Rocket League Season 2
Rocket League (Credit: Panic Button Games)

Rocket League Season 2 Release Date And Details Revealed

Rocket League is a game that has stood the test of time and it has a huge fanbase that grows larger and larger because it has been a very awesome game. After going free to play, the player count of the game rose greatly which is a very good thing to hear as it shows just how many people like this game. The game is going strong and now the second season of Rocket League is coming on 9th December 2020 which will come with a new Rocket Pass, a new Arena as well as a new customization option that will be called Player Anthems which will be new music and content from popular artists Kaskade, and many more. There is also a new car coming named R3MX that has an amazing design and will be available in the Rocket Pass Premium, and along with it, there is a final mix named the R3MX GXT which will available at Tier 70.

Rocket League Season 2 details
Rocket League (Credit: Panic Button Games)

There are going to be new Decals like the Filiformer and EQ-RL, Wheels such as Woofer and MTRX, also there will be the Riser and Light Show Goal Explosions. Furthermore, there are also going to be new items which will pulse as well as a flash to the beat of the menu and the Arena music. There is going to be a new Arena which is called The gates of Neon Fields and it will be coming to the game when season 2 goes live on 9 December. Also, players will be able to find it in Online Playlists and select it in Private Matches. Moreover, new Player Anthems will be coming as well which already has plenty of music that can be played by the player in the Arena when you score a goal with this new customization option.

According to developers, the main focus of this season will be on music and because of that, there are new music and content from hitmaker Kaskade. With the help from their partner and electronic music label, Monstercat, Rocket League will be provided with many more sound tracks which makes the gameplay even more amazing and worth remembering. The tracks of the Rocket League has always been amazing and this season there are going to be two songs named “Flip Reset, with WILL K that was in the trailer of the Season 2 and the second one will be revealed soon

These two songs will be available as Player Anthems this season and also more songs as well as content will be revealed. There are going to be more rewards for tournaments and restructuring how players will be able to browse the Esports Shop. The Season 2 update will be going live on 8 December December 8 at 4 p.m. PDT (12 a.m. UTC December 9). It will also bring improvements to Xbox Series X|S. There is a trailer for season 2 which shows the cool things coming with it and you can watch it yourself right down below.