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Line of Duty Season 6: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Line of Duty Season 6

Police procedural dramas and crime thrillers have always been intriguing to watch. Line of Duty Season 6 is likely to give us the same feels. As announced by the BBC Networking Channel, yet another season of TV series will soon be aired. Having released its first episode back in mid-2012, the TV show has indeed come a long way. Yet, the showrunners are in no mood to stop. Well, it is indeed overwhelming for the fans as they’ll get to watch more of their favorite series. In this article, you will find out everything about this show, the release date of the upcoming episode,s and other worthy information that a true fan must need to know. Just follow the article to the end to learn everything!

Line of Duty renewed for yet another season

Line of Duty renewed for yet another season.

The last season features 6 episodes in total. And all of them were well received by the audience. This explains why Line of Duty has an amazing IMDb rating of 8.7/10. Since the season finale, fans have been eagerly waiting for the makers to announce the renewal of the crime drama. Observing all the fame and love the show has been getting, it was renewed for Line of Duty Season 6 early in 2021. Let’s not beat around the bush anymore and dive straight into the details of the BBC’s upcoming show.

Line of Duty Season 6 Release Date and Where to Watch?

After a long wait of more than a year, Line of Duty will be released somewhere in March 2021. The makers are yet to confirm the exact date of release. But, they sure have confirmed that the crime thriller will hit BBC soon. The last episode, that is, Like of Duty Season 5 Episode 6, was released in May 2019. The show truly managed to keep the audience hooked to it from the beginning till its very end.

Line of Duty Season 6 to hit BBC soon

Line of Duty Season 6 to hit BBC soon

As to where you can watch it, BBC Network is the official broadcasting partner of the show. You can enjoy watching it on TV channels like BBC One, BBC Two as well as BBC. However, if you don’t have access to these networking channels, you can always resort to digital platforms. The show is available to binge-watch on Netflix, the biggest streaming platform today. You can also watch it on other OTT platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Well, the makers are expected to confirm the release date of the TV show soon. Thus, if you haven’t watched it yet, you can start watching it now to catch up with Line of Duty Season 6. As you surely don’t want to miss out on one of the best crime shows. This TV series fits every genre from Action-fiction, adventure, crime to Detective novels and police procedural.

Line of Duty Season 5 Gist: A Quick Recap

The first episode of the fifth season of Line of Duty came out in early 2018. As an undercover officer named DS John Corbett goes missing, the superintendents take it upon themselves to find him. They come across multiple challenges and hurdles on their way. Yet, they are determined to locate the missing man. The group includes Ted Hastings, DI Kate Fleming, and Steve Arnott.

Like any other crime drama, Like of Duty too revolved around the investigators and was more like a fanatic cat and rat race. The three investigate and explore the Organised Crime Group to gain enough hints to reach out to Corbett. From all the shreds of evidence they collect, they try their best to connect dots.

Ted Hastings, DI Kate Fleming, and Steve Arnott

Ted Hastings, DI Kate Fleming, and Steve Arnott

Patricia Carmichael accompanies them. Although she wasn’t on-screen on all the episodes of Line of Duty, she sure had an important role to play. The woman contributed her bit to discover the undercover officer. She made her appearance in the last two episodes of the show. Other side members included Polly Walker and Rochenda Sandall. While Polly played the part of a crime commissioner named Gill Biggeloe, Rochenda also did true justice to Lisa McQueen’s character. Let’s see what the British show has in store for us in the next season and how the audience receives it!

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