One Piece Chapter 1082 Full Summary And Raw Scans: Buggy’s Declaration To Go After One Piece!

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One Piece Chapter 1082 Full Summary And Raw Scan
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One Piece Chapter 1082 is the next installment of the series which is going to be featured in the 23rd issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine which is set to be released on the 2nd Sunday of May in most of the regions. However, we have the full summary, raw scans, and the scanlations of the One Piece Chapter 1082 a week early before the chapter’s release.

Well, the reason for that is that the break this week is going to be of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine rather than Oda Sensei. Thus thanks to the leakers, we have the leaks for the upcoming chapter as scheduled for every week. One Piece Chapter 1082 much like the previous four chapters majorly focuses on the events outside of Egghead Island.

Rather, the major focus of the One Piece Chapter 1082 features one of the interesting and funny characters of the series, Buggy. The chapter sees an untold past of Shanks and Buggy in a few pages and the work of the Cross Guild making progress. Speaking of Cross Guild, we also see a lot of Mihawk and Crocodile as well in this chapter as well.

If that wasn’t enough to make this chapter hype we also saw Buggy making an exciting announcement that even shocked Mihawk And Crocodile but is sure has hyped the fans. Buggy and the Cross Guild join in the race for the unclaimed One Piece. In addition to that, the chapter also highlights the previous events and tells us more about them.

After a lot of chapters not speaking a word about it, we finally see Sabo and the Revolutionary Army in One Piece Chapter 1082. It was a huge hype once more as Sabo is about to tell something from the Lulusia that will put anyone at risk only by hearing it. That we will probably won’t see in the upcoming chapter as Oda might make this offscreen as well. 

So for now, instead of talking about what might happen in the upcoming chapter, let’s see what the One Piece Chapter 1082 has in for us. Follow along with this article as we break down the events from One Piece Chapter 1082 bit by bit while also providing the fans with the details of the chapter and a few raw scans of the chapter. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1082 Full Summary And Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1082 is titled “Let’s Go And Clam It” and the cover page of the chapter features a fan’s request which sees Chopper mistaking Zues For a cotton candy and taking a bite from him. The chapter begins with news of a Vice Admiral name T-Bone being dead in the newspaper and it is making a ruckus in the One Piece world.

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T-Bone was someone who was adored by the civilians and the marines alike and thus the news of his death is very shocking. We see that in the Navy Head Quarter, Sengoku and Tsuru are in a conversation and the former is shocked to learn the news and asks the latter if the Navy has caught the one who killed T-Bone.

Sengoku mentions that it is time that no one wanted, the civilians that the Marines are sworn to protect are the ones who are stabbing them in the back. In response to this, Tsuru replies that it is natural to be Marines hunters now given that the Marines have bounties on their heads now too. And especially in a kingdom like Pepe where poverty is at its peak and many die of starvation.

Tsuru notes that she is not supporting the culprit but it is the fact that has come to now. Sengoku is worried about the future of the Navy and remarks how will the Marines do their duties of protecting the citizens when they constantly have to look over their shoulders to not be killed. Thus the Navy must take care of Cross Guild soon otherwise the Navy will lose its morale and become weak.

Sengoku then asks Hina about where did Garp go and he wanted him to try some of the new snacks he brought but they are surprised to learn that Garp has gone to the Hachinous island along with the members of the Sword to save Koby.

Cross Guild Organization 

Moving forward in One Piece Chapter 1082, we see the Cross Guild Organization, and they are happy to invite the man and give him the worth he deserved after killing T-Bone. The man who killed T-Bone seems to be happy enough to know that his family won’t die of starvation anymore. Buggy invites the man into the organization as to protect him from the Marines who will be after him.

The pirates are cheering the Buggy as he shows his mercy for the man who killed T-Bone. Soon a man enters and says that he wants Buggy to see something. It is revealed that he wanted to see the ship that they made for the Cross Guild which has the face of Buggy at the front.

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Buggy is terrified upon seeing that and Mihawk and Crocodile soon enter the room the former asks if they are supposed to be sailing in that ship and tells him to come to the meeting room. In the “Meeting Room”, Buggy is hanged by a hook while Mihwak and Crocodile are discussing the plan for Cross Guild as they move forward. 

Crocodile mentions that the Navy has finally understood the threat this organization poses and but he notes that they must have a military base that will help them create their utopia thus they need to establish their overwhelming power. Thus as the first source to build the power, they need wealth.

As they continue on, Buggy interrupts them saying they need Wealth, and apologizes for interrupting them, and even says that they might kill him after he says that but taunts them by calling what kind of pirates are they. He notes they are doing it all backward.

Buggy Talks About Shanks And Declares To Go After One Piece

Buggy tells them if they have heard that Shanks is also on the move and mentions that they used to be in the same crew. Thus a flashback of 24 years ago occurs on the day when Gol D Roger was executed. It sees Buggy and Shanks in an argument where the former is frustrated that in the latter saying that he hoped Shanks would follow in Gol D Roger’s steps and become the next Pirate King.

He is disappointed to hear that Shanks has changed is mind now. Shanks asks Buggy to come with him however, Buggy says that he won’t work under him while he is acting like a coward and leaves. Coming back to the current scenario says that it may be a mere coincidence that he and Shanks are on the same level but he is glad to be on the same footing as him.

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Thus, he mentions in front of Crocodile and Mihawk that he may as well go for One Piece and become the King Of Pirates. In a double spread we see Crocodile and Mihawk mention that Buggy has gone insane as he is gotten involved in his own con game. Mihawk mentions that they are not playing pirates here and does Buggy expect them to go after the emperors on his words. 

However, in response to that, Buggy says that they do not need to fight them they only need to beat in the race to it and says that all the pirates that have set sail have the same reason. Buggy switches on the transponder snail and makes the announcement that it is time to go after One Piece making a huge uproar in Cross Guild and Crocodile and Mihawk looks pissed.

Sabo Returns To the Revolutionary Army

Then the narrative switches to the Kambakka Queendom where we see new faces in the Revolutionary Army who are vice-captains of the army in all the regions who are looking at the horizon and sees a ship approaching the island. They seem worried that it may be the enemy coming however, they are happy to see that it is Sabo returning.

We learn that he has returned with a few citizens of the Lulusia Kingdom. Koala is happy to see him and greets hi with her legs but soon clings on to him saying she was worried about him. Then Koala greets the citizens of the Lulusia Kingdom and mentions that she is happy to have them join their cause.

One Piece Chapter 1082 Full Summary And Raw Scans and spoilers
CC: Shonen Jump and Greiish for coloring

In a room, Ivankok and Dragon join Sabo where Sabo mentions that he is sad to hear about Kuma and all the things that happened in his absence. Ivankok asks why he let the captains not hear what he has to say to which Sabo says that he is about to tell everything that happened in Lulusia’s kingdom and only by hearing it might make them putting at risk.

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