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Otakukart’s List Of Tiktok Challenges 2022 That You Should Check Out

Tiktok Challenges 2022
Tiktok Challenges 2022

Here, we shall discuss Otakukart’s List of Tiktok Challenges 2022. Every year, this mentioned social medial platform keeps surprising us with hilarious freaking out challenges. But, not all of them bring a positive impact to the users though. Overall, we see those are pretty fun things to do. Right? On the other hand, taking part in these challenges are mandatory, especially if you want to gain followers and increase your exposure.

In this article, we shall cover some of the interesting and positive Tiktok challenges that GenZ has added to this platform this year. Not to forget to mention, these are all safe! Without further ado, let’s start.

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List Of Tiktok Challenges 2022:

1. Art Challenge

One of the best Tiktok Challenges 2022 is the Art Challenge. If you are good at drawing, this is for you. Tiktok is such a platform where you can showcase your skills. Similarly, it’s for all painters. Well, if you are an artist, you need to show off your creativity. Especially if your account is based on art, then doing this challenge will also help you in garnering a massive fan following.

Tiktok Challenges 2022

Art Challenge

2. Beautiful People Challenge

Who doesn’t know Ed Sheeran? This time, the Shape Of You singer has launched the #beautifulpeople challenge. There isn’t a single person who doesn’t love him and his songs. Inspired by his single of the same name, Ed Sheeran has challenged his fans on Tiktok to spread love and positivity via sharing a video using the song. If you are planning to do this, make sure to add the hashtag.

Tiktok Challenges 2022

Beautiful People Challenge

3. Dressed Up Animals Challenge

This is one of the best Tiktok Challenges 2022. With the name itself, you must already have assumed how things are. It’s a confusing challenge for the pets. Dressed Up Animals Challenge is all about collaborating with pets to make a hilarious video. This was initiated by a Tiktok user, Ariadna Ricciari. She covered her face with the hair in the front and made a ghostly post. That attempt was made to scare a man, and music played in the background. If you have a pet and are looking out to have some fun, Dressed Up Animals is exactly the right choice. No, you don’t have to wear animal costumes! You may try, though!

4. Eat On The Beat Challenge

How can we forget about the Eat on the Beat Challenge? If you are a foodie and also love listening to music, especially EDM, this is something you must try. You don’t have to worry about the food. It can be anything you want to have. The mandatory thing for this challenge is to enjoy and feel the taste of the tempting food while eating it to the beat of the music you chose to play in the background. It may be a bit difficult for you at first, but it’s not rocket science either.

Tiktok Challenges 2022

Eat On The Beat Challenge

5. Shoe Change Challenge

Put your shoes on! This is another great Tiktok Challenge 2022 that parents are trying out on their children. You may get confused with the shoe flipping challenge. But that’s not how casual it is. Here, the parents tell the kids that they are up for fighting with the neighbor, making it a prank. They ask their kids for assistance, and the kids need to run to get the shoes on to defend themselves. What’s the surprise? When the kid walks to the door after wearing the shoes, there is no one to fight with. Then they realize they are the ones who have gotten pranked instead. Isn’t it fun?

Tiktok Challenges 2022

Shoe Change Challenge

6. Eating Own Fingers Challenge

This challenge can sound a bit crazy and scary. On the other hand, some can also assume it to licking their fingers for tasty foods. Makes sense? Well, it’s not like how you think. People are doing this by eating their fingers challenge using the mirror effect. Once you play with both hands, one of your fingers will appear in the middle, which you have to intake using your hands. It’s hilarious! Briefly, we may say that it is a pretending safe act to try out.

Tiktok Challenges 2022

Eating Own Fingers Challenge

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7. Lipstick Challenge

All the ladies out there reading this article, have you tried this Lipstick challenge? Surprisingly, it’s not just limited to women. Even men have been attempting this and creating a mess. You must be wondering what it is about. Is it as simple as applying lipstick or using a filter of the same type? Obviously, No. All you need to do is to spread lipstick on a fine line in the middle of the lip, covering the entire lip. It’s a fun thing! You may be good at applying real lipsticks, but this is quite hard play!

Tiktok Challenges 2022

Lipstick Challenge

8. Touch It Challenge

For all the fashionistas out there, Touch It Challenge is something you must try. People are using the ‘Touch It’ song in the background. It’s sung by Busta Rhymes. Matching with the beats, one needs to switch to different outfits, giving great poses. Well, if you are a business dealer and work with clothes, you can try out this Touch It challenges as well to flaunt your outfit collection and earn more success.

9. Cheesy Birria Ramen Challenge

Tiktok is a platform where some users often post recipes for wonderful dishes. Similarly, Cheesy Birria Ramen Challenge is one of them doing rounds at present in 2022. Is this dish new to you? Cheesy Birria Ramen is a dish that has Japanese ramen noodles, Birria, or stew, and beef is added on top of that. Adding cheese also enhances the flavor. Some users are also seen adding Jalapenos, shredded cabbage, tacos, etc as the toppings. Now, if you are a big-time foodie and love eating noodles, this simple dish is exactly something you must try on. Cooking challenges are always fun!

Tiktok Challenges 2022

Cheesy Birria Ramen Challenge

10. Hot Sauce Dancing Challenge

With the name itself, you must have already assumed that it’s for the foodies. It originated last year but has become popular in 2022. This is all about pouring the hot sauce on the food, and while doing that, you dance out of happiness. It was started by John McGinnis while he was dancing and pouring the hot sauce on his pasta dish. All the foodies reading this piece, you can easily try out this Hot Sauce Dancing Challenge while enjoying your food. Make sure you are aware of how hot the sauce is.

Tiktok Challenges 2022

Hot Sauce Dancing Challenge

Several other Tiktok Challenges are doing wonders this year. Among the above-mentioned list of Tiktok Challenges 2022, which one have you tried and love the most?

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