Noise Movie Ending Explained: An Open Ended Conclusion

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Noise Movie ending explained
Noise Credits: Netflix

One of the much-appreciated genres of the world includes the genre of thrillers. Nowadays, movies and shows belonging to thrillers come in a ton of variety. Many new concepts of thrillers are introduced in the modern world of cinema.

Psychological thrillers take a much different and unique spot the thrillers with other ideas. This genre works on inducing and maintaining the viewers’ tension subliminally throughout the end. The movie named ‘Noise‘ is one of the latest psychological thrillers.

Directed by the director Steffen Geypens, the movie Noise belongs to his short list of fine creations such as Logger, The Only One, Silent Campain, and so on. Most of his works usually focus on delivering the tension and excitement which thriller fans seek.

The director is more popular for his within the Belgium nation. The creator of Noise also seems to be an important part of the Caviar productions company, which has even won the Academy Award, raising its fame to the next level.

According to the audience of the film, the movie has a lot of content but is not up to the expectations of a few. A lot of twists and turns with the perfect fusion of thrill here and there make the movie a satisfying watch for every good thriller movie fan out there.

Actors like Ward Kerremans, Sallie Harmsen, and Johan Leysen have made this movie a tension-filled and curious mystery ride for the audience through their acting. The movie has a lot of twisted content to deliver to its fans.

The Noise made the audience come to the edge of their seats due to the intensity which was given throughout the entire film. The movie is filled with a ton of suspense elements which was not much appreciated by the fans. The moments where the protagonist nears his chance to unveil the truth are pretty exciting.

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A plot filled with a lot of controversies, surprises, and dark truths, Noise takes us on a thrilling journey filled with twists and turns. Read along and find out more about the plot and the ending of this Netflix’s newest arrival.

Noise Movie
Mattias from Noise (2023) Credits: Netflix

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The Plot of Noise

The story of Noise revolves around the unusual events which occur in the life of the protagonist named, Mattias, and his immediate family members. The main character is a social media influencer who shifted back to his hometown to reside in his childhood house, which is owned by his father.

He is accompanied by his wife, Liv, and his infant baby named Julius. Soon after their settlement, the main character is drawn toward the accident which took place in the abandoned factory nearby, which was owned by his family for a long time.

To boost his social media career and out of pure curiosity, Mattias starts to investigate the event and soon unveils a lot of things that he isn’t ready to face. Dark secrets of his family come to light, which he naturally couldn’t handle.

He faces personal tensions as well, making him go nearly insane. Can the other main characters rescue Mattias from losing his sanity, or will it be too late for him is something for the viewers to discover. A lot of people have given mixed amount of reviews after watching this movie. 

The ending of this movie was pretty good at twisting the minds of the audience. The movie slowly descends into something much darker by starting with a positive start.

The acting of all the main characters enhanced the intensity of the film even more, making the whole movie a promising psychological thriller. A lot of fans were pretty stunned after watching the entire movie, especially the ending, which was pretty intense. Let us discuss it even further now.

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Noise (2023): Ending Explained 

The overall movie seems to be a good one, but a lot of fans have criticized Noise for being a film that didn’t end with a proper conclusion.

As we all know, Mattias is a social media influencer, and his obsession with getting attention and growing into a fan-loved influencer has made him go to the extreme of investigating an infamous accident that put a stop to the factory owned by his father. In the climax moments, the film didn’t answer the question, which made him start his investigation in the first place. 

Noise Movie
Pol from Noise (2023) Credits: Netflix

Instead, it started portraying the mental descent of the main character, who was too obsessed with his goal but was disturbed by the truth and the events which occurred around him. When Mattias is on the verge of losing his sanity, his father, who is named Pol, rescues him once again, just like he did quite several times before.

The investigation wasn’t given a proper end. But his disturbing visions and insane thoughts were put to an end by his father, only for now. Will Mattias get rid of his mental issues permanently? I was left in suspense as well.

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