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Now At Our School Webtoon Ending Explained: The Reunion

Now at our School
Now at our School

Now At Our School is also known as All Of Us Are Dead. This webtoon ended more than five years ago. But the ending of Now at our School was properly explained a few months ago. We will discuss the ending Now at our School and other latest updates of this webtoon. Joo Dong-Geun writes this webtoon. It is adapted from a South Korean drama that has also ended. This reveals the lives of the students at Hyosan High School until they learn that they are at ground zero of the deadly virus that turns students into flesh-eating monsters.

The virus begins spreading at School, and the students realize they have nowhere to go and remain trapped inside the School with zombified versions of other students and teachers. But they decided to fight back and end this virus to protect their lives. The students fight with zombies using any weapon they can find at School. But one girl and boy decided to step up and support each other to end this tragedy. Most of the students are already affected and are turning into zombies. Only strong teachers were left to help a few of the remaining students, even though it was tough for them to live or sleep at night.

The number of zombies increases daily, which worries those who were not affected. But they didn’t give up hope since they knew they would someday overcome these problems and find a cure for other students. The brave boy and girl never cease to amaze the teacher and other students since they keep on defeating zombies and protecting others who need to remain as humans. Even though some students might give up on being human and accept their fate, their confidence was also boosted by that brave boy and girl.

Now at our School Webtoon Ending (Finale)

The finale was titled “Reunion.” It began inside the office where the Principal called some male teachers. The vice principal wonders what the female teacher is doing inside the office, and the Principal admits that he is the one who called her. He complains about her getting treatment in a hospital and asks why she involves the police in her case. One of the teachers asked Mr. Lee about his opinion, and Mr. Lee told him not to treat him like a criminal. They decided to settle the scores while sitting down.

Now at our School

Now at our School

The students near the door heard everything and realized that this School has tough rules. Detective Jeongwook arrives and reveals that he is from the Southern Police force. The female teacher sits next to the other guy, and Mr. Lee watches them. They talk about Mr. Lee’s family, which disappeared last time. The detective begins to question Mr. Lee and asks if he remembers the last time his family disappeared. Mr. Lee seems to have forgotten and realizes he can’t remember what he said last time. The detective asks him, and the Principal reveals that Mr. Lee was keeping one of the students captive.

Mr. Lee asks the Principal what he meant by that, and the detective tells Mr. Lee to relax. They wonder if this incident is related to the last one. Mr. Lee denies everything they are saying. The detective reminds them that the missing case remained unsolved, and he worries that things are not going well. He believes that the current case will help them solve the previous one. Mr. Lee seems confused while one of the students has found anemia medication. The detective reveals the shocking news about Mr. Lee, who wonders how they find it out. It was revealed that Mre. Lee was holding Hyeonju Kim captive. Kim’s mother asked Mr. Lee why he killed her, and he became emotional.

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Read Now at our School Webtoon Online – Raw Details

You can read Now at our School Webtoon online on various websites. Now At Our School Webtoon is yet to confirm its official websites where the fans can read it, but it is available online from the beginning until the finale. This has been concluded after the mysteries have been solved. Now, look at our School Webtoon’s other latest update below.

Now at our School

Now at our School

Will There Be Now at our School Webtoon Season 2?

Now at our School, Webtoon Season 2 is promising to return soon, and it might be a season finale even though this has a few mysteries to be solved before it ends. The official website for Now at our School Webtoon will update about season 2 if it returns. But the way this season ended reveals that season 2 will return soon.

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