Atlanta Season 4 Episode 7: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Atlanta is a drama show with a blend of comedy developed by Donald Grover. The show began airing on 6th September 2016 and was shown on FX in the United States. The show is currently airing its fourth season after getting renewed, and it will be the final season of Atlanta.

In March 2022, the third season was released, and in September of the same year, the final season, the fourth season, was released. Fans are talking about the huge cliffhanger that happened in the sixth episode. So we are going to talk about the sixth episode and when the seventh episode is going to release, and where you can stream it.

Atlanta Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

We are in the middle of Atlanta season 4, and the show has found a vibe with each episode. The fourth season is very much different from season three, which rotated between mediocre portrayals and the main characters’ European plots; the fourth season has gone back to its roots.


Season 4 has depth and has maintained the balance between the heaviness of life and the importance of fame between Earn and his crew’s daily life. After the last episode, an excellent mind trip, this week’s Crank That Killer is a toned-down version of the story. It still has comments on black life and delivers laughter in every scene that you watch.

The scene opens with a supposed serial killer, it is told that someone is on a killing spree, and the killer is killing people who participated in YouTube’s first viral events ever. For everyone else who cannot recall, Crank Dat debuted in May 2007, and in the same month, Charlie bit my Finger video was also released.

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Someone is salty about a dance video that came out 15 years ago, which has a dislike and only 25 videos. This plot is made from the people that remember the time before Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook took over; these references already look ancient.

Crank Dat is a little less stupid with the episodes that have two storylines, maybe because Stephen gravitates toward the ridiculed nature from the moment we saw AI’s grainy video clip. Hiro and Glover, who went back to the director after the exceptional ‘Light Skinned,’ steadily increase the tension with the commentary on skull and Twitter news. They even managed to get Soulja Boy to alert AI to flee the town. AI is completely hooked up, and he even visits the Mall, Greenbriar, where he taped the video. The whole episode was recorded in the Greenbriar Mall.

Atlanta Season 4 Episode 7 Preview

If you are still unaware of the news, then the currently airing season 4 of Atlanta will be the last season of the series. As the season is still on the air, viewers can expect a good conclusion to the story in the finale. In 2016 Atlanta got an Emmy in comedy-drama, and from the start, it has focused on political views on black people and Atlanta’s rap scene. 

Episode 7 is titled ‘Snipe Hunt’ and will continue the events from episode 6, where we may see AI’s next move and Earn’s further character development; as this is the last season, we do not expect to see anything major as it may break the rhythm of the viewers. 


Atlanta Season 4 Episode 7 Release Date

Season 4, Episode 7 of Atlanta will release on 20 October on FX, and the title of the episode is “Snipe Hunt” and will have 40 minutes of runtime.

Where To Watch Atlanta Season 4 Episode 7?

Atlanta is a good combination of comedy, drama, and rap culture surrounding the black community. If you have not watched the past episodes, you can watch them online on Hulu, Netflix, and on FX TV, which is the official platform for the show.

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You can watch all the past and future episodes on these streaming platforms. You can watch the show on the day of airing on FX Tv, and you can also stream the show’s latest episode the next day after its release on Hulu. 

How Many Total Episodes Will Season 4 Have?

Atlanta season 4 will have a total of 10 episodes, and this is also the last season of the show; no other future seasons will be released. Each season had 10 episodes, and the runtime of each episode was about 30-35 minutes.

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