Is Tom Ball Related To Michael Ball? Answered

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Britain's Got Talent

What about Tom Ball and Michael Ball? Wait! They do have the same surnames. So, that’s possibly the reason why most of their fans are lately wondering if they are biologically connected. What do you think of their speculated relationship? Before getting into that, let’s learn about Tom Ball and Michael Ball’s prominence in the industry.

Starting the discussion with Tom Ball, who earned massive fame after appearing in Britain’s Got Talent. He has great musical skills and an impressive voice. Little did you know, Tom can also play harmonica and ended up pleasing everyone on the show. Talking more about him, he is close to his parents, especially his father, who is a driving teacher. Tom Ball was reportedly born in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. 

On the other hand, Michael Ball is another legendary singer. Born in 1962, Michael is now 60 years old and hails from Bromsgrove. His pop and soft rock musical skills have always been appreciated by people worldwide. Some of Michael Ball’s single credits include- Queen Medley, The Greatest Show, Bring Me Sunshine, As If We Never Said Goodbye, etc.

Not to forget to mention, Michael Ball is also an actor. Some of his acting works are Coronation Street and That Day We Sang. He also presented various shows like The National Lottery Draws, This Morning, etc. 

Coming back to Tom Ball and Michael Ball’s relationship, the former has grown up while listening to Michael’s songs. There is a good age gap between them. However, does that mean, being a huge fan, they are related in some ways? If you are looking for whether Tom Ball and Michael Ball are related, here is what we know. 

Is Tom Ball Related To Michael Ball
Michael Ball

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Are Tom Ball And Michael Ball Related? 

No. You are wrong! Tom Ball and Michael Ball are not related to each other. In other words, we may say that Tom Ball has always been and is still a great fan of Michael Ball. Besides that, he has also grown up while listening to artists like Elton John. But that does not make them related biologically or in some other ways. 

Suppose you are a fan of a celebrity having the same surname as yours- does that mean that both of you share a relationship? No, right? Similarly, Tom Ball and Michael Ball are in no way connected. In another way, we may say that Michael has been his inspiration. 

Tom Ball’s date of birth is not known. But, he is somewhat in his 20s and is reportedly a professional teacher. Talking about how Michael Ball and Elton John turned out to be Tom Ball’s inspirations, they encouraged him and made him fall with music and singing.

As the rumors of Tom Ball’s speculated relationship with Michael Ball went viral, it is assumed to have helped the former in gaining additional fame. Some people were initially very much convinced that the two of them must be connected in some way. But, in reality, it is not true, and also, the basis is lame. 

Is Tom Ball Related To Michael Ball
Tom Ball, in Britain’s, Got Talent

It will be more clear to you if we talk about Michael Ball’s father, Tony. During his young days, he wanted to pursue a career as an actor but later got into a different field. He became Austin’s apprentice at the Longbridge plant. The identities of their fathers are different, and they are also in no way in relation. 

Best wishes to Tom Ball for the upcoming days of his life. We are hopeful that if he continues his music career, side by side with his teaching profession, he will surely succeed. On the other hand, you may give Michael Ball a following on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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