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A Nicholas Jarecki Film: Crisis Starring Gary Oldman

In the upcoming movie Crisis, which is written, produced, and directed all by the same man- Nicholas Jarecki. The crisis is a dramatic thriller film that involves the story of the opioid epidemic, which is ongoing in the film. The film has been completed way back around years ago and was scheduled to release now in the month of February in the United States and in the month of March internationally. The story primarily seems to be of a drug trafficker, who supplies illegal drugs to people of various parts of the world.

There are various dimensions of the story of the Crisis film, one is of the drug trafficker, and another one is an architect who is in search of his son, a story about a university professor and his employee. These all characters are combined well in the movie with a common thread that is called the opioid epidemic. The story seems very interesting with all the characters that seem very different but will be blending in each other later in the movie with what the movie is titled as ‘Crisis’ is what it happens to be perceived from the trailer of the movie Crisis written, directed by Nicholas  Jarecki.

Preview: Crisis- A Nicholas Jarecki Film

Preview: Crisis- A Nicholas Jarecki Film

Crisis – Cast & Plot

The cast of the film Crisis includes actors like Gary Oldman As Dr. Tyrone Brower, Armie Hammer as Jake Kelly, Greg Kinnear as Geoff Talbot, Evangeline Lilly as Claire Reimann, Indira Varma as Madira Brower, Luke Evans, Michelle Rodriguez as Supervisor Garrett, Ellora Torchia as Reeva, Kid Cudi as Ben Walker, Veronica Ferres as Meg Holmes, Lily-Rose Depp as Emmie Kelly, Michael Aronov as Minas, Martin Donovan as Lawrence Morgan, Charles Champagne as Cedric Beauville, Adam Tsekhman as Armen and Duke Nicholson as Derrick.

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Out of the many stories involve in the film, one is of a drug trafficker who busies arranging a drug smuggling mission, which is a multi cartel Fentanyl drug smuggling operation. The next one is of a university professor who in the process of extracting information about his employee, with a drug company that is going to come up with a ‘Non-addictive’ pain killer in the market, another is of an architect who had just now been recovered from the addiction of oxycodone now is in the race of finding out the reason behind his son’s disappearance to whom he didn’t care when he was in his extreme state of addiction.

All these characters are later brought closer in the film when due to the opioid epidemic that backdrops, which combine all of the above people in the thriller film. The Opioid epidemic is what the makers of the film have meant with the crisis, which changes everyone’s course of action. Everyone in the movie was in the process of their own life, but one crisis brings everyone on the same plane. The list of the cast seems very long just because the movie involves a lot of individual stories that later come forward to get into one single entity.

Crisis Film – Release Date

Though the shooting schedule of the film Crisis had ended way back in the year 2019. Due to the crisis, we were and still are currently going through that is the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic changed the entire film industry’s releasing schedule. Now, the film will be having different sets of releases- Theatrical release in the US nationwide will take place on February 26, 2021, which will be followed by a home entertainment release that means releasing on an ‘On Demand’ streaming platform on March 5, 2021, and finally, the worldwide theatrical release will take place for the film on March 26, 2021.

The makers of the film had announced in December last year that Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, and Quiver Distribution had obtained the rights of the film, and the release dates too were announced at the same time, the trailer of the film Crisis was released just a couple of weeks ago on January 27, 2021.

Seeing the situation of the pandemic, the filmmakers may have decided to go with both the option that is theatrical release as well as making it available for streaming online.

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