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Day Time Star Chapter 69 Release Date: Seunghyeon Kang’s Ice Breaking Moment

Day Time Star
Day Time Star

Most of us love to read the manga. Everyone has their own taste and everyone’s choice is different. If we look at the trend for the past couple of years, we would see that the craze of manga has grown exponentially not just in mainstream countries where the anime concept is popular but also in relatively newer markets. Even manga creators are aware of their phenomenal growth and that’s the reason they started putting characters from different regions and races in their panels to expand the growth even beyond. However, when the market for manga was growing at a good speed, the trend for manhwa was also at its rising point.

Korean creators didn’t lose this opportunity, and they also showcased their best story in the market and gained enormous popularity. Some of you may not be familiar with the concept of manhwa as It is a relatively newer concept that manga, and one such manhwa, Day Time Star, is on its ultimate rising stage. The series already featured 68 chapters as of now, and the 69th one is in the pipeline. This article will cover all the basics of manhwa by revealing everything you need to know related to Day Time Star chapter 69 release date and spoilers. Make sure to read this article till the end.

Day Time Star is a Korean Manhwa based on a very underrated actress who nearly lost all hopes of getting a decent role in the filming industry until one day, she met with Seunghyeon Kang, a celebrity’s celebrity. They keep on meeting each other, and even Seunghyeon Kang wants to initiate the conversation, but he gets no way to do so. One day, she finally get the movie, named ‘Time’ and the best part was that Seunghyeon Kang was the lead actor in the film. Will she be able to make her name in front of the world through this project?

First, It is very important to understand what Manhwa really is. Some people get very confused about these terminologies, and this lack of differentiation makes their fun slightly dull. If we talk about Manga, they basically originate from Japan, and the content is usually black in white in hand-drawn format. In fact, some of the authors love to distribute hand-drawn work without the influence of any machine however, Manhwa is a little different.

Day Time Star

Day Time Star

Day Time Star Chapter 69 Release Date:

Chapter 69 of Day Time Star is all set to release on 7 September 2022 for most of the International audience. You can read the chapter at 5:30 AM JST, 8:30 AM PDT, and 10:30 AM CT. If you are a fan from the Indian region, the chapter will be available at 6:00 PM IST. The spoilers of the next chapter can’t be predicted because the creators keep this confidential till the very end. It won’t be a good thing to reveal the spoilers for the fans as this can spoil their fun. In case there will be any update regarding the chapter’s release date or the Manhwa, we will definitely update this article, so make sure to bookmark this article for future reference.

Day Time Star

Day Time Star

Read Day Time Star Online:

All the chapters of Day Time Star are available to read on the popular manhwa reading platform Webtoon. Webtoons is a widely known manhwa reading platform not just provides Day Time Star but also lets you enjoy thousands of other popular manhwas with a very affordable fee. Tapas, a South Korean manhwa reading platform, also allows you to read Day Time Star on a Freemium basis. Some chapters are available for free. However, you might need to get a subscription to enjoy the rest of the chapters. 

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