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Will There Be A Build Divide: Code White Episode 13?

Will There Be A Build Divide Code White Episode 13 or not?
Will There Be A Build Divide Code White Episode 13?

Will there be a Build Divide: Code White Episode 13? Fans are worried about this very question. As we know, most of the anime that began in spring is coming to an end, like spring. Build Divide: Code White Episode 12 aired two days ago, and without a preview, fans are concerned. And their concern is genuine because after spending almost two seasons in the tower, they have a chance to live a normal life in a normal world while playing normal card games for once. And we, as fans, want to see all the normal things. But will we get to see that normality in the Build Divide: Code White Episode 13?

There are a lot of loose ends at the end of the anime that needs to be filled. Like we want to see Sakura meet up with the rest of them. And now that Tatsumi is in the normal world, what will he do? Naomitsu is also up to a few things that Higuma left. He is unsatisfied with the way things have been left and will carry on Higuma’s legacy.

However, the question still stays, will there be a Build Divide: Code White Episode 13? We give you the information on need on Build Divide: Code White Episode 13, as well as what we can expect next from the anime. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Episode 12 “No One Knows When Spring Ends” – Recap

After almost a season of finding Teruto, he had a chance to shine in episode 12 of Build Divide: Code White. His battle with Neo City kingΒ  Higuma continued in episode 12. As we saw, at first, Teruto had only three lives, and he depended on Bloom totally. But the Higuma had all the four aces at once. His power is at a different level on the other.

Higuma corners Teruto on to his last life. It seemed Teruto would lose this gamble. However, thanks to Bloom, she guided them to the path of hope. She said as long as you have cards in your deck and have her, there is still hope to win this gamble. With two buster cards, Teruto is able to draw Higuma to the corner and he has won the gamble.

Before Higuma goes down, we have a flashback of him of ended up building the Neo City Building. After playing cards one day, he saw that Build Divide had mysterious powers. And maybe with that, he can bring all the people who were lost in the tragedy. He created “WILL,” better known as Ishinome Tatsumi, who just wanted friends in return for providing powers. However, along the way, Higuma lost his motive with the powers he achieved.

Build Divide Code White Episode 12 Recap


After his defeat, Tatsumi gets his powers back, and everyone is ready to go back into their world. However, Sakura cannot come with them because she does not have a real body. As a parting gift, Kikku gives her Lora card to Sakura. Back to the real world, everyone goes home nervously, and their normal begins. Naomitsu is hung up on Higuma’s idea. He cuts off his hair and intends to finish what Higuma started.

Meanwhile, on the tower of Tokyo, we see Tatsumi along with Sakura. She is worried about how she should face everyone after saying goodbye. Tatsumi asks her which path she will take. She says that any path she desires.

Build Divide: Code White Episode 13 Release Date And Expectations

What can we expect next from the Build Divide series that our heroes will have some normal time after spending almost three years in the tower. Now that Sakura is also here, we can expect her to meet Teruto and rest very shortly. It will be a fun encounter. While Naomitsue will keep with Higuma’s left work and try to accomplish it, is that hint of being the next villain?

Build Divide Code White Episode 13 Release Date

Naomitsu next villain?

However, we will have for the new season of Build Divide as there is not going to be a Build Divide: Code White Episode 13. Furthermore, there are no announcements about the new season as well. As of now, we are not even sure if the anime will make a comeback since it does not have an original source. Well, don’t worry, as soon as there is new information on it, we will be the first to let you know.

Watch Build Divide Online – Streaming Details

You can binge-watch both seasons of Build Divide online on Crunchyroll. All you will have to do is pay a minimum subscription fee and you can enjoy thousands of other anime too.

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