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Why Is Chicago Med Leaving Netflix? Where Else To Watch?

Why Is Chicago Me Leaving Netflix?
Why Is Chicago Me Leaving Netflix?

Chicago Med has been on Netflix, but the program will leave the service in July 2022. Find out where to watch it online here. Fans of Chicago Med often watch it on Netflix. For those who need a quick fix of “The Middle,” the first five seasons have been made available to stream on the platform for a few years. So, why is Chicago Med leaving Netflix?

Regrettably, the days of Med being available on Netflix are over. In order to continue watching the adventures at Gaffney Medical Center, subscribers will need to look for alternative streaming options after the show is removed from the platform in July 2022. The new Resident Evil series and the final episodes of Stranger Things 4 are just two of the fantastic shows that will be available on Netflix in July. In the upcoming weeks, subscribers have a lot to look forward to. Regrettably, Netflix is also losing a significant number of titles, but that’s for another story. So, without further ado, let’s take a look a this topic!

Why Is Chicago Med Leaving Netflix?

Chicago Med, a drama on NBC set in the beloved Chicago franchise, is one of those. It is the only Chicago show currently available to stream on Netflix, but starting on July 21 that will change. The series’ five seasons will all be discontinued, and they most likely won’t be made available anywhere else but NBCUniversal’s Peacock service.

Does Netflix offer Chicago Med?

Why is the program being canceled? First, the licensing agreement that Netflix had with NBC is about to expire. Since the agreement was first signed, the network has created its platform called Peacock. All NBC programming, including Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD, is now centralized at Peacock. You can watch the most recent episode of  Chicago Med right away because the platform updates every week and keeps track of all previously released seasons.

Why Is Chicago Me Leaving Netflix?

Learn the reasons below!

Licensing Splits

For Netflix, this licensing split is now standard practice. More networks and studios are repurposing their franchises and shows to attract audiences as streaming platforms proliferate. While the United States will be the first to remove Chicago Med from Netflix, the program will likely be removed from other Netflix libraries. Although the libraries vary from nation to nation, Netflix’s licensing agreements will eventually have an impact on streaming around the world. For instance, the removal of the Chicago Med in the United Kingdom will begin on September 1.

You Still Have Time To Rewatch Chicago Med On Netflix!

Netflix subscribers will still have most of the month to rewatch Chicago Med, which is the bright side. You have until July 21 to binge, binge, and binge some more because the show will officially end on July 22. Peacock is the place to go if you want to watch Chicago Fire and PD in addition to Med. Only this platform provides current streaming for all three of the shows. Back in July 2021, when we first revealed that Netflix was planning to license multiple seasons, Chicago Med seasons 1 through 5 were licensed to Netflix US.

Finally, Seasons 1–5 arrived, marking the first time the show was available globally on Netflix. In September 2021, Chicago Med (along with shows like Chicago Fire) would also be available on Netflix in at least 14 additional regions, even though only seasons 1 through 4 of the show were licensed to Netflix in any international regions.

Why Is Chicago Me Leaving Netflix?

Chicago Med won’t be available on OTT streaming platform Netflix instead it will now be on NBC’s Peacock

It Comes Down To Promotional Strategies

After only a year, the July 2022 removals list has just informed us that Chicago Med seasons 1 through 5 are scheduled to leave the service on July 22nd, 2022, with your last day to watch being July 21st. This indicates that Netflix only signed a very limited agreement to stream the program, and that agreement is now over. Therefore, as expected, season 6 of Chicago Med won’t be available on Netflix. With this information, we conclude our coverage here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention.

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