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Most Iconic ‘L.A. Law’ Sequel Series With Blair Underwood

L.A Law with Blair Underwood

ABC could again be coming to the hefty world of “L.A Law.” This time, the Disney-owned network is developing a great sequel to the iconic series that premiered on its rival NBC from 1986-1994. One of most famous television’s ’80s legal dramas is now making a huge return in L. A. Law with Blair Underwood, who will certainly reprise his main role as an attorney Jonathan Rollins being taking point as an executive producer and will now lead this sequel, according to Deadline Hollywood. However, joining Underwood are Ubah Mohamed and Marc Guggenheim from DC’s Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), Jessie, Emmy-winner Anthony Hemingway, and Dayna Bochco will now executive produce. So, Guggenheim and Mohamed will also be writing for now.

L.A Law Series in the works

L.A. Law Had a Memorable Run on NBC

This iconic sequel series updates the law firm of McKenzie-Brackman and reinvents itself as a litigation firm mainly specializing in only the most high-profile, its boundary-pushing, and some various incendiary cases. Underwood reprises his heftiest role as Rollins, who earlier has gone from an idealistic to a lot conservative. He also clashes along with a millennial JJ Freeman, deciding the perfect path forward for their firm to an effective political and legal change.

But, created by Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher, this iconic drama series ran for eight seasons on NBC, winning 14 Emmys. Moreover, the only cast members who appeared on all 171 episodes of the series are Corbin Bernsen, Alan Rachins, Jill Eikenberry, Michael Tucker, and Richard Dysart. Later, Underwood joined the cast in season 2 and also remained until the end. Some other notable featured cast members include Susan Ruttan,  Susan Dey, Jimmy Smits, Larry Drake, Harry Hamlin, and Michele Greene.

So, there’s no word if its previous cast members will somehow come back. Hence, some of the controversial topics that LA Law tackled then included capital punishment, abortion, racism, homophobia, sexual harassment, HIV/AIDS, and domestic violence.

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Certainly, Bochco’s son TV director-producer Jesse Bochco here has played a key role in putting all the project together with Steven’s widow Dayna Bochco via Steven Bochco Productions. Nevertheless, both of them are also the executive producing the Doogie Howser (which is originally produced by Steven) reboot in the Doogie Kameāloha, M.D. and for the Disney+. Besides, you all can catch the Underwood in Self Made: Inspired by the Life of C.J. Walker, and in “Your Honor” on Showtime,  on Netflix, and Bad Hair on Hulu too.  So, he posted that on Twitter regarding the announcement.

So, in this new chance on the “L.A. Law,” Chaney, Brackman, Kuzak,  and McKenzie, one of the West Coast-based huge law firm that is currently at the greatest heart of the original and also reinventing themselves along as a great litigation firm which is specializing only in the high profile, with the boundary-pushing and some of the incendiary cases. A few of its sources have also said that Underwood’s character has drastically changed from an idealistic figure to a conservative one in its earlier intervening years since the original.

So, the news of the iconic sequel comes during a busy time for Underwood in the TV space, as the brilliant actor is now following the upturns in “Self-Made” and “When They See Us” along with a part in Showtime’s “Your Honor.” Therefore, Underwood, who was later nominated for a Tony, is currently represented by the ICM and Thruline Entertainment. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video, 

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