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8 Best Films Like ‘The Last Thing He Wanted’ You Must See [Recommended List]

The Last Thing he Wanted’ is a 2020 British American political thriller film, which is directed by Dee Rees. This film is based on the novel of the same name and is written by Joan Didion. This movie stars amazing and talented cast, and they are Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Rosie Perez, and many other cast crew who make this movie spicy and thrilling to watch. A character named Elena McMahon, who is a well-established journalist, investigated an arms deal that is about to happen. Her life takes a hard curve when she gets involved in some illegal drug trade and, at the same moment hiding the truth that she works for the publication and is working as an undercover journalist.

This movie has some amazing and mind-boggling scene which are filled with actions. Crew cast of this movie has done their job with outstanding acting ethics. If you are in search of great movies just like this, we have got you covered. This list will cover eight different movies, which are just as amazing as ‘The Thing He Wanted.’ Many of the movies on this list will be available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.


8. Gone Girl

Gone Girl is an American psychological thriller film which is directed by David Fincher. This movie is inspired by the 2012 novel of the same name, which is written by Gillian Flynn. This movie stars Ben Affleck too and with him Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and other crew. This psychological film is just nerve-racking to watch because it puts the viewer perplexed as no one knows where the plot is heading. This movie revolves around a couple (Nick and Amy Dunne); they live in a small town in Missouri. One day, Nick calls the authority as she is missing, but the behavior of Nick is not appropriate. Is he lying? And between this frantic investigation, which is lead by detectives, Nick is fighting between the opinions of the people and media.


7. Prisoners

’Prisoners’ is another thriller movie. This movie was released in 2013. This movie is considered one of the best thriller movies to be made in the 21st century. ’Prisoners’ is directed by Denis Villeneuve and is inspired by the screenplay, which is written by Aaron Guzikowski. This movie stars amazing actors, and they are Jack Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman Vola Davis, and many others. Kelley Dower is facing one of the worst nightmares a parent can face, which is that his daughter of six years old has gone missing with her friend. The movie quickly starts to pick up the pace as the plot moves forward. With a chilly environment, this movie does not skip a beat to give you shivers.


6.Blood Diamond

’Blood Diamond’ is another political war drama film. This film sets its place in Sierra Leone with it’s starring actors such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Jennifer Connelly, and Djimon Hounsou. The title blood diamond refers to diamonds that are moved during the war and are sold in order to resolve conflict. This trade profits warlords and companies. This movie starts with a man named Solomon, who is fishing, but ultimately, he is forced to work for the warlord. One day he finds a pink diamond in the river, but he cannot tell anyone, but he shares this information with Danny, who is an arms smuggler. From this point, onwards revolt has risen, and with sell choreographed war scenes, this movie just oozes out eye orgasm and feels like that the huge budget is going on the right path.


5. The Pelican Brief

’The Pelican Brief’ is another fabulous movie which is directed by Alan J. Pakula. This movie stars amazing actors, and they are Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. In this movie, a law student tells a theory about the murder of two Supreme Court Judges to his professor, and he immediately passes this theory to the FBI. The movie starts to escalate quickly from this point forward as President also gets involved in this. Later on, the girl realizes that her life is in danger as her professor dies in a car accident, and she thinks that her life is dangling on a tiny strand. This thriller is just fabulous to watch as both the casting crew are just fabulous in their acting.


4. Madras Café

’Madras Café’ is a 2013 Indian Hindi language political action thriller film. This movie is not like any other Indian musical film, but it rather seeps into the deeper territory. This film takes its name because of its amazing actions and for its political attachment with the people of India. This movie revolves around the man who works for the intelligent service of India know as RAW, and his name is Vikram, who has to navigate the dangers of the war as India is between the civil war. He also has to investigate the conspiracy to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi, who is the Prime Minister of India.


3. Contraband

This is an action thriller movie starring Mark Wahlberg. This movie was debuted in 2012, and this movie revolves around the character named Chris, he had left his illegal drug smuggling business a long time ago. Still, now he has been forced to join the business again and to smuggle drugs to the notorious crime lord. But this leads to this situation when Chris’s brother in law fails to do this deal. Now in order to save his brother in law’s life, he has to arrange money and then he has to buy his life from that maniac. This leads into many spicy scenes and it just gives eye orgasm.


2. War Dogs

‘War Dogs’ is a 2016 American biographical dark comedy-crime film which is directed by Todd Philip (director of the legendary film The Joker). This movie centers around two friends named Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz. They start their arms dealing business when government sanction allows a business to bid for military once. At the start, their business runs smoothly. But accidentally they find themselves in the midst of some dangerous people as they land a 300 million dollar deal with them. This movie takes a turn here and there and makes it interesting to watch, and the acting of Jonah Hill is just amazing and thrilling to watch. This movie is based on true events and is a comedy, dark, and thrilling film overall.



Seven (stylized as SE7EN) this movie is considered one of the best thriller movies of all time. This movie was debuted in 1995 and is considered a classic American movie. This film stars some legendary actors and actresses, and they are Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow. This film is directed by David Fincher and written by Andrew Kevin Walker. ’Seven’ movie takes place in the city of New York in a cold and chilly environment with occasional rain. The film tells the story of detective David Mills and his retiring partner named William Sommerset. They both try to track down a serial killer who kills people according to their Seven Sins hence the title. Without leaking much more plot of this mind-blowing movie, all we can say is that go and watch this movie and enjoy it.

MahmadSohel Moldharia is a journalist and blogger by profession. He lives in Navsari city of Gujarat, India. In his free time, you will often find him creating digital art pieces. At an early age, he dropped out of his college in the Philippines to follow his dream, which is OtakuKart News Network. You can get in touch with him at

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