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Industry Season 2 Episode 6: Release Date & Streaming Guide

The Industry is a television drama series that premiered on 9 November 2020 on HBO in the United States. In the UK, it was released on 10 November 2020 on BBC Two. Mickey Down and Konrad Kay created the series. The show stars Myha’la Herrold, Marissa Abela, Harry Lawtey, David Jonsson, Priyanka Burford, Mark Dexter, Conor Macneill, Freya Mavor, Derek Riddell, Will Tudor, Ken Leung, Sarah Parish, Andrew Buchan, and Nicholas Bishop. The executive producers of the show include Jane Tanter, Lachlan Mackinnon, David P. Davis, Ryan Rasmussen, Mickey Down, Konrad Kay, Joel Collins, and Jami O’Brien.  

Lee Thomas and Edoardo Ferretti are the producers of the show, while Daniel Stafford-Clark, Milos Moore, Catherine Derry, Erik Molberg Hansen, Federico Cesca, and Martin V.Rush are the cinematographers. The running time of each episode of the show approximates around 49-52 minutes. Bad Wolf is the production company of the series Industry.

The last episode of the first season aired on 21 December 2020, and after the success of the series, it got renewed for another season to be aired on 1 August 2022, while the last episode is scheduled to air on 19 September 2022. HBO put the series in production in November 2017 with the writers’ Mickey Down and Konrad Kay.

Industry Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

After its renewal for the second season, it was announced that the second season would come out in 2022. Till now, five episodes have been released. The sixth episode of Season 2 is airing on 5 September 2022. The series revolves around a group of young graduates who competes for a limited set of permanent positions at Pierpoint & Co., which is a prestigious Investment Bank situated in London. The first season follows graduates from all walks of life who are ready to compete for Pierpoint’s limited number of full-time job opportunities available. The title of the sixth episode of Industry is “Short to the point of Pain”.

Indsutry season 2 episode 6


The episode is directed by Caleb Femi and written by Joseph Charlton. In the last episode, that is episode 5, it was noticed that Dan and Harper continue with their sexual relationship. Yasmin visits Berlin to transition a client to Jackie. Harper talks her way to the trip in order to find his brother John. Robert finds out about Clement’s death. He is then sent to Oxford with a young woman from the FX Desk to recruit a much-sought recruit. Gus has been invited to some more important work by the minister he is working for. Yasmin connects with her former nanny but turns away when she asks her if she has ever had an affair with her father.  

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How Many Episodes will be there in Season 2 of Industry? 

Let us talk about the total number of episodes in season 2 of the series. There will be a total of 8 episodes in season 2, just like season 1. There were a total of 8 episodes in season 1 too. The finale episode of season 2 is set to release on 19 September 2022. There isn’t any news or announcements made by the creators about the renewal of another season for the series. If the fans want another season of the show, they have to make season 2 a success so that creators get convinced for another season too. 

How to watch Season 2 of Industry? 

The full episodes of season 1 are available on Disney+ Hotstar. The episodes of season 2 are also available on Disney+ Hotstar. Buy your subscriptions, or share it with a friend, because readers, you have got to watch this series. In the UK, the full episodes are available on HBO. In the US, you can watch the series on Hulu, Disney+Hotstar, and ESPN+. In Australia, you can binge-watch the new episodes on Binge and Foxtel. The new episodes are streaming on Crave in Canada, with each episode released weekly. 

Industry season 2 episode 6

To sum up today’s article, we have discussed the cast’s details and the plot details of the series Industry. In another section, we elaborated on when episode 6 of season 2 is coming out, where to watch the season 2 episodes, and in total, how many episodes are there of season 2. 

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