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Preview and Recap: American Gods Season 3 Episode 5

American Gods Season 3 Episode 5

Want to take insights into American Gods Season 3 Episode 5? Well, you’re just at the right place. One of the most popular dramas today, American Gods, has been getting a lot of buzzes lately. Having released three seasons so far, the show is truly worth the hype it has been getting. In this article, we will tell you everything about this TV series, the release date of the upcoming episodes, and other fun stuff. So, let’s dive in!

American Gods- Hottest American drama on Starz now

American Gods- Hottest American drama on Starz now

The American Fantasy Drama Television is adapted from a novel penned down by Neil Gaiman. The book was indeed a best seller. So, Bryan Fuller and Michael Green came up with the idea of making a TV series for the same. And, here they are, all set to release yet another episode of American Gods Season 3. The show has been getting immense popularity by the fans. According to the readers of Gaiman’s book, the show isn’t disappointing at all. The makers have closely followed the scenes. Thus, ensuring they don’t hurt the sentiments of die-hard book lovers. To know the release date of the upcoming episode, jump to the next section!

American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date and Where to Watch?

Titled “Sister Rising”, American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 will be released on February 7, 2021, on the same broadcasting network, Starz. However, if you don’t have access to this channel, you can watch it directly on OTT platforms. American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 will also be streamed globally on Amazon Prime Video. And, you can certainly get a kick out of the fun episode this Sunday.

American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 to be released soon

American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 to be released soon

The previous episode of this series was dropped on January 31, 2021. And, since then, the audience has been scratching their heads about things that might happen in the following episode. Well, you can put the pondering to a halt as we are here to your rescue. Just go through the next section to know what American Gods Season 3 Episode 4 had in store for the audience, and don’t miss out on anything!

American Gods Season 3 Episode 4 Gist: Long Story Short

As you would already know, Bilquis was held captive and had been suffering from an identity crisis. Thus, the two warriors Shadow and Technical Boy, unite together to look for Bilquis. The fourth episode of American Gods Season 3 displayed how Bilquis was being tortured by Mr. World. She was kidnapped from a farm and was put in a cell. However, Oshun comes to her rescue later. As tears come rolling down her eyes, one of the tears hit the ground to form a protective shelter around her. Oshun makes Bilquis believe in herself again and speaks kind words to her.

American Gods' Bilquis isn't dead yet

American Gods’ Bilquis isn’t dead yet.

Bilquis comes back to sense and regains her lost identity. This makes her so delightful and happy that she starts dancing. She keeps speaking to herself joyously that she isn’t the one they think her to be. She’s what she has always been. The guards who had been surrounding her all this while watch her celebrating. They assume they have successfully broken her down. However, the truth is she was dancing to herself to the music only she could hear. To know what happens next, you will have to watch America Gods Season 3 Episode 5 and learn yourself!

American Gods Storyline: What is the TV show all about?

Having a star-studded cast, American Gods is one of the hottest American dramas today. It can satisfy the taste of adventure as well as fantasy-loving enthusiasts. Ricky Whittle has been enjoying the limelight ever since the show was dropped among the audience. American Gods is a story of a grief-stricken man named Shadow. After the death of his wife, Shadow loses hope in life. But, his life turns upside down when he happens to meet a manipulative person named Mr. Wednesday.

American Gods Star Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon

American Gods star Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon

This con-man is known for his charismatic personality and has that knack for getting his work done. He offers the job of his bodyguard to Shadow, which he couldn’t say no to. After a series of events, Shadow comes to know about the dark secrets of Mr. Wednesday. The antagonist aims at gaining their existence again and unite the Old Gods. He doesn’t care about the pain Shadow has to go through because of him and urges him to stay with him in the “new world”.

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