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Big Hero 6 Going Live Action, The Characters Could Feature in MCU

We are all aware of the American Computer animated superhero film Big Hero 6. The film was released in 2014 and is inspired by Marvel Comics. The story revolves around a 14-year-old tech genius Hiro, his robot, and friends. Hiro’s friends include Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go-Go, and Fred. They together form the team of Big Hero 6. This incredible team of big hero 6  fights the Noodle burger Boy and his mascots in the Big Hero 6 film. Big Hero 6 has 2 films and also an animated series which is currently running a season three. It was the first Disney That had featured Marvel comic characters. The film had made a business of around $657.8 million worldwide. And it was the highest-grossing animated film in 2014.

Be it, adults or kids, we all have enjoyed watching Walt Disney’s Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 had gained both Commercial and Critical success all over the world. Thereafter a TV series of Big Hero 6 was released in 2017. In this, the story was further continued. The series is currently on its third season and can be viewed on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

The story of Big Hero 6 revolves around a 14-year-old tech genius Hiro who lives in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. Hiro is depicted to be a high school graduate and spends his free time gambling in robot fights. His elder brother Tadashi had made a robot named Baymax. Once Tadashi took Hiro to his lab, which comes to love. And soon, he is friends with the people working in the lab, including Callaghan. But soon after that, a disaster takes place in the lab where Tadashi and Callaghan lose their lives. Hiro is left struggling to deal with loss. During this time, Baymax gets activated, and then with the help of his friends and Baymax, Hiro sets to solve the mystery of this incident.

Baymax is shown to be a really funny and caring health care robot. Who always tries to make Hiro feel better. The story is both funny and sweet as Baymax tries to make Hiro feel better in the middle of an action scene. The film’s characters are each very unique, and since it was initially an idea of the Marvel comics, there are chances that they will be featured in the MCU in the future.

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Big Hero 6 in MCU

The marvel universe always expands with each upcoming movie. And almost every new phase has brought a new character to the universe. All thanks to the Disney and Fox merger for this. And according to the new report, there are high chances of the introduction of a set of new characters to the MCU. Big Hero 6 Team is speculated to be that. Mostly it will be either Baymax or Hiro. There is still no news on how true this scoop is. But it is assumed that they will appear in Secret Invasion, Agents of Atlas, and Doctor Strange. There are chances that the Big Hero 6 will make its Lie action debut in one of these.

Currently, the cast of Big hero 6 includes Ryan Potter as Hiro, Scott Adist as Baymax, Jamie Chung as Go-Go, and finally Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon. Who will be taking over this role in the MCU debut can not be said yet.

Disney is already set to release the Baymax series for Disney plus. And it would e kind of refreshing to see the Big Hero 6 in MCU interacting with other superheroes. The idea itself is exciting enough for all the Big Hero fans. What if the Big hero appears with doctor Strange in his Multidimensional world. The idea itself is unimaginable, and if this is turned into reality by marvel, then there are no bounds to the curiosity of people.

I personally would love to see Big Hero 6 getting engaged in more and more different storylines. But the news of this debut is still not confirmed. If it is launched, it will be mostly in 2022. So all we can do is sit and wait for the news of this new launch.

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