve her dreams. Jupiter is the fifth Senshi discovered by Luna, the moon cat in 20th-Century Tokyo.

As an ordinary citizen, she goes by the name Lita or Makoto Kino. She is the formidable of the Inner Senshi due to her physical strength and is the tallest girl in the group. Jupiter has big black eyes and is always fun to watch.

Top Anime Characters with Brown Hair


Fruits Baskets: Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda is one of the amazing characters of this anime. Tohru is a medium-average girl who is shy. She is different from many top hair characters since her story is touching, and she has a heart of gold. Tohru has long brown hair and brown eyes, which makes her cute. Tohru cares about others, especially the Soma Family that was struck by tragedy. We have seen her involved with many Soma problems, but she managed to find solutions since she has a big heart.

Most characters love Tohru due to her behavior, and villains like her since she shows love to everyone. She is also a shy cute girl who made this anime interesting. Top anime characters like Tohru are the ones that the fans don’t want to miss. We can say much about Tohru; she can top the list of ranked female characters with brown hair.

Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda

Assassination Classroom: Yuma Isogai

Yuma is one of the important characters of this anime. He attends Kunugigaoka Junior High School, and he is a class representative. Yuma has short spiky brown hair and is under the care of Koroi-Sensei. He is a few of the teenagers with brown hair in this anime. Yuma is a popular boy and attractive to girls in his class who keeps sending him love letters. This is one of the top anime characters who played an important role in many battles of this anime. Kore-Sensei likes a student like Yuma since he is a hard worker who never gives up. You can watch Assassination Classroom on Netflix.



Parasyte -The maxim: Shinichi Izumi

Izumi is a male character with brown hair who possesses tremendous powers. He has average height and loves to wear glasses. Izumi loves to wear his school uniform, and things become interesting when he shows his powers. This teenage student carried mysterious powers that helped him through hard times. Izumi is one of the best top anime characters with brown hair. It is rare not to talk about a character like Izumi from popular anime like this one.


Izumi from Parasyte

These are the top anime characters with brown hair and have gained popularity in the anime world. There are many top anime characters with brown hair that are stronger, and a few are weaklings who need protection from main characters or heroes. But our main focus has the best top anime character from popular anime that are fan favorites.

However, upcoming new animes will reveal other top anime characters that we have discussed above. Let’s meet when we talk about other top characters.

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