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Preview and Recap: Otherside Picnic Episode 9

Otherside Picnic

Sorawo got confronted by a girl who told her that she has been watching Sorawo all along. She told Sorawo that she is Akira Seto, a first-year student, and asks to talk with her. Akira said that she knows that Sorawo is an expert in supernatural things and has sixth senses. Sorawo said she’s not sure about that, and Akira asks Sorawo to help her. Akra reveals that she is under attack, and Sorawo is an expert who can help her. 

Sorawo asks Akira what is attacking her, and she said Ninja Cats. Everyone inside the class laughs, but Sorawo visited Nishina. She told Nishina about Akira, and Nishina also laughs. She thinks that nothing like Ninja Cats exists, and it is a super cute joke. Kozaharu comments that Akira must be high, and she advises Sorawo not to take the drugs that Akira is using. Sorawo reveals that there is a famous urban legend on the net about being attacked by Ninja Cats.

Otherside Picnic Episode 9 will be released on Monday, 1 March 2021, at 11:30 PM JST. Catch Otherside Picnic officially on AnimeLab and Funimation.

Find out more about Ninja Cats below.

Previously on Otherside Picnic Episode 8

Sorawo told the two that the Ninja Cats is a tale that began a week ago. She also told them that they must not think that she is delusional or mentally ill. Sorawo reveals that it is a true story that also happened with her. Ninja Cata has been attacking her lately, just like Akira. Sorawo told Nishina and Kozaharu what she discusses about the Ninja Cats with Akira. She also took Akira’s contact in case if they got attacked again by Ninja Cats. 

Sorawo also said that Akira told her that going to the Shrine didn’t help her, and Sorawo is her only hope. After her conversation with Akira, Sorawo met with a group of cats that just looked at her. Nishina comments that Ninja Cats sounds likes an episode from the Otherside. Sorawo comments that the Otherside encounters are scarier than Ninja Cats. She also recalls all the mysterious incidents they have encountered from the Otherside. 

Otherside Picnic

Otherside Picnic

Ninja Cats

Kozaharu told them that different people fear different things. The fear of Ninja Cats might reach a traumatic level. Sorawo notices that Kozaharu is carrying something that looks like a cat. She asks her what she is carrying, and Kozaharu reveals that she is carrying a tanuki. Kozaharu reminds Nishina and Sorawa what happens when they visited the Otherside alone. Sorawo teases Kozaharu since she didn’t know the difference between a raccoon and a tanuki. 

She told her to look at the striped tail that it is a raccoon, not a tanuki. Kozahuru realizes that she was wrong, but she sticks to the idea that she is carrying a tanuki. They both hear a doorbell ringing and Kozaharu got scared. She thought that the two had invited something into her house since they were talking about the ninja cat. When Kozaharu opens the door, she finds that it is a delivery for her. Kozaharurealises that she has ordered for AP-1 farming vehicle. 

Later in the evening, Nishina and Sorawo spotted some cats. Nishina comments that they should help Akira since itis a true story. She also said that they must find the Ninja Cats and eliminate them since they are the Otherside monsters. The next day they visited Akra, who asks who Nishina is. Nishina comments that she is a partner in crime with Sorawo. They went inside the restaurant, and Akira started to tells them about Ninja Cats incidents. 

Cat Town

Otherside Picnic

Otherside Picnic

Akira showed them a video when the Ninja Cats attacked her. Sorawo asks her what did the cats look like. Akira points at them, and they find that it is the real Ninja Cats. Sorawo reveals that they got teleported in the space-time man’s world. Akira asks her what that is. Sorawo replies that it is the region between the Otherside and their world that she has been there before. The Ninja Cats started to attack them with their weapons.

But Akira uses the tables to block the shurikens and daggers. Akira comments that she knows a little about karate; she can hold them. Nishina told them that they have to leave they will do kungfu later when they are outside. They both entered a room that is written cats only. The Ninja Cats followed them, but they managed to get outside. When they are outside, they find that they are in Cat Town.

Sorawo said they could not get back; they have to fight until they find the way out of Cat Town. Two Ninja Cats show up from the top of the building. Nishina and Sorawo use guns to battle with them, while Akira uses her Kung Fu skills to fight back. They defeated them, and Nishina realizes that Akira was telling the truth about Kung Fu skills. After that, they got teleported back to their world, and Akira decided to join Nishina and Sarawo. 

Episode 9 Preview

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