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108 Degrees Longitude Passes Through Us Episode 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

108 Degrees Longitude Passes Through Us revolves around Wang and Inthawut’s relationship, though the background that Wang’s mother is an old friend of Inthawut also serves as an important factor. Sasiwimol has been a mother to whom her son can come back. However, his love life takes a turn when he meets Inthawut. Will she be able to accept the relationship between them who possess such stark differences in their personality traits? 

Pond Ponlawit Ketprapakorn as Wang ( The Interns, Drama for All: Criminal People 5G, Quarantine Stories, Bangkok Love Stories 2: Innocence, Clean and Jerk), Nike Nitidon Pomsuwan as In “Inthawut” (Make a Wish, Lay Luntaya, Sanya Kaen Saen Rak, Nang Marn, Saneha Stories: Por), Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh as Sasiwimol (Suep Lap Mo Rabat, The Three GentleBros, Maya Sanaeha, Help Me Khun Pee Chuay Duay) are in the lead roles. 

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Episode 7 Recap

Amidst a serene view of nature, Wang and In sit among the noise of silence. Wang mentioned how being with In all this time had been one of the best moments of his life. He also understands if he doesn’t want to respond to or be with him. As he was going to leave, In stopped him. Meanwhile, Sasiwimol won major awards in her directorial venture and came back with hands filled with trophies.  

108 Degrees Longitude Passes Through Us

Wang And In Listening To Mol

Sasiwimol wants to throw a party at In’s place to celebrate her success. Though Wang wants to contribute by making his famous dish ( which is his ultra special Noodles), In gave that responsibility to someone else. Meanwhile, Sasiwimol felt that something was going on between the boys. They wanted to go out to celebrate, however with the present condition of In, that plan seems to be obscure.  

On the other hand, Wang is in a dilemma as to what new major should he choose. When asked In, he replied that if he wanted to go for a job, then something like Geography would be appropriate for him. This scene showcased how much In pays attention to little details Wang. He knew that if it wasn’t for a job, then Wang surely would have gone for Philosophy. His passion enables him to look beyond a certain spectrum.  

108 Degrees Longitude Passes Through Us

Wang, In And Mol Having A Conversation

Later that night, Sasiwimol gave a brief glimpse of what happened after she won an award. According to her, the media wanted to create controversy. However, she answered precisely and to the point. 

You Are Careful About Everything 

Wang finally gave a surprise that nobody in their dreams would have thought about. When he disclosed to his mother how he wanted to study, her happiness knew no bounds. However, there was something more to it. He wanted to start his journey one more time, and this time with his passion for Philosophy. 

108 Degrees Longitude Passes Through Us

Wang After The Dining Table Conversation

More than this, she was surprised or rather shocked to hear about Wang’s love life. She couldn’t believe that out of all people he chose In. However, for Wang, In has always been more than love. A part of him was also about Wang’s memories regarding his dad. 

The conversation gets heated at the dinner table, and In leaves from there, a devastated Wang contemplating what to do. 

Preview Of Episode 8

The situation got messed up, and Wang left the place in his car. When Mol got to know about it, she became scared. The same thing happened with Sangkham, and she didn’t want Wang to meet the same fate.

However, will Wang experience the same situation? To know, watch 108 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us. 

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Where To Watch 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Episode 8? Online Streaming Details

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Episode 8 will be broadcasted on its original network GMM One. The drama has received lots of praise from the audience because of the storyline and amazing performance of the cast. The duration of each episode is approximately 45 minutes, though that varies from one ep to another. 

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When Will 180 Degree Longitude pass Through Us Episode 8 Release?

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us Episode 8 will release on 2nd October 2022. The cinematography of the drama deserves special mention. 

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