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One Piece Chapter 1076 Spoilers: Luffy And Zoro Teaming Up With Lucci And Kaku, Kid And Shanks In Elbaf!

One Piece Chapter 1076 Spoilers And Expectations

The initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1076 are out and the chapter brings yet exciting developments in the One Piece World. While the development in Egghead island is somewhat fans expected in the latest chapters of the series, the spoilers reveal that we will also be looking at an old story with Kid arriving at Elbaf and possibly setting up the plot where he always wanted to fight the Yonko, “Red-haired Shanks”.

Shanks’ appearance always causes a ruckus in the One Piece community and this appearance isn’t different at all. However, the main issue of the current plot of One Piece is Vegapunk’s disappearance. Luckily, the initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1076 also highlight the same and finally give us where the real Vegapunk has been hiding or rather where he has been taken.

While the initial spoilers don’t say much still about the traitor Vegapunk, we do believe the full summary will give us more hints about the traitor if reveal who the actual traitor is. With that being said, let us present you with the full spoilers available for One Piece Chapter 1076 at the moment and speculate more on the events. Here we bring you the latest updates on the One Piece anime and manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1076 Spoilers; Luffy and Zoro Teaming Up with Lucci And Kaku Despite Being Disgusted At The Thought!

While it may have seemed that the straw hats could take the seraphim on their own, the issue does reveal them teaming up with CP0 agents to fight them. Initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1076 begin with the title of the chapter which is revealed to be “Old Friend”.

The spoilers revealed as of now don’t relate to what the title of the One Piece Chapter 1076 refers to, thus we can expect to learn more about the chapter when we have a full summary of the chapter. Then spoilers for the issue say that Luffy and Zoro free the CP0 agents Lucci and Kaku at their request from the previous issue.

One Piece Chapter 1076 Spoilers and expectations and details

The old enemies form teams in pairs to fight against the Seraphims present at the place. Luffy and Lucci team up to fight with the S-Bear while Zoro and Kaku team up to fight against S-Hawk. The spoilers then go on to reveal more about S-Hawk as he has Mr.1, Daz Bones’ Devil fruit power, Dice-Dice Fruit.

Dice-Dice Devil Fruit allows the user to turn any part of their body into a blade as we had seen back when Zoro first fought Daz Bones during the Alabasta arc. This fight is turning out to be extra special for Zoro as he is not only fighting against someone with an appearance that he wants to surpass but the enemy also possesses the power of someone who he fought against in the past and also fighting it with an enemy.

Vegapunk’s Whereabouts And Kid And Shanks In Elbaf

Then the spoilers reveal that the main body of Dr.Vegapunk has finally made an appearance but he is imprisoned somewhere on Egghead Island presumably by the traitor. It is also noted in the spoilers that the Vegapunk is imprisoned alongside Cipher Pol agents who have been there for months.

It is referring to the disappearance of the previous Ciphers Pol agents that came to Egghead Island but never returned which was mentioned earlier by Lucci. While the spoilers also confirm Vegapunk’s appearance in One Piece Chapter 1076, we believe there is more to it and once the full summary is out we will inform you on the same matter.

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1076 bring up the old tale that was narrated between Straw Hats arriving on Egghead Island which focuses on Kid Pirates arriving at Elbaf island. The spoilers only say that they have arrived at the coast of the Elbaf. 

But also reveal that there is someone waiting for them or rather already present on the island is Red-Harired Shanks. The spoilers say that Shanks is with some giants and specifically reveal the first-ever giants that we saw in the series Broggy and Dorry. 

This is all the spoilers had to say about the issue but as we mentioned earlier, there is more to what is revealed and we will know once the full summary for the chapter is out. The full summary is expected to be out by Thursday 23rd Feb and we will surely have a new article waiting for you all. 

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