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MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 21: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 21 Release Date
(Credits: MTV, Voot)

With shallow friendships, Two faced lovers, interesting challenges, and, to top it all off, a love triangle that will get even the viewers confused, this season of MTV Splitsvilla is living up to its infamous reputation. The last episode was quite intense, with a competition reminiscent of Fruit Ninja that took away the powers the Ideal couples had.

The show first began on 20th June 2008 and continues to provide a new season each year. It revolves around a set of men and women who are brought into a villa for a particular duration of time. During this, they’ll have to find their ideal match and compete with them in the various set of challenges the game hosts each week. Winning these challenges will give the pair special powers that they can use against the other couples.

Up until now, the show has been filmed in locations like Dubai, Goa, and Jaipur. The current installment, which has been airing since November 12th, 2022, is said to be filmed in Goa. The tagline this season is “Pyaar Samundar Paar,” along with the new host Arjun Bijlani and the recurring host, Sunny Leone.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 21 Release Date

Mehak Confronts Kashish and Akashlina (Credits: MTV, Voot)

This season started with a total of 21 contestants, all geared up to start looking for their partners. The show now focuses on the lives of the remaining contestants, with Sakhi’s love triangle and Kashish’s new partner being the highlights in the last episode.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 20: Recap

In the previous episode that was aired on January 15th, 2023, We see Mehak arguing with Akashlina as she had her sights fixed on Kashish, although he and Mehak was a couple. She asks Kashish the reason behind letting Akashlina make advances toward him, which he isn’t able to answer. She has an emotional breakdown, and later we see Akashlina and Kashish pairing up for a competition.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 21 Release Date

Sakshi Goes On A Date With Tara and Justin (Credits: MTV, Voot)

Sakshi had decided to go on a date with both Tara and Justin, hoping that by spending time with them, she’ll be able to know who she has feelings for. Tara and Justin arrive and ask her to choose the one she wants to complete the competition with (and who she has feelings for), but she’s unable to pick either out, as Justin loves her from a distance while giving her enough space, while Tara is sensitive and expresses his feelings clearly.

She decides to split the date and spend the first half with Justin and the other with Tara. Meanwhile, Moose and Honey have a good time on a date, and Honey showers her with sweet words.

The competition day begins, and Arjun announces that the winners of the previous challenge would have to compete against the ideal matches to win power over the house. Two teams played a game called “Teri Cut-li Meri Juice-li.” The game involves one team trying to cut fruits with a sword and collecting their juice while the other tries to decrease the fruit they cut. Sakshi, Justin, Moose, and Honey end up winning the competition.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 21 Release Date

The Game Involves Cutting Fruit & Collecting The Juice (Credits: MTV, Voot)

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 21: Release Date

The next episode of the dating-themed show will be released on January 21st, 2023. New episodes of MTV Splitsvilla are aired on Saturdays and Sundays, with a single episode lasting about 45-50 minutes.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 Episode 21: Spoilers

The upcoming episode will feature the remaining contestants heading toward the dumping ground to see who will be leaving this week. The competition they’ll be playing will be titled “Kissa Kursi Ka” and will involve digging, climbing, as well as breaking a few doors.

They will also be working on a puzzle to defeat their opponents. Meanwhile, things between Kashish and a few other members of the house seem to be getting heated up as they start arguing mid-competition. At the dumping grounds, Tara confronts Sakshi about her decision to choose Justin over him. Urfi Javed will return with two envelopes, with one having the power to cause mischief in the house.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14: Where To Watch?

The show is aired on MTV India at 8:30 am EST. Episodes of MTV Splitsvilla are also available to watch at Voot for free with ads or with a subscription ranging from Rs.299 to Rs.599. The show is not available outside of India due to Geo-restrictions.

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