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Trolls World Tour DVD: Release Date, Cast and Details

Trolls World Tour is a 2020 American based animated musical produced by one of the best in the business, DreamWorks Animation, and is globally distributed by the Universal Pictures. This lively musical drama is the sequel to its hit 2016 release, Trolls directed by Walt Dohrn and David Smith, written by Jhonathan, Glenn, Elizabeth Tippet, Wallace and the very talented Maya Forbes from a stunning story by Aibel and Berger and was produced by the very famous, Gina Shay.


This out of the box animated musical includes some famous voices who give life to these perfectly animated characters.

  • Our very own, singer and songwriter Justin Timberlake lends his amazing voice to Branch, who is a good-hearted and over-cautious pop troll and also Poppy’s romantic love interest.
  • Queen Poppy, voiced by the beautiful Anna Kendrick, is a very optimistic Queen of the pop Trolls and the love of Branch.
  • Biggie, voiced by James Corden, who is a very friendly and a good-hearted Troll.
  • Queen Barb,  voiced by the very talented Rachel Bloom, who is the young and wild-hearted Queen of the rock trolls.
  • Riff, voiced by the skillful Karan Soni, who is the very popular drummer in the hard rock trolls.
  • King Trash, voiced by Ozzy Osbourne, who is the former King of the hard rock troll and Queen Barb’s father.
  • King Quincy, Voiced by the enigmatic George Clinton. He is the King of the Funk trolls.
  • And his queen and The Queen of the funk trolls, voiced by the beautiful, Mary J. Blige.
  • The very talented and beautiful Kelly Clarkson, lends her heavenly voice to Delta dawn, who is the half-troll and half horse leader of the country Trolls.
  • Icona Pop voices Satin and Chenille, the two funny Pop Troll twins who are surprisingly conjoined by their own hair.
  • Cooper, voiced by Ron Funches, who is later revealed to be none other than, a funk troll.
  • The big bang theory star, Kunal Nayyar lends his funny voice to Guy diamond, a silver troll who has this high pitched voice.
  • The very famous, J Balvin voices Tresillo, who is the leader of the Raegetton trolls.
  • Walt Dohrn, himself voices,
  • Smidge, who is a tiny female pop Troll with this masculine and loud voice.Cloud Guy, who is an anthropomorphic and alarming cloud.King Peppy, who is Poppy’s father and the former King of the amusing pop Trolls.Fuzzbert, who is a hair pop troll with legs. Which turns out to be funny.

Trolls World Tour: What’s it about?

Trolls World Tour is one of the most highly anticipated, an animated film everyone is waiting for. Due to its previous part doing really well in every viewer’s mind, this sequel has more expectations from the viewers.

The story begins with Poppy still adjusting as the new Queen of the pop trolls when she receives an invitation from Queen Barb for a musical reunion alongside all the trolls. In this reunion, king peppy, tells the story of the Troll tribes and how they were all scattered everywhere.  And how their music is powered by a magical thread, kept by the leader of the tribe. And further, you can see how Poppy tries to help Queen barb reunite all the forms of music together and live happily as one big kingdom of trolls.

The different tribes of the trolls are,  according to different styles of music: Pop, Classical, Funk, Techno, Rock, and Country.

Trolls World Tour DVD Release Date

Trolls World Tour DVD already released on 21st April 2020. And it already has got its hype created amongst the audience.

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