Halle Berry Baby Daddy: Bruised Star’s Personal Life

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Halle Berry baby daddy
Halle Berry (Credits: Getty Images)

Want to know who Halle Berry‘s Baby Daddy is? We are talking about Bruised’s Star and the director who is currently making headlines with her near-name twin Halle Bailey. Both the ladies have shared warm comments, which are over the internet recently.

Keeping that aside, fans are wondering who is the Dad of Halle Berry’s kids since she has two and probably from two men. Here’s what we know. Starting from the beginning, Halle Berry entered the entertainment industry being a model, and then she grabbed roles in movies and series.

She has been active in the industry for more than three decades and appeared in some of the bigger hits, for example, John Wick: Chapter 3, Bruised, and many more. She established herself as one of the highest-paying public female figures in the industry in 2000. No doubt, she is successful in what she is doing. She has been honored with Academy Awards too.

Talking about Halle Berry’s personal life, the actress struggled a bit. She dated several men, but there were conflicts with a few. Currently, she is dating American musician Van Hunt. However, Van Hunt isn’t the father of any of Halle’s kids. So who is? Read on.

Who is Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy?

Halle has two kids, one daughter and one son. But both have two different fathers. The daughter belongs to Halle and French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. The son belongs to Halle Berry and Martinez.

French Canadian Model Gabriel Aubry is Halle’s ex, but they weren’t married; they dated in 2005 but got separated in early 2010. Olivier Martinez and Halle married in 2013, but the divorce settlement went on till 2020. There was a conflict before the marriage between Halle, Matinez, and Aubry for their daughter.

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Halle Berry’s Personal Life

Talking from the start, Berry started dating Gabriel Aubry in 2005. She met him at a Versace photoshoot. Their love resulted in a baby daughter, but the couple broke up and became involved in a highly proclaimed custody battle.

This revolved around Berry’s desire to move her daughter with her new boyfriend and herself to France. But Aubry was against this wish as that might interfere with their joint custody arrangement. If you know about divorce, moving kids before settlements is kind of a huge thing for the other half.

Halle Berry Baby Daddy
Halle Berry (Credits: Getty Images)

In 2012, Berry’s request was rejected, and the daughter has not moved anywhere. But things got worst; it was reported that Aubry and Martinez got involved in a fight among themselves, and both were treated at a hospital. The fight happened in Berry’s house, which indicates that the fight must have been provoked because of the rejection. But it isn’t clear.

Aubry stepped back when Martinez performed a citizen’s arrest on Aubry, and since it came under domestic violence, judges ordered Aubry to keep a 100-year distance from Halle, her daughter, and Martinez. This came under a temporary emergency protective order which was enforced on Aubry for a few days.

Aubry didn’t sit back as he wanted to return, so, reportedly, Aubry acquired a temporary restraining order against Martinez. Aubry explained that he fought because Martinez threatened him that if he did not let the kid and the couple move to France, he would kill Aubry.

So, basically, according to Aubry, the attack was just a reaction to a threat that Halle’s boyfriend was giving to him. After that, Aubry’s injured face photos were released, which were circulated throughout the internet and media. In November 2012, Berry’s lawyer announced that the former couple had reached custody agreements, and after that, the court settled all of the issues.

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Halle Berry baby daddy
Halle Berry (Credits: Getty Images)

Reportedly, Berry had to pay $16000 a month to Aubry. Finally, in a few months, Halle and Martinez got engaged, and in 2013, they married in France. The newly married couple was blessed with a son, but again, the marriage didn’t work out, so they got separated.

In 2015, they filed for divorce, and the settlements went on till 2020. Through her Instagram, rumors started spreading that Halle is now with Van Hunt, but we do not know if they are still together as Halle is yet to inform her fans.

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