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Preview and Recap: Bridge And Tunnel Season 1 Episode 5

bridge and tunner series

The Bridge and Tunnel series has captured the interest of tons of teenage viewers because of its storyline with great vigor and charm which also asks great personal questions that are relatable to a ton of fans in a specific age group. This feel-good dramedy follows the life of a few recently graduated high-on-life college kids who are planning to leave for Manhattan in hopes of pursuing their dreams. The show has a great aesthetic because it is set in the 1980s, movies, and shows set in that time period just please the eye for some reason.

But even though they are adamant about leaving their previous life behind and making it big in Manhattan, they can’t seem to completely leave behind their hometown in LongIsland. A ton of familiarities keep shadowing them everywhere they go.

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We are first introduced to Jill and Jimmy who used to be romantically involved but have split now because they realized they had completely different goals in life. Jimmy wants to leave his life behind and move out with his new job in National Geographic as a photographer. But Jill on the other hand doesn’t want to leave their hometown behind.

So now we are left with the question of what this young coming of age couple would choose, stick to young love and play it safe or risk it all and chase after the sunset? Before they come to a decision they have one last little rendevous in a bathroom.

So there are six episodes in the first season, there are six college characters in the main character roster. So that would mean we will focus on the six characters independently in each episode. The other characters are Pags, Mikey, Stacey, and Tammy. Every single one of them seems to be or want to be romantically involved with one another.

We already got a clue about how Jill and Jimmy are questioning the future of their relationship, but they sure do know they want to be with each other. Mikey and Stacey on the other hand are on and off couples who bump into each other but never can seem to stick together.

Mikey has a great interest in her and this interest only seems to be increasing. But Stacey right now is involved with someone else and is enjoying life with him in Manhattan. From the shadows, Tammy harbors her love for Mikey but doesn’t act on it as that would be a clear violation of the girl code she would have with Stacey as they are best friends, and Mikey is Stacey’s on and off ex.

Finally, Pags seems to be the only one that has a little trouble when it comes to hitting it off with the ladies. he is now waiting for law school life to start and looks like he’s going to be having fun in Long Island itself.

Before we learn about the fifth episode and its release date let’s quickly take a recap on what has happened in the fourth episode.

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Episode 4 – Recap

A lot of things have gone down in Episode 4 titled “Just Friends”. We see our man Pags going on a date and we also see a clear violation of the girl code by Tammy. So in the fourth episode, we feel something rocky is about to happen with the friend group as there is a lot of risk-filled decisions being taken. First, let’s deal with the Tammy and Mikey situation. We saw that Mikey and Stacey broke up, maybe for good this time, which makes him a man looking for love.

Bridge and Tunnel Season 1 Episode 102: A Perfect Couple

But his love seems to be the only person he shouldn’t be looking at, Tammy. We saw the two together in the previous episode. They spend a nice romantic evening together but nothing escalates solely because of how much Tammy respects Stacey.

She knows if she goes out and starts a relationship with Mikey it would mean Stacey would get hurt, it’s not something a girl’s best friend should do. But on the other hand, Stacey is currently living with another man in the city. Hence Tammy is currently battling 2 opinions in her mind while Mikey seems disappointed that this isn’t going anywhere. But he understands the problem and doesn’t push for any decision.

On the other side, we have Pags being set up on a blind date with Julianna who is Jill’s friend from the city. Jill and Jimmy are back again if you haven’t noticed, the flame is back to full thrust. So to reduce any kind of awkwardness on the first date for Pags they make it a double date.

On the date, stuff gets steamy when Jill and Jimmy show a little too much PDA in front of the other two. Pags suggest they do the same too as it will release any sort of awkwardness but Julianna objects saying not to take things too fast.

Bridge And Tunnel Season 1 Episode 5

Titled Today Is Your Birthday, a lot of events might go down in this episode. Jimmy is burning his mind trying to find the perfect gift for Jill on her birthday, while Jill is dealing with some updates which may cause problems for her birthday. We’ll also see some decisions being made in the love triangle which is Stacey, Tammy, and Mikey. It’s also been stated that Pags will be receiving some life-changing news about his future on this episode.

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