How To Watch Bupkis Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Bupkis Streaming Guide
Bupkis Main Cast (Credit: Peacock)

Have you ever imagined how amazing it would be to see the fan-favorite comedian on the screen depicting his or her life in the most humorous way? Well, Pete Davidson has finally decided to give us an overview of his life in his way. So are you excited to embark on the life journey of Pete Davidson with all the other amazing cast members? Then you should know when you can watch the episodes of Peacock’s brand-new series, Bupkis.

Pete Davidson, 29, who debuted in the Hollywood industry in the year 2013 with MTV’s comedy show Philosophy, soon became the reason for many people’s nonstop laughs. Since 2013, he has become a part of various TV shows such as Guy Code, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Saturday Night Live, The Rookie, and the most recent show American Dad! Along with that, he showed his acting skills in many American movies, such as Set It Up and I Want You Back. For all these years, because of all the prominent roles of Pete Davidson, they received immense love from all around.

However, he is not only known for his TV shows and movies but also for the romantic relationships that he had with many prominent celebrities from the USA, including Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Margaret Qualley, and many more. Because of his many high-profile relationships, he has been the target of memes and social media discussions for a long time, and he always enjoyed all of it, being a comedian himself.

How would this world be in the life of Pete Davidson? Is it beautiful? Is it devastating? Well, we are certain that you are going to enjoy every moment of Bupkis with Pete Davidson, his family, and certainly, his relationships. So are you ready to embark on the life journey of Pete Davidson? Then read till the end and find out how you can enjoy the latest episodes of Bupkis online.

Bupkis: Cast

The description of the show mentions that Bupkis is the highly fictionalized version of Pete Davidson’s life. So, surely, the cast of the show must be the ones who would match the humorous vibe of Pete Davidson. So, who will play Pete Davidson and his family in Bupkis? Let us find out everything about the cast and their recommended movies and TV shows that you can enjoy if you are a big comedy fan.

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Pete Davidson

When Bupkis was announced, one thing that fans were excited to know about was who would be the cast for the character of Pete Davidson. As Pete Davidson’s character would play an important role in Bupkis, finding someone like him was not at all a difficult task. Because Pete Davidson, himself, who is also an executive producer of Bupkis, decided to become a protagonist in his fictionalized autobiographical version of the web series, Surprising Right?

Pete Davidson Bupkis
Bupkis Protagonist Pete Davidson (Credit: People)

With Judah Miller and Dave Sirius, in the year 2022, Pete Davidson came up with the idea to release a show Bupkis. Soon, Bupkis received a green light from the director Jason Orley and the streaming platform Peacock and in the month of October 2022, preparations for Bupkis were started, with Pete Davidson starring as the protagonist of Bupkis.

Edie Falco

There are many significant characters in Pete Davidson’s Bupkis, but his mother and Father would play a significant role in the show. Unlike the protagonist cast, for his family, the creators decided to cast Edie Falco as Pete Davidson’s mother, who has been majorly known for the series Sopranos as Carmela Sopranos. The reason why Edie Falco was selected as Pete’s mother is because, according to Pete, she closely resembles his mother.

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Edie Falco Bupkis
Pete Davidson’s Mother from Bupkis (Credit:

Edie Falco has been thriving in the Hollywood industry since 1987, and even at the age of 59, she is acting in back-to-back hit movies and TV shows. If you want to watch Edie’s comedy shows, then you should go for Nurse Jackie (2005), Will & Grace, Impractical Jokers: Dinner Party (2020), and The Comedian (2016).

Joseph Frank Pesci aka Joe Pesci

For Pete’s father, there was no good match than Joe Pesci that Pete, Judah, and Dave could find. This Saturday Night Live performer has been in the acting industry since the 1960s, and even at the age of 80, Joe has been a part of many prominent tv shows and movies. In the year 2024, you will be able to see Joe Pesci in the Day Of The Fight movie, the details of which are yet to be announced.

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Joe Pesci Bupkis
Pete Davidson’s Father from Bupkis (Credit: The Hollywood Reporter)

If you are excited to watch TV shows and movies of Joe Pesci, then you first catch him on the various episodes of Saturday Night Live. Apart from this, Dear Mr. Wonderful (1982), Easy Money (1983), My Cousin Vinny (1992), Love Ranch (2010), and The Irishman (2019) are highly recommended for you.

Bupkis: Episode Guide

Are you ready to see your favorite comedian Pete Davidson in his new semi-autobiographical show Bupkis? Well, each episode will be filled with so much fun, excitement, and humor, so if you want to laugh out loud and want to lift your mood, Bupkis is for you. As Bupkis is an 8-episode show, let us know when all eight episodes are going to release.

  • Episode 1: 4th May 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM ET on Peacock
  • Episode 2: 4th May 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM ET on Peacock
  • Episode 3: 4th May 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM ET on Peacock
  • Episode 4: 4th May 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM ET on Peacock
  • Episode 5: 4th May 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM ET on Peacock
  • Episode 6: 4th May 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM ET on Peacock
  • Episode 7: 4th May 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM ET on Peacock
  • Episode 8: 4th May 2023, Thursday, 12:00 AM ET on Peacock

Note: The Above episode guide of Bupkis is subject to change.

Bupkis: Streaming Guide

All of the episodes of Bupkis will drop on Peacock at 12:00 AM ET on 4th May 2023. So if you are a viewer from the USA, then you can watch Bupkis on Peacock after paying 5 USD per month and 50 USD per year. But if you are an international fan, then the release dates for every country will vary.

In the UK, the episode will release at 5:00 AM GMT, 9:30 AM in India, 9:00 AM in Pakistan, 2:00 PM in Australia, and 12:00 PM in the Philippines.  As Peacock is country restricted, if your country is not listed in the official list of Peacock, you can use express VPN to watch all the episodes on 4th May 2023, Thursday, at the time given above.

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