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The Golden Spoon Episode 12: Release Date & Streaming Guide

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 preview
The Golden Spoon Episode 12: Release Date

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 release date is closer than you thought, and we will disclose all the information fans need to know before the upcoming episode. But before we unveil The Golden Spoon Episode 12 release date and how to watch The Golden Spoon Episode 12, here is a primer on the story so far of the show. Yeo-jin, standing behind Seung-Cheon, is pleased by how he rejects Ju’s interview.

The two depart after she warns Ju-hee to keep away from him. Meanwhile, Lee Chul discovers the notes about the golden spoon and believes it to be a fabrication his son created due to their deprivation. Meanwhile, Tae-Yong is out drinking with his friend and complaining about “Hwang Tae-Yong.” The following day, Ju-hee asks Young-sin to interview Seung-Cheon while Hyun-do cautions Jun-tae and commands him to refund the slush fund amount.

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 preview

A still from The Golden Spoon

Ju-hee sneaks into Seung-room Cheon’s after her conversation with Young-shin to hunt for the blazer that Jun-tae had mentioned but instead discovers a locker that needs a password. As the parents get together before their wedding, Seung-Cheon makes his way to Yeo-home’s. Jin’s During the meal, Young-sin attempts to disrespect Yeo-jin.

The Golden Spoon Plot

While defending her, Seung-Cheon merely refers to it as support for his business partner, which infuriates Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin then recalls the final golden spoon rule, which states that anyone who eats with the owner’s spoon will acquire the owner’s memories. She waits to play this concealed card until Seung-Cheon causes her to lose her patience.

When Young-sin arrives to pick up the distraught Jun-tae, he cannot control himself and begs her to kill “Tae-Yong.” She storms into Hyun-office Do’s while he is in a meeting because she can no longer take the circumstance in which Jun-tae has found herself.

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 preview

A still from The Golden Spoon

She urges him to reconsider Jun-tae, but he objects and admits that he knows that Jun-tae is her son, not her brother. Young-sin is shocked by this and loses the ability to combat Hyun-do. On the other hand, Seung-Cheon peruses the sketches made by the final eyewitness to the incident.

It depicts a man clutching a gun and grinning on his face and his T-shirt. The following day, Yeo-jin enters Ju-workplace Hee’s and pulls on her hair after learning that Seung-Cheon accepted the interview. She orders him to keep his distance, but Ju-hee, not one to let another person injure himself, strikes Yeo-jin in retaliation.

Before departing, she informs her that all is work. Seung-Cheon then conducts the interview, following which Ju-hee extends an invitation to him for dinner. When Tae-Yong learns about this from other coworkers and becomes concerned about Ju-hee’s relationship with Seung-Cheon, he accepts the invitation.

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 preview

A still from The Golden Spoon

Seung-Cheon and Ju-hee are also at the tteokbokki location, where she shows Seung-Cheon a photo of his back that she shot on the day her maid was hurt. Tae-Yong shares his thoughts that he hasn’t been able to let go of as the two grab a drink and talk about the past.

He advises her to hold off on responding and walks away, but he ends up back where the older woman is sitting. She is confused as well because he cannot see her. Then, Seung-Cheon confesses to Hyun-do his envy of the family that is giving Tae-Yong everything, making him feel drawn to them.

Young-sin hears this and tells Hyun-do that she will work harder after Seung-Cheon leaves. Hyun-do assures her he has no interest in disclosing this and explains that he is keeping her secret since he knows what she is doing. When Tae-Yong gets the call from Yeo-jin, he is ready to give up on his goal of becoming wealthy like Seung-Cheon.

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 preview

A still from The Golden Spoon

Yeo-jin instructs him to start when he gets there and provides him with Seung’s spoon. However, Seung-Cheon enters in front of Ju-hee, and she confronts him about the papers and book she had given “Lee Seung-Cheon.”

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When Is The Golden Spoon Episode 12 Release Date?

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 release date is Saturday, October 29, 2022. The Golden Spoon Episode 12 will air on the south Korean entertainment channel MBC at 8:45 pm EDT. However, international fans can watch The Golden Spoon Episode 12 on streaming platforms mentioned later in the section at times listed here.

British Summer Time: 1.45 am (October 30, 2022)
Indian Standard Time: 6.15 am (October 30, 2022)
Singapore Standard Time: 8:45 am (October 30, 2022)
Philippines Standard Time: 8.45 am (October 30, 2022)
Japanese Standard Time: 9.45 am (October 30, 2022)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 11.45 am (October 30, 2022)

Where To Stream The Golden Spoon Episode 12 Online?

The Golden Spoon Episode 12 will stream on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar for international fans. 

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